"See ya later," Reno mumbled to no one in particular, grabbing his jacket and pulling it on. Everyone had already left. Well, either they left or went into hiding somewhere in the building, because Reno sure as hell didn't know where anyone was. He knew Rude left because he watched him, but Reno had to stay behind and finish up a pile of paperwork that had been collecting on his desk all week. Thankfully, though, the work week was over, and Reno could get out of this stuffy dump and take a load off.

Rude had left in mid-afternoon, but now that Reno was taking off, it was well after dark. Now that Reno thought about it, he had left with hardly any word. He grabbed his coat and mumbled something to Reno about "good luck with all that", and walked out the door, not even giving Reno a chance to say anything.

It was fine, though. Reno pulled on his coat, made sure his computer was shut off all the way and his paperwork was in its place, and headed out the door.

An hour and several miles later found Reno slumping through the door of Seventh Heaven. The bar was crowded, just like it was before the weekend. Reno looked around at all the drunken slobs, and made his way over to the bar and took a seat. He leaned his head in his hand and stared at the shelf of bottled drinks behind the counter, and before he knew it, a dark shirt over a pair of large breasts was in front of his face. Reno stared a moment, then blinked several times and sat up, his eyes meeting those of the brunette Tifa Lockhart.

"Yo," he said, running his hand back through his hair.

Tifa had her hands on her hips and an annoyed look on her face, and was obviously not pleased. "Did you come to get a drink or did you come to get a show like all the other pigs sitting here? Because you're only getting one and it's not a show."

"Whoa, chill out darling," Reno said, leaning back and grabbing onto the bar. "Just get me the usual, okay? No need to get out the cat claws."

Tifa rolled her eyes and walked off, grabbing a bottle and coming back over to Reno. She set the bottle down and pulled out a glass, setting it in front of Reno and pouring him a shot. She was about to put away the bottle, until Reno grabbed her wrist and stopped her.

"Leave it," he said. "I've had a long day."

Tifa sighed and set down the bottle. "If you say so. I just hope you're not driving home." She walked off, glancing at Reno, and not waiting for him to answer.

Reno downed the shot in the glass, then grabbed the bottle and began taking swigs from that. It didn't take long before his vision began to blur and everything around him felt like it was going in slow motion. After he took one final swig from the bottle, he glanced over at the door and caught sight of the blonde-haired, blue-eyed Cloud Strife. Reno grinned like an idiot and let out a loud hiccup.

The problem with Reno when he was drunk was that he was more flamboyant and chatty than normal. He was always speaking out loud anything that popped into his head without thinking about it beforehand, and it almost always got him into trouble with people he didn't know. Lucky for him, though, the people he did know knew how he acted when he was hammered, and didn't think of him any differently for it. They knew he was just behaving like Reno.

Cloud looked around a moment before approaching the bar and taking a seat beside Reno. Tifa came over, wiping out a glass, and stood in front of him.

"I took Marlene home," said Cloud, trying not to glance over at Reno, who was watching him in his drunken haze. "Barret just made it back."

"He called you earlier about it, right?" Tifa asked. "I mean, he called this morning and asked how Marlene was doing."

Cloud nodded. "Yea, he did. And he called while I was out, too."

"Sooo," Tifa said, still wiping the glass (even though it was now dry), trying to piece together what Cloud was saying. Cloud wasn't the most talkative person in the world, and very few people could ever get two words out of the guy. It was hard for even Tifa to get him to say something these days. "He called you while you were out and told you he wanted you to bring Marlene home?"

Cloud nodded, glancing at Reno again. "Yea."

"Oh, okay," she said. She looked at Reno, then Cloud, then walked off down the bar to where another customer had just sat down.

Cloud looked over at Reno, who looked away and took another swig from the now-empty bottle, obviously too hammered to notice there was nothing left to drink.

"You know that's empty, right?" Cloud asked.

Reno looked at the bottle, and turned it upside-down over the counter, letting the last few drops drip onto the hard surface. "Y-eah, well so's my heart, yo. And my brain at the moment."

Cloud said nothing, and instead looked away. He took tugged on the fingers of his leather gloves, slowly yanking them off.

"It sucks, yo!" Reno said, leaning on his hand. "I got…NO one!! I mean, I c'n come t'the bar 'n pick up some blonde twen'y-som'thin' 'n go home 'n ge' busy, but I mean c'mon! An' 's not like I wan' a REAL relationship'r somethin' y'know?"

Cloud nodded a little. Whether he was paying attention or not, Reno didn't know.

"I jus'…I dunno, yo. No one likes me, drunk or sober. A' leas' not for real."

Cloud turned his head towards Reno, but was still looking down at the counter and removing his gloves. "I thought you said you didn't want anything real."

Reno blinked, realizing what he said, and realizing that Cloud was actually listening. "Well…" he said. "I d-on't."

Cloud glanced at Reno once more. "Let me know if you need a ride home." He got up from his stool and made his way behind the bar and up the stairs.

Reno laughed. "Haha…he said 'ride'," he said, spinning the bottle in a circle on the countertop. It was going to be one hell of a long night.