Opening the window a little, I feel the cold breeze sweep in sending a chill down my spine as I turn to lightly run to my bed. Hearing the springs creak as I jump landing on the quilt as I slide beneath the soft sheets feeling them stroke my bare legs. The darkness that surrounds me is lightened up slightly as the light shines through around my door as it creaks open. I shut my eyes knowing that Charlie is checking up on me to make sure I'm asleep but I'm too excited even if I did feel extremely tired. After a few minutes I hear the familiar click of the door closing as I open my eyes to once again be greeted by the darkness that surrounds me.

A few minutes pass by as I feel myself slowly drifting into sleep as I struggle to stay awake and keep my promise to Edward, just as I feel his familiar rough skin slide slowly up my leg as his warm breathe makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand. His soft lips meet mine as I turn to face him, my heart quickens as the kiss deepens. His cold hands send a chill down my spine which feels a lot different to the one I experienced earlier making me feel excited and slightly aroused as his hand moves further up.

Having never gone further then a kiss, the arousal and excitement grow with every second. The kiss grows more intense until Edward pulled away, keeping his hand resting on my thigh as his fingers lightly stroke, teasing me as he knows I want more. Sitting up I slowly lift my nightie over my head revealing nothing underneath but my naked body. Edwards breathing becomes heavier as he leans forward, taking my nipple into his mouth as he lightly flicks it with his tongue making it become erect and easier to bite. He bites hard, making me moan out in pleasure, he pulls away giving me a look of worry, I smile and nod to let him know its okay and he carries on, doing the same to my other nipple while sliding his hand further up my thigh to my throbbing clit. He starts to softly stroke, teasing me by keeping the same steady pace as I let out gasps of excitement.

I beg for more in-between the moans and gasps as he quickens his pace, still focusing on stroking my clit as well as playing with my hard nipples once more, taking them into his mouth, lightly sucking and biting in the same rhythm as the strokes. The pleasure becomes too much as I feel it spread through my body filling me with a feeling of ecstasy. Edward smiles as he slides his fingers into my pussy, making me gasp knowing that he hasn't yet finished pleasing me. Thrusting them deep inside me as he teases me slowly, withdrawing them and makes me wait before he thrusts them inside me once again, the feeling of ecstasy spreads through my body once more as I fall into a trance like state as the second orgasm takes hold of me, making me shake with pleasure. I open my eyes to see Edward slowly licking his fingers and smiling as if proud of his achievement.

I smile as well as I begin to unbutton his trousers, we had only just begun...