Okay, I had mentioned briefly in Monkey Love II what the villains thought about Nukpana and Monty. Let's get more detailed though; what exactly was said? What rumors were heard? Who said what?

One-shot. Disclaimer: Not mine. I hardly put a lot of effect in it so sorry if it sucks.

"This is supposed to be a Villain convention! What happened?!" A voice shouted abruptly.

On the stage stood Dr. Drakken, holding a microphone to be overheard by the chattering people. "This is a convention…this conversation of topic is merely…taking up time before it really starts."

"And what exactly is the topic of conversation?" Señor Senior Senior called out, curious.

A soft murmur went through the small crowd, all of them agreeing with the older gentleman. Drakken smiled and in this light, he almost looked evil, "About Monkey Fist…" DNAmy let out a loud dreamy sigh, "…and his assistant, Nukpana." A growl was heard, probably from the genetic manipulating ex-scientist.

That's when Shego stepped up, her dark green outfit sparkling just like her smile. She looked twisted smirking like that, her eyes narrowed enough to give the impression that she was hunting for a prey. Stealing her boss' microphone, she spoke in it, "Or can we even call her an 'assistant'?"

Killigan answered, "Aye, she's more like an assassin!"

"I agree" Dr. Dementor concurred, "Her eyes are like the blood she has spilt! Her hair is as wild and demonic as Hell! She's as untamed as a Mustang!"

Drakken crossed his arms, snorting and relishing in the fact that he was able to upstage the other 'doctor'. "Oh please! If she is as untamed as you claim, why does she listen and obey Monkey Fist?"

Señor Senior Senior thought out loud, "Perhaps she is his apprentice."

"Or…" Señor Senior Junior went against his father's thoughts, "Maybe she's his slave!"

"That would…" All the villains hesitated, thinking this over. Drakken blinked, amazed, "That makes sense! After all, she does look Egyptian…Maybe he bought her for fighting and stealing."

Shego rolled her eyes, "He probably bought her for sex. I mean, come on, does anyone here think that monkey freak can get laid?"

DNAmy snapped, "I do!"

There was a chuckle spreading through the crowd but they quickly disguised it with a cough. Everyone thought DNAmy was annoying at times, especially when she was persistent about her 'lovers'. She would make a great villain…if she actually tried to take over the world.

"Eh, I don't see that crazy lass willingly laying for Fist." Killigan supplied.

"Who ever said it was willing?" Shego smirked tauntingly, making Drakken blush. The others had a small smile on their face or a blush as well, momentarily picturing such an image. "Maybe Fiske keeps her in line by force…in many ways, I mean. Be serious; has anyone here ever seen him be kind?"

A negative reply came from the group of bad guys. "Exactly!" Shego snapped her fingers.

Suddenly the door opened, showing Jack Hench walk in. With confusion on his face, he spoke up, "Are we going to get this started or not?"