Harry Potter and the Land Before Time

Written by Chibikan

Summary: Voldemort has found a way to go back thousands of years, to the time of the great dinosaurs. He has a new plan for his world conquest and Harry Potter Destruction that involves kidnapping a small group of baby dinosaurs. However, the ones he kidnaps are hardly willing to go along with it, especially when they escape and find someone who can understand them and plans a way to get them home to their parents/grandparents. Takes place after sixth year and beginning of the fifth movie (Mysterious Island). Lines will be used and paraphrased from the beginning of this movie, I do not own them but they are necessary.

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter or the Land Before Time or their characters. If you recognize them, they are not mine.


Millions of years ago, when the Earth was still young and changing, there live great giants called Dinosaurs. Most herds traveled only with their own kind. But there was one herd that consisted of many different sorts.

There was the long-neck, or the Apatosaurus, which could grow to an astonishing twenty-three meters long, and weigh at least twenty-three metric tons. There were three-horns, or Triceratops with their bony frills and three horns (which was how they got their name, naturally). There was the Parasaurolophus, or the swimmer who used it's head as a snorkel which enabled it to breathe under water. And then there was the flyer, argued to be an early ancestor to the bird. And let's not forget the ever-hungry, gentle giant, the Spike-Tail or the Stegosaurus. And there were plenty more where that came from.

Together they all lived in harmony in the Great Valley. A veritable land of plenty. A water poured into the land, keeping it vital with green food for these creatures to graze upon. And the mountains kept their enemy, the Sharp-Tooth (Tyrannosaurus Rex) from entering.

Everything was peaceful and happy for all of it's residents. Until one day…

The day dawned just as peaceful as usual. And Littlefoot and his friends were huddled around a tree. A tree that had only one tree-star left.

"Well, guys," Littlefoot, the Long-neck, began to his friends, "looks like there is only one tree-star left."

Cera, the three-horn, strutted forward with her head held high, "Yep and it is all mine."

Littlefoot was not happy, "But Cera, it's my turn to get the first tree-star of the day!" he told her indignantly. And it was too.

"Not if Petrie get there first!" cried the small flyer with great delight at being able to fly.

But Spike wouldn't have that, no, no, no. The silent Spike-Tail ran forward and head butted the tree-star right off the tree and into the air, where a great wind took it and blew it to the East, towards the lake.

Ducky rode on her adopted brother's back, "Yea, Spike, go, we'll get to it first, yep, yep, yep!"

The five friends raced after the flying tree-star, each one trying to be the first one there. The adults laughed gently as they watched them. The five of them always played together. If one was anywhere, it could be certain that the others were not far behind.

The tree-star was losing speed and Littlefoot was in the lead. It looked as though he would indeed get the first tree-star of the day, as usual. He was so elated with his inevitable victory that he did not hear the sound of cracking in the air. He did not see a tall dark figure appear out of thin air. At least, not until he bumped into it.

Littlefoot gasped as he regained his footing and looked up to see the figure, standing only feet taller than himself. It was all black and had a white face and red eyes. It stood only on two feet but did not hunch over like other two-legs. It's skin seemed to billow out like tree branches in the wind. And in one of it's forelegs was a long stick. What sort of dinosaur was this?

"Littlefoot!" Cera shouted in alarm, "Don't just stand there, run away!"

He didn't know why, but he obeyed Cera's command out of pure instinct, running in the opposite direction of the strange creature. He didn't get far before he banged into another one, but this one's face wasn't quite so white and it's eyes were not red. He tried another direction, only to met with the same thing.

"Stun him, you fools!" shouted the white-face. The two-legs aimed their sticks at Littlefoot and red beams of light raced at him.

Cera raced forward and rammed her stubby three horns into one of the two-legs, knocking it over and leaving an opening for Littlefoot to dodge through. "Come on Littlefoot!"

Together the two of them ran from the two-legs as fast as their legs would carry them. They met up with the other three who were also being pursued by two-legs. They were coming from all sides and they were soon trapped in the middle of a great circle of beasts.

One of them, one with long white fur extending from his head reached down to grab Cera to stop her from running away any further.

"DADDY!" Cera cried out in fear, although she would later deny any such fear.

Topsy, the ever-protective father, having heard the danger, was already on his way, and fast. He charged at the two-leg that was holding her captive. The two-leg was dwarfed by his large size. He thought it would be no problem rescuing her from this foe.

But he was wrong. The two-leg pointed his odd stick at him and simply shouted, "Impedimenta!" Whatever it meant, it froze the giant three-horn in it's tracks.

"DADDY!" Cera cried again, distressed at how easily he had been stopped.

Ducky and Spike's mother followed in the charge to save her young ones. But, though she too was so much bigger than the strangers, she too fell to the word "Impedimenta!"

Mama Flyer was also stopped by this strange word. It seemed that they would indeed be eaten, or whatever these strangers intended to do with them. But Littlefoot was not about to lose hope. They still had two on their side that could help them. Surely they would not fail.

And as expected, Grandma and Grandpa Longneck came charging. But not at the ones making the circle. No, they charged at the first one who had appeared. The white-face two leg who had first threatened Littlefoot. They had seen their other friends fall, but had still been too far away to help. But they were here now and they had every intention of saving their little grandson and his friends.

Grandpa lowered his head and picked up the unexpecting white-face by his billowy skin and shook him. The white-face leader shouted to his herd, calling attention away from the children. The white-hair creature released Cera and ran with the others to aid their leader.

Grandma got in between the two groups and motioned to the children, "Come children, we must hurry and hide while Grandpa distracts them."

The children, all but Littlefoot, didn't need to be told twice and they ran with Grandma in the rear towards a hiding place.

But Littlefoot could only watch in alarm as his grandpa battled the herd of two-legs. He silently cheered his grandfather on as he dodged the red lights and the strange word that had frozen his friends' parents.

But not even Grandpa was no match for these two-legs. And he too fell to their word and lights. He dropped to the ground, with the white-face still in his mouth. The white-face was released upon impact.

"GRANDPA!!" Littlefoot screamed and ran to avenge his grandpa and try and stop the invaders himself.

Grandma turned when she heard Littlefoot. "Littlefoot! No!"

Cera, Petrie, Ducky and Spike weren't about to let him fight by himself. They would always help their friend, no matter what the danger. They ran past Grandma and towards Littlefoot who was fighting as fiercely as a sharp-tooth might.

Grandma ran after them, but, being so much bigger than they, could not keep up with them. And she could only watch in horror as each of them were hit with the red lights and fell just as the rest of them had. The two-legs formed a circle around the comatose children. White-face raised a circular object, clutched in one of his forelegs, high above his big head. All of the two-legs, save the white-face who stood in the center with the children, linked forelegs together.

"Tempus Agito Protinus!" A great blue light enveloped the two-legs in their circle. It was for just a moment and then it vanished, leaving no evidence that the two-legs had even been there. Except that the children were gone as well.

"LITTLEFOOT!" Grandma shouted.

The other adults woke up and saw too that their children were gone. There would be great mourning for their loss that night.

Author's Note: Here's perhaps the longest prologue that I have EVER written, EVER! What does Voldemort intend to do with the young dinosaurs? Find out in the next exciting installment. Please read and review, I'd appreciate the feedback.