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It was a bright sunny day, without a cloud in the sky and with a small breeze. Well, it had been such a day until about an hour ago, when it started to rain, and the small breeze became more like an hurricane. So, now, two travellers found themselves on the road, in the middle of nowhere, under the rain.

They had left the last town in the morning, after their creditors began to be more and more insistent about being paid. To be honest the fault was just of one of them, the younger dark haired girl didn't do anything. Rather, it had been her blond master who kept on gambling and losing everything they had and then more.

Luckily they spotted an inn not too far down the road where the two of them could hopefully found a shelter. Hurrying towards it, they finally entered the building fleeing from the fury of the elements outside.

"Welcome to our inn, would you like to have a room? It could be quite a while before it stops to rain." A young woman greeted them with a smile.

"Yes, thank you. Shizune, can you bring our things there? I need to drink something."

"Yes, Tsunade-sama."

While the dark haired girl, Shizune, went upstairs, the now named Tsunade went to take a drink and talk with the woman who welcomed them.

"So, does it rains often around here?" she asked.

"Not really, only in this season. Usually the rest of the year the weather is as good as Fire country's" the woman answered while offering Tsunade a saucer filled with sake. She was about to drink it when she heard a yell from up the stairs "No, Ton-Ton!"

The blond woman turned in time to see a little jacket-wearing pig run out of the door and into the storm, followed by Shizune. Cursing everything that came to her mind, she ran after them.


Half an hour later they were still out in the woods, soaked from head to toe.

"DAMN THAT FUCKING PIG!" Tsunade yelled in frustration, showing her infamous short temper "When I put my hands on her, I'm making her into sausages!"

"Tsunade-sama, here, come!" Shizune called her mentor from some feet away.

"What? Have you found that little ingrate?"

The blond medic-nin reached her apprentice and saw that she was pointing at something. Looking in that direction she finally spotted Ton-ton, but she wasn't alone. In fact she was currently laying in a small boy's lap.

The child was sitting under a tree petting the pig quietly. He was also soaking wet, like he had been there from when it started to rain. His hair were a really dark golden color, almost orange, kept down by the water, hiding his eyes. He was so small that Tsunade estimated him to be around two years old, defiantly not an age at which he should be on his own in the forest, let alone during a storm.

The blond sannin slowly approached him and knelt down in front of him. He didn't make any sign to have noticed and continued to pet Ton-Ton quietly.

"Hello little one, my name's Tsunade and the dark haired girl over there is Shizune. We were looking for this little pig, Ton-Ton. And you? What's your name? What are you doing out here?" She tried to speak quietly as to not scare him, but at the same time loud enough to be heard over the noise of the falling rain.

The child raised his head and looked at her in the eyes. Tsunade's skills as a ninja were the only things that stopped her from falling back yelping in surprise. His eyes... They had black slitted pupils, slitted like her one-time teammate Orochimaru, and the iris was the most intense red she had ever seen, redder than even the Sharingan. All in all they were creepy, they seemed the eyes of a demon, but that idea clashed with the innocent and curious expression their owner had.

Tsunade had been staring at him for a while when a thunder reminded her they were in the woods during a storm. Shaking her head she saw Ton-Ton going to Shizune who took her in her arms and, acting on impulse, she picked up the child .

"Come on, we can't stand out here all day."


Going back to the inn didn't take much, but by the time they arrived it was already late and everyone had gone to rest. The two women, one pig and a child went to their room.

Tsunade made her way straight to the bathroom and began to fill the bathtub with hot water before finally putting down the child she was carrying. Speaking of which, he was looking around curiously, but in a more controlled and quiet way than what one would expect from a two years old.

"Hey, kid," Tsunade called, "Come here, you can't stay with your clothes wet like that, otherwise you'll catch a cold. What you need now is a nice hot bath. Trust me, I'm a medic, you know."

The little boy just stared at her. And stared. Without moving.

Sighing Tsunade knelt down in font of him. "Raise your arms."

He did that and the blond sannin was able to take off his grey shirt, then she helped him removing his sandals and shorts. When they finished, Tsunade turned off the water and checked the temperature. Satisfied, she lifted the child and put him in the bathtub.

"See, it wasn't that hard, was it?" He shook his head and Tsunade smiled at him. "Good. Shizune, can you put his clothes somewhere they can dry?"

"Sure thing Tsunade-sama."

While the dark haired girl was gathering the clothes on the floor, the little child managed to lay his hands on a sponge that had fallen in the bathtub and raised it over his head. He was studying it curiously when he tried to squeeze it, making some water fall on his head. He dropped it at once, sputtering and shaking his head with a confused and scared expression.

Shizune ran in the other room with the clothes, trying to not burst out laughing with little success. Tsunade couldn't help but chuckle, even when he looked at her pouting.

"You had never seen a sponge before, had you?" She asked taking it with some soap "Now I'm going to show how it's used, ok?"

While Tsunade was washing him, she noticed that he didn't seem to have anything wrong, like scars or signs of being undernourished. He did have, however, what seemed to be three birth-marks on each cheek that looked like whiskers. When she finished, she let him have the sponge back and took the shampoo to wash his hair. They were really soft, even for a child, and she made a mental note that he seemed to utterly enjoy himself when she stoked them.

In the end the slug sannin wrapped him up in a towel and carried him in the other room where she made him sit down on a bed. Unfortunately this wasn't such a good idea, in fact he began to jump to test exactly how soft it was.

Shizune, seeing her sensei's left eye start to twitch, grabbed the little boy from his waist and made him sit down in her lap. That's when he looked her straight in the eyes for the first time. The dark haired girl was taken aback for a second by his eyes but her mentor's voice shook her out of her thoughts.

"Alright kid, listen, for tonight it's better if you stay here but tomorrow we'll bring you back to your home. Now, can you tell us exactly where it is?"

The child didn't answer and just stared at her for a while, tilting his head to the side. Then, slowly he shook his head.

Shizune frowned and tried a different way "Maybe you can tell us your family name, there could be someone who know your parents..."

He turned his attention to the dark haired girl and shook his head.

Tsunade raised an eyebrow, how could he be so sure that no one knows his parents? Normally children his age thinks everyone knows their parents, like they're the greatest people to ever live. Unless...

"Do you mean you don't live with your parents? Well there must be someone who takes care of you..."

He shook his head again.

Tsunade began to feel uncomfortable and tired, so she voiced the worst possibility she could think of, with her luck it might actually be not really far from the truth "So what? Have you always lived alone in the forest?"

A nod.

In the silence that followed the two women shared the same thought at the revelation 'Oh, crap'.

The blond medic began to make handseals and in less than a second was running a diagnostic jutsu on the little boy, God knows how many problems could that kind of life have caused him. To her amazement however, she couldn't find anything out of place. Except from the sponge in his hands.

Tsunade was stunned, she knew she had left that in the bathroom "How... When did you take that?" It was ridiculous, she was a ninja, a damned sannin at that, and she hadn't seen him grab it.

He simply grinned at her with his eyes closed and scratching the back of his head with one hand, while the other clutched his sponge tightly to his chest.

Shizune couldn't help but smile down at the child on her lap "It seems you're one little tricky guy, aren't you?"

He nodded vigorously before letting out a little yawn and rub his eyes in the cutest way either woman had ever seen.

"Enough talk for now." Stated Tsunade "It's time to go to bed, we'll try to solve this mess tomorrow."

Without waiting for a replay, the blond woman picked the red-eyed boy and put him in the bed with her. She pulled the covers over the both of them and, just before falling asleep, she felt him nuzzle against her in search of warmth and security.

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