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Mighty Dragon

As Hinata, Sasuke, and Gaara walked home Hinata's stomach growled. She blushed.

"You hungry Hinata-chan?" Gaara asked. Hinata blushed more and nodded a little.

"Would you like us to buy you something to eat?" Sasuke asked.

"O-oh no I'll make us something at home." Hinata said and smiled. Gaara and Sasuke smiled with a little pink on there faces.

"Sounds good Hinata-chan" Sasuke and Gaara said at the same time. Hinata giggled.

As they walked Gaara and Sasuke grab her hand and walked hand in hand with her. Hinata blushed a lot and smiled at them. They smiled back.

"What d-do you guys what?" Hinata asked as they walked in the apartment.

"You pick Hinata." Gaara said. Hinata nodded and walked into the kitchen.

Gaara and Sasuke looked around the apartment. They never saw it even if they are Neji's neighbors. After a while they smelled something and walked in to the kitchen to see Hinata in an apron. She turned and smiled.

"Hinata what are you making? It smells good." Gaara asked.

"I-it's Neji-niisan's Favorite, fish with curry." She said smiling. Just then the door opened and shut.

"Hinata I'm home." Neji said walking into to kitchen.

"Welcome home Neji-niisan." Hinata said and smiled. Neji looked shocked then smiled.

"Neji…" Sasuke said.

"Sasuke, Gaara" Neji said then sat at the table. Hinata put the fish on the table with chopsticks and some water for everyone and sat by Sasuke and Gaara. Sasuke and Gaara took a bite and their eyes what wide.

"Hinata this is really good!" Sasuke said and eat more. Gaara following suit. Hinata smiled and ate more.

"So Neji you took care of Sakura right." Sasuke asked. Neji nodded.

"She ran home. I'm sure Hinata won't be bothered by her again." Neji said.

"Good. No one hurts our Hinata-chan." Sasuke said and Gaara nodded as they both hugged her. Hinata blushed a lot. Neji looked at them and saw that his cousin was truly happy. He smiled. He finished eating and put his dishes in the sink.

"Hinata, I'm going to go to bed, Sasuke, Gaara, I see that you are done also please go to your own apartments. You can see her tomorrow." He said then left.

"He's right. We'll see you tomorrow Hinata-chan." Sasuke said as he kissed her cheek, Gaara kissing the other one.

"We will walk you to school tomorrow." Gaara said as they left. Hinata was still blushing from the kiss she just got. She stood up and washed all the dishes. As she was walking she saw Neji.

"Good night Neji-niisan." she said and bowed. Neji nodded and walked into his room. Hinata walked to the room ladled 'Hinata'.

The Next Morning

Hinata woke to a knock at her door.

"Hinata, it's time to get ready for school." she heard Neji call for behind her door.

"O-ok Neji-niisan" Hinata said and got out of her bed, grabbing her usual cloths of a baggy tan sweater and some blue jeans, and a black shirt to wear under the sweater, and jumped in the shower. A few minutes later she walked into the kitchen to see Gaara and Sasuke sitting at the table, Neji glaring at them both.

"Even if your Hinata's Friends, it doesn't mean you can come in here anytime you want!" Neji yelled.

"Then why keep a key under your plant?" Gaara asked holding up the key.

Neji grabbed the key and was about to yell at them again before them all heard a soft laugh. Turning the say Hinata laughing a little.

"What's so funny?" Neji asked angry.

"N-nothing Neji-niisan. Good morning everyone." she said smiling.

"good morning Hinata-chan." Gaara and Sasuke said as then got up and hugged her. She hugged them both back.

"Neji-niisan, I'll be going now, I'm not that hungry" she said grabbing her boxed lunch from the table and walked out the door with Gaara and Sasuke.

"So how did you sleep Hinata-chan?" Sasuke asked.

"Good, and you both?" she asked. Sasuke shrugged.

"Ok I guess." Sasuke said.

"I don't sleep, I have insomnia." Gaara said pointing to the black around his eyes. "what did you think this was, make up? I'm not like my brother who says he wear's face paint." Hinata giggled a bit even if she doesn't know who his brother is. When they got to school they went to there first period and started to talk about random things. Sasuke talked about his perfect brother, Gaara talked about his weird 'family', and Hinata talked about her old school. When the bell rang, the almost empty room began to flood. When Sakura came in she glared at Hinata but didn't say anything.

"ok class well, I have good new and better news. First, since we had a free day and didn't do the quiz, I decided not to give the quiz at all…" Jiraya started.

There were a few hoorays

"so the better news is I decided to put everyone into groups of four so you can give a report!" Jiraya finished

the hoorays turned in to groans.

"You don't find that better news?" He asked.

"No!" Naruto yelled.

"well it is to me… anyway so the groups are…" he said started to name of the groups. Sasuke, Gaara and Hinata were in the same group, but so was Sakura.

"Oh Sasuke-kun, this is fate!" she said hugging him but he pushed her off him.

"Don't touch me!" he yelled.

"Sasuke-kun, are you still mad about Neji scaring me home and not hearing you knock or ring my door bell? it's ok I for give you, I'll make you feel better now that we are going to work together." she said sitting on his lap. He pushed her off him.

"Only one person is aloud to touch me in anyway and it will never be you!" Sasuke said.

"S-so, where will we work today after school?" Hinata asked hearing Jiraya they can't work on it at school.

"Well. Not my house, I won't let it in my house." Sasuke said referring the 'it' to Sakura.

"Both Hinata and Gaara nodded to what Sasuke said.

"Well, there's my house." Sakura said.

"looks like we don't have a choice. We will met you at the front gates and if you do anything funny, we will do all the work at my house, and make you get an 'F', saying do didn't help at all." Sasuke said and got up with Gaara and Hinata when the bell rang.

"Of course not Sasuke-kun." she said smiling. "now I just need to get rid of the freak and slut, and Sasuke-kun is all mine." she whispered.