I don't own any of the Harry Potter characters

I don't own any of the Harry Potter characters


It seemed absurd that he should have forgotten protection; he usually carried contraceptive patches around in his back pocket, just in case... but on this one occasion when he actually needed it, he had forgotten, and the feeling of utter uselessness in his stomach quadrupled.

"I..." he frowned to himself. Obviously, he could do the charm, but most witches refused to have sex if they hadn't had the charm and the patch applied; the charm could be incorrectly performed afterall when done on it's own, and he knew more people than he cared to mention who had accidentally quoted the wrong incantation and given women an appendage that rather forcibly meant they were no longer in a state of arousal.

"You silly boy!" Lola said, pulling back and looking scandalised. "Did you really think you could come here and have your way with me and not bring protection?" She tutted, shaking her head and waggling her finger, then smirking devilishly as she sat herself on the sink. "Naughty naughty Jamesy..."

"I can go and get some..?" James suggested weakly, rubbing the back of his head ashamedly.

Lola shook her head. "I'll have lost 'the mood' by then..." she chewed her lip, then leapt forward, grinning, wrapping her arms around his neck. "Put your hand on my ass."

"Excuse me?" James spluttered, blinking rapidly.

"I've got a little something for you... but you'll have to work for it..." there was a cheeky glint in her eye that was not to be ignored, and so he moved forwards and gingerly placed his hand on her buttock, frowning nervously.

"You... you mean like this?"

She nodded, smirking. "But stroke it a little more..." she giggled wickedly, pushing her face into his neck and sucking and biting as he gingerly caressed her through her jeans. As she kissed him, his pressure became slightly more pronounced, and she was suddenly pulling away from him and grinning, readjusting her trousers as she looked at him. "Bad, bad boy!"

He gulped, feeling incredibly frustrated as she trailed her hand upwards, toward her breasts, and up between them, before suddenly disappearing down her blouse. "Fuckk!" He hissed, averting his eyes in an effort to control himself. "Merlin, Lola, that was just... really stop..."

"Ok." She said plainly.

He looked around and saw her waving a bright red packet at him. He could have kissed her, but for the huge bulge in his trousers which might well have gotten in the way. "I thought..."

"I was testing you..." she looked at the packet critically, then held it out towards him. "Want to put it on for me?"

James grinned, stepping forwards and snatching it from her fingers. "Where'd you like it?"

She smirked. "I like it anywhere."

Chuckling, James suddenly found himself in familiar territory, and didn't need the flirting and awkwardness. It was suddenly extremely easy to believe he was good at flirting, to have found himself in this position so easily. "I bet you do," he said in a low voice which was gravelly and lustful, just as he undid her top and lifted it over her head, his spare hand sliding down to her fly and unfastening it. "You a tits or ass girl?"

"I'm a dick girl." She said with a smirk. "You?"

"Niether." He said softly. "I'm a thigh man." His hand trailed teasingly over his upper thigh, just before he slid the trousers down her legs.

"Thighs?" She said, surprised.

He nodded. "Mmmhmm."


He grinned. "Tits and ass are fine. But does it really feel as good when I'm sucking your nipples as it does when I'm licking your thighs and refusing to touch you?" His eyes glinted. "And besides," he went on, "its about tone..." he squeezed her thigh softly, appreciatively. "Theres no such thing as toned tits! And toned ass is bullshit." He leant next to her ear and smiled. "Nothing to hold onto when I'm going all out!"

She clung to him rather viciously, unable to move, while he lifted the packet to his mouth and ripped it easily open with his teeth, just before bringing the sticky patch down onto her rear, watching the slight ripply of skin that peaked out from the scarce thong she wore. It flashed green, then disappeared, and he smirked. "Perfect."

She moaned quietly, then pressed her lips to his fiercely. He might have decided to tease her, had he not suddenly realised that he too was suffering from intense arousal which he'd somehow managed to keep at bay with his obscenely dirty talk that he would never have believed himself capable of.

"You ever done it in a bathroom before Lola?" He murmured against her mouth.

She smiled. "I did once..."

James smirked. "Did you like it?"

With a shrug, she started unbuttoning his shirt. "It wasn't particularly enthralling... but then, I was drunk." She grinned. "Hard to remember much that happened that night really."

"Trust me," he murmured, "if I ever shag you when you're drunk, you'll remember it."

"Oh yeah?"

"Mmmhmm..." he kissed his way gently down from her ear to the base of her neck, then smiled, slipping an arm round her back and unfastening her bra before throwing it to the side. "I'm unforgettable."

"Really?" She asked, grinning. "Maybe you'll have to prove that to me..." her hands slid his shirt from his shoulders, then trailed down his body, unfastening his jeans with difficulty and pushing them down on his hips, grinning at the bulge in his boxers that stood to attention, and which she avoided with deliberance as she pressed gentle kisses to the centre of his chest.

"Just tell me when," he grinned, lifting a hand to the back of her head and stroking her hair gently.

Lola smiled, sliding slowly down his body and placing kisses all the way down his toned abdomen. "Don't I still owe you from the other day?"

James chuckled. "I was going to ask for that favour later!"

She placed a teasing kiss to the skin bared just above his boxers, then wiggled her eyebrows at him provocatively. "Black boxers? How original!"

He smiled. "I save originality for when I'm out of the clothes." His hand slid over her bare shoulders teasingly, just as she began to slide his boxers down. He waited patiently for her, then smiled as she let out a low whistle of appreciation.

"Now, where have you been hiding this Mr. Black? I'm not quite sure how it's remained inside those boxers of yours!"

Laughing, he looked down at her, smiling in amusement. "I'm surprised you're even here still... or did you not realize I'm wearing boxers against your orders?"

She looked at him assessingly, then shrugged. "I suppose... well.. it's not too bad...I mean... I can bear it anyway..."

James raised an eyebrow. "You know, I think you've gone soft on me..."

"Well," she said softly, "at least its me and not you..." she looked up and down his length appreciatively, then smirked. "Do you mind if I...?" She motioned towards him with a glint in her eyes.

"Feel free..." he murmured, voice slightly croaky as his throat dried at the thought of it.

She leant forward and pressed her lips to his head, and a groan escaped his lips. "Merlin..."

"Lola!" She corrected him, before opening her mouth and taking his swollen tip in her mouth.

He smiled, pushing slightly deeper and winding his hand in her hair. "Shh," he whispered. "I'm enjoying myself."

An overwhelming rush of excitement overcame him as she sucked him into her mouth deeply, swirling her tongue lightly over him before moving to lick a slow line along the length of him. At the same time, her hands cupped his testicles, gently squeezing and caressing him, before taking him back in her mouth and letting out a low moan of delight. He hissed, pulling out of her mouth and lifted her roughly to her feet, pressing her against the wall before pushing into her quickly.


Deep, warm and wet, he buried himself within her folds, so that there was nothing in the whole of the world at that moment that could have torn his mind away. She moaned into his neck as she bit and suckled at his skin, leaving bruises and marks that would clearly show the next morning. He didn't care. He slid in an out with speed, gasping and sighing with each renewed thrust into her heat.

"Yes," she murmured, as her back grazed up and down the wall with the speed of his thrusts. "Oh god, yes."

James caught her lips between his, sucking them briefly before plunging his tongue deep into her mouth. "I've dreamt of this.." he muttered. "God, I've dreamt of this.."

"Tell me..." she said with command. He smiled, his head falling to her shoulder as he continued on, feeling her muscles clench around him slightly.

"Fucking you... having you around me, like this... feeling you, wet and tight and hot..." He groaned as he felt her clench even tighter, felt her whole body stiffen.

"Please..." she whispered. "I need to come... shit James, I need to..." he silenced her with a fierce kiss, hand sliding down between them and rubbing against her clit with ferocity. She whimpered against him, buckling in his arms as her white hot orgasm poured over her. He hissed, closing his eyes as he felt his own release torn from him, stars bursting before his eyes as he buried his face in her neck, a groan marking his completion.


He was half asleep the next morning as he came down to breakfast, his eyes heavy and stuck together with sleep. He slumped down on the table beside Ricardo, who grinned knowingly and said nothing, before loading his plate with food.

"Hungry?" James said sleepily, just as he himself scooped four sausages, three rashers of bacon, beans and mushrooms onto his plate.

Ricardo nodded, then smirked. "You too?"

James flushed red. "A... maybe a little..."

"Good night?"

James didn't answer. That was enough for Ricardo. He howled with laughter and slapped James on the back, grinning stupidly and shaking his head in amusement. "You old dog!"

Tucking into his food, James kept quiet, but was distracted when an owl swooped down and dropped a piece of parchment in his lap. He frowned and picked it up.

Open this at the table.

Dare you!



With a useless attempt at covering up his grin, he unfolded the paper hastily, scanning the paper quickly before choking on his food.

"You ok mate?" Ricardo asked. James nodded, embarassed, but could not resist the urge to read the whole of the letter.

Big boy,

I'm so randy for you right now.

Can't stop thinking about you fucking me. You look so hot when you're coming. I want to be under you right now, with you riding me hard, sucking on my nipples and telling me how tight I am.

I'm so wet for you.

Do you have any idea how good it felt to be sucking you off? I wish you were in my mouth right now, grabbing my hair and shoving me down on you however you want it. Want to taste you so badly, tell you how good you taste, how much I want you to just let go and give me everything.

Are you hard yet? Wish I was there with you, making it go away... but I'm in my own little bed, feeling all lonely and turned on without you...

Fancy a shag?



Ricardo snorted, and it was only then that James realised his friend had been reading over his shoulder.

"Jeez mate, you sure know how to pick them don't you? I'm telling you, you better write back or she'll be onto someone else!"

James rubbed his neck nervously, attempting to hide his embarassment, which was slowly mingling with pride, from showing on his face.

"I'll be back in a bit," he said suddenly, jumping up and almost running into Lily. "Shit!" He swore. "Sorry Lilz! I'll talk to you later!"

He didn't look back, but ran for the owlery quickly, sprinting up the marble staircase two steps at a time.


He stepped on the soft straw-covered floor, strewn with droppings and broken quills, and whistled down his own owl. He looked at the eagle owl nervously, then spoke quietly to him. "Alright mate, I know we don't usually do this kind of thing but... well... I need to write this one so... well, wish me luck Ok?"

He pulled his own quill from his bag and chewed it thoughtfully before withdrawing ink and parchment and beginning to write.



can't make the shag right now, but enjoy your time alone in bed... just think about me and you'll feel better...

He shook his head and scratched the sentence out, balling the parchment up and discarding it.


Hope you're having fun in bed. Want to be with you but have Potions...


He sighed. "Fuck it. Just write. She won't care!"

With a reassuring smile to himself in the glass window, he began again.


Lola smirked as the eagle owl tapped on the bedroom window, and she instantly danced across to open it, taking the folded parchment in her hand and grinning wickedly.


You bet your ass I'm hard.

Do I fancy a shag? When don't I?

Hope you've had your daily dose of caffeine; you're going to have a very long night ahead of you!

You realize you deserve a serious spanking after all that dirty talk at breakfast? Hope you like it kinky, because right now you should really be tied down to my bed with some VERY ineffective black undies on and nothing else. And trust me, I will get you there.

Can't wait to come in your mouth; I want to feel you swallow me down and tell me how you like it. Do you like doing that? Swallowing come down and tasting it on your tongue for ages afterwards? When I'm between your legs tonight, I'm going to make you come so hard you scream, and when I lick you out your gunna be so wet I'll be practically drinking you down. Then afterwards, I'll kiss you and you can tell me who tastes better; me or you?

Next time I see you baby, you're going to be screwed.

And I'm not talking metaphorical.





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