The voices of the task force grew faint as he struggled to keep his eyes open. He looked up into Light's eyes and saw Kira smile.

How L wished he could tell him, but he couldn't quite make himself speak. This was no heart attack. Of that, L was 96 sure. If someone took an electrocardiogram at this exact moment, they would have been able to see the difference. The lack of sweating, the lack of immediate heart failure, all the evidence pointed to that one conclusion.

Light wouldn't know that until he found the notebook, and learned that the last name that Rem had written in it before she expired belonged to Watari. But in the meantime, fueled by the erroneous belief that he'd finally won, Kira might reveal himself to the others just enough to secure his guilt. If only they would watch for it…

As L's eyes shut, he could hear Light screaming. It was a good show, but a show nonetheless. And he was alive enough to feel his body being passed to another taskforce member.

He knew that there was only a slim chance that he would survive the night. The chance of surviving until he reached a hospital was less than 50. The chance of surviving after that, 10 at best.

"Ryuuzaki!" they shouted again. Matsuda shook him. "Ryuuzaki, stay with us…"

It appears I overestimated, L thought to himself one last time before he lost consciousness completely. It's less than 3...