"So Sam, tell me again, what the hell are we doing here

Something Different About The Darkness.

Summary. . . . . . . Traipsing through the woods on a hunt with little clues, the guys become separated when a freak accident occurs. Alone and hurt Sam seeks shelter in a cave, but is he the only occupant? And just who or what is watching Dean from the shadows? Hurt Sam, angsty Dean.

Disclaimer. . . . . . . Not mine, if they were we would have 52 episodes a year! Oh and lots of gratuitous shower scenes!

A.N. . . . . . Written especially for darksupernatural, who provided me with an awesome plot bunny, never one to refuse hurting Sam, I just couldn't resist. Thanks a lot buddy for all the encouragement and support; I seriously couldn't have done it without you pushing me. As always to everyone else thank you so much for reading, Peanut x

"So Sam, tell me again, what the hell are we doing here?" Dean was pissed, seriously pissed. They had been traipsing around these woods now for the better part of four hours, he was tired, he was hungry, and to make matters even worse he was now soaking wet; the heavens having decided to open up half an hour ago, and not just open up but flood the earth with a torrent of rain whilst thunder raged above and the static crackle of lightening could be felt permeating the air. As his leg, up to the knee, sank into another mud filled hidden pot hole, Dean's anger bubbled over and he turned furious green eyes his brother's way. "Well? Are you going to answer me?"

Sam tried his best to hide the amusement on his face from his brother as he looked down on Dean, he wasn't fairing much better than his sibling when it came to being soaked through. His too long hair was now plastered to his head, whilst his shirt and Tee now clung to his body, the contours of his muscles easily discernable beneath the fabric, having been following Dean though he had managed to avoid all the hidden logs and holes that had caused his brother so many mishaps, and irritate him so. Brushing his bangs once again from his eyes Sam finally answered.

"The newspaper reports were sketchy at best Dean. All the victims had been ripped apart, the papers seemed to think bear attacks, but I just have a feeling that there's more to it, maybe a black dog, or a chupacabra, or even a wendigo."

"When you say you have a feeling, you mean like a vision?"

"No, just a gut feeling that something is out there." Sam paused for a minute before adding. "It's weird though, there wasn't a great deal of information in the papers, and the ranger I spoke to wasn't overly helpful either."

"So I ask again. What the hell are we doing out here?"

"One of the victims was just a baby, Dean. If there's something out there it needs to be stopped."

Sam couldn't hide the chuckle that escaped this time as he watched Dean, muttering to himself, extract his foot from the hole only for him to slip on the slimy undergrowth and fall unceremoniously onto his backside. As Dean turned livid eyes his way yet again, Sam struggled to stop laughing, his attempts to put a passive look on his face failing at the sight of a totally mud covered Dean Winchester.


"Don't what?" Sam managed to get out around giggles.

"Just don't! Help me up."

Graciously managing to hold back any more giggles, Sam extended a hand to help Dean up. Brushing off the mud from the back of his jeans the best he could, Dean vowed revenge on Sam, spotting his opportunity up ahead. Carrying on up the trail, Dean planned out his move; speeding up a little he made the gap between himself and Sam wider. As he reached his destination he pushed aside the branches covering the path and waited for his younger brother to catch up, letting them go once Sam was in line and sending the branches crashing back his sibling's way. Dean carried on walking; laughing quietly to himself not looking back Sam's way so as not to let him know he had done it on purpose. He waited, as he walked, for Sam's reaction, waited to hear his brother's curses, disappointed instead when all he received was a huge clap of thunder. Eventually turning back around, knowing how Sam was with storms, Dean opened his mouth to suggest going back, only to stand there with it limply hanging open when he could see no sign of Sam.

"Sam!" Dean shouted. "Sammy!"

Even without the rolling thunder crashing over head, Dean found it getting harder to hear anything over the rainfall that had suddenly increased in strength, he kept calling for Sam though each time hoping to hear a reply that would start to ease his worries, but nothing ever came back. Walking back down the trail he began scouring for clues as to where Sam could have gone, all the while praying that Sam hadn't fallen victim to what was out here; the rain though making the job all the harder, washing away all traces of even their own footsteps and making the clues he so desperately needed to see all the more harder to find. He had searched the area three times, his frustration gathering strength, when he finally spotted the broken limb of a shrub. Bending down and pushing the rest of the branches aside, Dean finally got an idea of what had happened as he spotted the steep incline all the trees and shrubs had hidden and the path that Sam's body had obviously made in the undergrowth. Not knowing what lay ahead Dean gingerly started to ease his way down the slope.

A few times Dean's feet slipped from beneath him as he cautiously maneuvered his way down, only his quick reflexes and a bit of luck preventing him from plummeting the rest of the way down as Sam obviously had. That luck though ran out about five minutes into his descent when the path he was following forked, two burrows created by years of rainfall splitting off into two different directions. Rivers of water gracing the bottom of each burrow making it impossible for Dean to determine which way Sam had fallen, leaving him with no choice but to hazard a guess and pray it would be the right one.

He went left.


Sam had followed slowly behind Dean after the older brother's fall, he couldn't help laughing at his sibling's plight even though he knew for sure he would pay for it later. He jumped slightly as lightening scorched across the sky and began counting under his breath waiting for the thunder clap he knew would eventually follow. So distracted by the storm, Sam didn't see the limbs fast approaching, only felt them as they slapped into his face, body and thighs, the sharp stinging pain that resulted startling him and making him take a sudden step to the side in shock; a shock that was amplified as the heavens decided to let themselves be known even more and a huge booming clap of thunder resonated across the sky, causing branches to shake, ripples to form in puddles, and Sam to back track even more. The surrounding bushes and trees had masked the fact that they had steadily been walking up a trail that to one side had a drop, but Sam was about to find out. As he took that last step backwards, Sam found nothing but air. Already off balance, he tried to grasp at anything that would stop the fall, but it was no use as gravity showed who was boss, and Sam fell onto the steep incline; the undergrowth made slippery by the rain giving him no purchase, no grip, as he slid and bumped his way down the hill.

A gasp of pain was torn from his throat as his clothes rode up and a exposed rock ripped into his back. He winced as his ankle caught on a root, jarring it and forcing his body to turn so that he slid the rest of the way down head first. He cried out when his roller coaster ride finally ended, his momentum stopped by the trunk of a pine tree, his head bashing ungracefully into its rough bark. As stars danced before his eyes, Sam lay there gasping for breath and desperately trying to ward off the encroaching blackness, but it was no use and with a feeble cry of "Dean" on his lips he surrendered.

It was yet another crash of thunder eventually brought Sam back to consciousness; the severity of the noise intensifying the drum solo he felt was taking place inside his head. Groaning he slowly rolled from his back to his side before tentatively trying to sit up, his aching muscles and the cut to his back viciously protesting the move, his stomach rolling alarmingly as his equilibrium swayed at the change of altitude. Leaning back against the tree he had landed next to, Sam waited for the dizziness to pass, assessing himself whilst he did.

Feeling along his hairline he was pleased to note that although there was a nasty bump growing he wasn't bleeding. As his hands moved further down his body, and ignoring all the scratches and bruises, he wished the same could be said for his back. A gash about six inches long had cut a swathe deep into his lower back, blood pouring freely from it. He winced and hissed out a breath as he clamped a hand over the wound in an attempt to halt the flow of blood, pleased to note that after a few minutes the blood had reduced to a trickle. Still keeping his hand firmly placed over his lower back, Sam looked around and for the first time wondered where Dean was; calling out his name he was unnerved when he received no reply. He kept calling until his voice was hoarse but still he received no response.

Shivering violently as the cold wetness, blood loss and shock began to take hold, Sam knew he would have to move, knew that he needed to find shelter and try to attend to his back. Tentatively he began to stand, forgetting about the knock to his ankle until it buckled beneath him. Sam cursed out loud as a spike of pain radiated from the limb and lanced throughout his already throbbing body, exacerbating all his aches and pains and bringing bile rushing to his throat. Holding onto his tree, Sam expelled the vile liquid along with his lunch, whilst at the same time tried to overcome the pain that was threatening to send him back to oblivion again.

As the nausea subsided, he tried yet again to put pressure on his damaged limb, pleased to see that this time he could tolerate the pain, and that the limb supported him. Looking around again, Sam spotted what looked like a cave half hidden by foliage. Slowly he began to move towards it and the shelter he hoped it would provide, needing to get out of the rain before his strength finally deserted him completely.