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Conversation: Prologue

Deep within its cage the Kyūbi no Yōkō felt a stirring in the air. Cracking open one eye it saw the shadows shift, as his chakra began to shift when his container's form came into view. The blond sixteen year old was walking forward in a slow meandering way, as if he was aimlessly walking.

"To what do I owe this visit to? I sense no danger, why has my idiot jailor decided to visit my humble abode?" he growled out, moving his head on his paws to stare at the blond.

The teenage boy looked up at him, and rolled his blue eyes. He walked closer to the bars turned around and slumped to the ground using them as a back rest. A loud sign escaped his lips as he leaned his head back, making a slight banging noise against the cage.

"Do me a favor," he started, catching the beast attention, "come up with a way that you can stop me from making anymore promises."

Flashback….3 Years earlier

Uzumaki Naruto sat on the hotel futon and looked out the window at the newest village he and Jiraiya had stopped in last night. It had been one year since Sasuke had defected to sound, and the training trip he and the toad hermit were on had begun to seem like a cross between the best and worst idea he ever agreed to. At first Naruto had been excited about the training trip, he had thought he would learn a ton's of jutsu's, and maybe a kick ass fighting style. Instead he was learning the one thing that he didn't want to learn, and he didn't know how to tell Jiraiya that he didn't want this type of training.

Kyūbi looked up, and then, with an almost human sign asked "Boy, what did you do now?"

I want to go strong on my own, not by using Kyūbi's power. Hell I know how to pull it, and the stronger I get the more I can pull… His thoughts trailed off. He sighed. Why doesn't anyone think I can be strong without Kyūbi?

Naruto knew he liked being out of the village, Kami help him, he loved his village but sometimes the strain of being the "demon child" grated. Being out of the village, were no one knew that those whisker marks were signs of possession, finally gave him the chance at a normal life. Yet here he was, still wearing "kill me now" orange, still lacking knowledge on jutsu's or any other shinobi skills, and still being seen as only the Kyūbi vessel.

Closing his eyes, Naruto decided to try meditating like Ero-sannin suggested. As he concentrated on his breathing, he felt a tug on his mind. Opening up his eyes he found himself back in the sewer system he liked to call his mind.

"Che…if this doesn't tell you I need mental health care, I don't know what does." Walking towards the red, ominous chakra, he began to wonder why he was down here, "Thought the hentai said I would only come here if I was in danger…wonder if the seal is screwed up?"

"BOY!" a voice growled out, "Come closer."

Naruto looked towards the doors of the cage, glanced at the seal, and then raised one eyebrow before sarcastically saying, "Do you think I am stupid or something? Last time I came close the bars you tried to kill me."

"Bah, last time I was trying to scare you, unfortunately, if you die I die, and that holds true even here. Now come closer, we need to speak."

Narrowing his eyes and moving closer, he saw the Kyūbi resting on the ground, trying to appear harmless. "Fox-teme, what could we possibly want to talk about?"

"I wish to know what you are trying to do to us." Kyūbi growled out

In confusion Naruto tilted his head to the side, much like a cat would when a human would try and ask it to do something. As if understanding Naruto's confusion the Kyūbi continued on.

"You have been pulling on more and more of my Chakra you fool, and it is overstressing your Chakra coils. If this continues you will damage them, beyond my ability to repair. Then we will be screwed beyond all belief." The last sentence was uttered with a slight growl of anger.

Naruto continued to stare for a moment, as he thought over those words, and the started to chuckle. As Kyūbi looked at him, his chuckle increased to a full out laugh. Holding his sides he fell to the ground in front of the cage. As he tried to calm himself, he could sense Kyūbi's irritation.

"Sorry, its just that Jiraiya has been training me, and he keeps working on pulling and using your Chakra, and before you called me down here, I was thinking about how to tell him this is not the training I want!" Naruto gasped out inbetween his laughs.

"Then tell the fool I said to stop and it is taken care of, explain he is causing damage to your chakra coils which could have a negative effect on you or even the seal, which I am assuming he is the one who has been messing with it?" Kyūbi's tails moved behind him, almost like a dog wagging his tails, but it was tiring to watch the multiple tails swinging in opposite directions. "Although the adjustment he has made to the seal has been quite beneficial to me. Now I can see your memories and occasionally sense what you do in the outside world. It has given me great amusement."

Naruto looked up at him, not sure he liked the idea of a great evil sadistic Demon rooting through his memories to stave off boredom.

"Not to mention, he has weakend the seal so that I may even find away to escape from your pathetic body, but even that is still years away, and I have no intention of dying before then. It seems you have too many enemies for you to not be able to access your own, or even my chakra." Kyūbi finished.

"Oh, that will go over well, I can see it now," Naruto changed his expression as he began to speak, "Jiraiya the Big Dad demon in my stomach ask that we stop taking his chakra, it seems it might kill me…What evidence, I only have the big evil demon sealed in me telling me that it is destroying my chakra coils…Well yeah, I guess he could just be lying…I see, well I guess we keep going with your great training sensei." Naruto face gave off a rather vicious grin. "That will go over well don't you think?" He asked cynically.

Kyūbi looked at the boy in front of him, he hated to admit it but the boy was right. Closing his eyes to collect his thoughts, and think back to what he had seen in the boy's memories of his new sensei, he thought on what to do.

"Then we will have to demonstrate why using my chakra would be bad." he stated finally.

Curiosity peeked, Naruto looked at the Kyūbi questionably, as if to say 'And how do we do that?'

"This will not be kind or easy boy, but the best thing to do would be to push so much chakra into you that you loose control. The damage your rampage would cause would make him back off, without question."

"Rampage, you mean let you have control, never!" Naruto shouted back.

"BE QUEIT!" Kyūbi roared, "I did not say that I would be in control, if you were overwhelmed beyond your pathetic bodies tolerance of my chakra, your conscious mind would shut down, and your subconscious would be in control. And as much as it galls me to say this, you have buried into the depths of your mind every negative memory and emotion you have ever felt," Kyūbi eyed the boy closely, "even I find it quiet daunting how much pain, and anger you have buried inside you. You will attack. Since it will be the first time you have that much Chakra in you, it will not last for long. When you come through, he should be sufficiently cowed into stopping this ridiculous training, and start teaching what you should have been taught all along."

Naruto thought about it and then looked at Kyūbi. He wasn't sure if he wanted to trust the Kyūbi, but instinct and past memories told him on thing. The demon feared dying and wanted in no way to risk death.

"If you do anything to hurt anyone, I will find away to make you pay." he uttered calmly staring at the fox. He waited and finally the fox nodded to him, he could see it in the beast eyes, they had a deal.

2 weeks later

Naruto looked around him at the destruction; Jiraiya had finally fallen asleep, bandaged and filled to the brim with pain killers. It had taken awhile before Jiraiya had found a quiet near empty place to try training again, and once he had the plan Kyūbi had come with had been put into action. But the damage…

Going back into the shelter he had made for the two of them, Naruto sat down to meditate, and sought the Kyūbi in his mind.

As he came to stand before the cage, Naruto looked at the relaxed demon. "The damage…I know you weren't in control because you were here in my mind with me, but… is that really what I am capable of?" He asked quietly.

Unsure if it was the tone of his voice, or if he in a way he had grown fond of the brat, Kyūbi as gently as possible answered.

"All the hate, anger and pain you have felt all you life has never been addressed, you have buried it deep inside yourself, and when you're subconscious took control all those memories and emotions come boiling to the surface. I understand why you created the happy smiling mask, but it is doing as much harm as good. Understand most demons did not start as such; they were once human, spirits, even gods, but when darker emotions build up," Kyūbi shook its head, "anything can become a monster. Be at ease for you hurt very few people, as that foolish old man protected them. Hopefully now, he will focus on training you and your power instead of forcing you to use mine."

Kyūbi stopped and looked away for a minute, then continued on in the same soft tone of voice that one would use to speak to a child in need of understanding, "When you use my chakra, which is filled with hate and rage in it, you increase that damage. Your potential is quite high, and with us working together rather then against each other the damage is dangerous."

Quietly Naruto spoke, "Potential, all I have ever been told is that my power was dependent on you, that I needed you to be strong."

"Foolish, you are of shinobi descent. I can see it in you body's build and chakra coil pathways, and generations of shinobi create marks in the body that I see in yours. You chakra coils have altered to allow you to use my own chakra, but your own personal reserves without my interference would have been quite high had I never been sealed in you. If anything I am what holds you back. Your strength and mine conflict. My chakra that seeps in very small amounts into your body disrupts your control and impedes your progress. The seal itself also slows your thought progress and drains portions of your chakra to maintain itself. If the fools can not see your potential then find another teacher who can."

Unsure how to react, Naruto nodded and thought on what he said. Suddenly, remembering something the demon had said he looked up with narrowed eyes.

"You said that all demons were once something else, does that include the bijuu's?"

Kyūbi looked at the boy, in some ways glad to see the boy had caught what most would have ignored, in others wishing this had not been brought up.

"Ah." he said silently, "We nine Bijuu were once something else, Gods, Spirits, avatars…the darkness in us changed us, and what we were once, made us the tailed beast. But that is another story, perhaps one day I will tell you, perhaps not." Suddenly the Kyūbi flexed his claws, "But I have had enough talk today, leave."

With that Naruto suddenly felt like he was falling upward, and opened his eyes back in his body, and not his mind.

When he awoke Jiraiya agreed that it was time to stop working with Kyūbi as it was too dangerous to continue. From that day forth he worked with Naruto to train him without Kyūbi. As months turned into a year, Jiraiya came to realize himself what Kyūbi had told Naruto, and he began to see that the boy could become strong on his own, and that Kyūbi's chakra would be a last defense, not his main strength. Once when drunk from a night out, he told Naruto that he should have done this from the beginning as the boy had more potential then was readily available, and a will of fire to learn that he had only seen once before.

But what Jiraiya did not know, was that simple conversation that Naruto had with Kyūbi changed the boy and his prisoners relationship forever. The lonely boy had finally found a friend, a confidant, and an adult figure, which did not lie, did not see a reminder of someone they once lost, or the mask that he had created to protect himself all those years ago. More importantly, it was a companion who could never leave…

Naruto age 16…

Kyūbi looked up, and then, with an almost human sign asked "Boy, what did you do now?"

"I made another promise of course…" Naruto banged his head for a second time against the cage. "Although this may be a promise I might want to keep, it is one that I doubt I can. And I made it without thinking."

"Boy…" Kyūbi growled in frustration.

Then stating it as fast as possible, "I promised a priestess, Shion, that I would help her continue the Priestess line. According to Kakashi Sensei, I basically agreed to father them."

Kyūbi stared at his container, and blinked.

"You know, I wonder if you have damage to your brain I missed from all the hits to the head you took over the years. No one can be that oblivious, can they?" Kyūbi mumbled to himself.


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