May 7, 2006:

May 7, 2006:

The Day My World Was Shattered:

"Silvera wait up!" Heaven, Phaith and Hope yelled. Hope & Phaith were twins, the only set of twins Silvera knew that actually got along like best friends. She stopped & waited for her friends to catch up.

"So what are we going to do after school?" Hope asked.

"I was thinking about going for a ride on Rodeo. You guys are welcome to come, but I as thinking about going to you-know-who's house."

"Well then, it's settled, we'll meet up at the junction. So are you going to Prom with Paul? Everyone wanted to know what's going on so we can get a Limo reserved." Heaven said.

"Paul & I are going to prom together, but nobody even knows where it's going to be held."

"I heard it was going to be in the Gym," Phaith said.

"How gross, nobody would be stupid enough to host anything in the gym. It stinks like feet & it always has. Hey, I wonder who those guys are." I said pointing to the men in trenches coming out of the Office & heading for the cafeteria, which was where we were headed.

"I don't know, come on, and let's hurry up. Lunch lines are going to be a killer to get into now."

We hurried into the cafeteria & saw the men talking to the Principal, who always had to be in the cafeteria no matter what lunch it was. Paul was already at the table with some of the other football players. They had gone out & gotten pizza & brought it back for all of us. We sat down next to them and started talking.

"Did you guys notice the two goons in the trenches talking to the Principal?" Paul asked.

"Everyone saw them Paul. Hey they're coming this way. I wonder what they want." Phaith said as she grabbed a slice of cheese pizza. The men came up to our table and every head in the cafeteria turned towards us.

"Can we help you gentlemen?" Jake Johnson said in his old man's voice & we all laughed.

"This isn't a laughing matter Mr. Johnson. These men are from the FBI. They want to talk to Ms. Jaimison."

"What did I do? I don't remember doing anything that bad."
"You didn't do anything, Ms. Jaimison. But tell me, how much do you know about your father?"
The first Agent asked.

"What does that concern you?"

"There's a possibility that he may have kidnapped you when you were eight."

I gasped. The whole cafeteria went silent.

"That's not possible; I've lived with him my whole life. Who are you to lie to me about my father?"

"Two other Agents just picked up your father. He admitted to taking you from DC when you were eight. You need to come with us."
"Fuck No!! I'm not going anywhere with you. I'm staying right here & finishing school, then I'm going home and going for a horse back ride with my friends. Go back to your office and tell your boss that I refuse to go anywhere but home. Get the hell out of my face!"
I yelled at them. They looked at each other and proceeded to grab my stuff. Tears were in my eyes.