Something Different About The Darkness.

Summary. . . . . . Traipsing through the woods on a hunt with few clues, the guys become separated when a freak accident occurs. Alone and injured Sam seeks shelter in a cave, but is he alone? And just who or what is preventing Dean from getting help?

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Doubt and fear began to settle in Dean's mind that the spell and the crystals hadn't worked, as Sam slept on into his third day. Reassuring words from both Bobby and Leo did little to ease the tension he could slowly feel eating away at him. He didn't want to hear "he'll wake up when he's ready" or "his body's just getting the rest it needs", he just wanted Sam's eyes to open up, because he knew the minute they did he would know his brother was back. Sam could lie easily to strangers, but to Dean his eyes would always give him away.

He stretched out again on the small, stiff backed chair that had been his home for the past three days, shifting slightly hoping to find that elusive more comfortable spot and relieve the pain that was exploding across his shoulders, but it was no use, the chair remaining as unforgiving as it had the previous days. He closed his eyes and tried to even out his breathing, resting but not, unwilling to allow sleep to really take hold in case Sam chose that moment to awaken; not wanting his brother to feel that he was alone.

Or at least that was what he told himself over and over and over again, but a small minute part of him was still nervous that Evil Sam would return, that his hands would once again clamp around Dean's throat, that this time though there would be no stopping. Dean shuddered and forced his eyes back open, a stuttering gasp escaping his throat. Running a hand across his face and through his hair, he tried to calm his racing heart and get control of his breathing once more; the dreams, nightmares really, yet another reason sleep evaded him. He started yet again to watch the slow pattern of Sam's heart monitor, finding some solace in the rising spikes every time his brother's heart beat, he could just drift for hours just watching, waiting.

To the untrained observer, someone who knew little of Dean, you would never be able to tell the exact moment he realized something was different, that something had changed. A slight stiffening of the back muscles the only indication that he gave as he felt someone watching him, his hand shifting nonchalantly to the gun he had tucked inside his jacket pocket, his ears trained for the slightest of noises. When he noticed nothing unfamiliar he risked a look behind him, thinking that maybe Bobby had done his usual dropping off of food in the hopes that Dean would eat; something that he also hadn't done yet, Sam would be proud, he'd even resisted Bobby's bribe of greasy burger with extra onions and a slice of pie!


Sam! That was what was different, his breathing having changed from peaceful to restless!

Turning his back his brother's way Dean couldn't help the smile that adorned his face as he noticed his brother's eyes were open, a smile that faltered and faded as they showed no recognition, no life, only staring blankly, dully ahead. Dean's heart sank, thinking the worst, thinking that the rituals hadn't worked; or even worse they had but th damage taken on Sam was too much. The tears that all of a sudden fell from Sam's eyes though dispelled that thought, realization stabbing at his very soul causing him even more pain than Sam's hands ever had. Sam was back; back with all memories intact and a whole host of new guilt eating away at him.

"Hey Sam." Dean whispered, his voice faltering as he took Sam's hand in his own. "It's gonna be okay. I know it wasn't you. It'll be okay."

He felt the sting of his own tears welling as he mentally pleaded with Sam to look his way; Sam's eyes though stayed staring blankly into space, the tears increasing in volume. Clambering onto the bed yet trying not to jostle too much, being mindful of Sam's injured back, Dean lay down beside his brother, grateful when Sam barely flinched from his closeness.

"It will be okay Sam, I promise."

Still avoiding Dean's eyes, Sam raised a hand reaching, hesitantly for the bruises that still encircled Dean's neck, Dean stopping him once he realized what he was waiting for.

"It wasn't you Sam. I don't blame you."

Dean's frustrations came out in his tone, making Sam shrink away a little, he tried to control them but Sam's quietness was scaring him. Sam was always the one who wanted to talk things through, to see him so still, so mute was unnerving. He found himself stroking Sam's hair whilst wishing he had fought more not to take this hunt, that he hadn't retaliated to Sam's laughter; laughter he now wished with all his heart to hear once again. He let loose a breath he didn't know he was holding in as Sam melted and relaxed into his chest, let his tears flow freely as he caught the whispered.

"I'm sorry."

He held Sam close as sobs shook his body, only releasing him when after several minutes they calmed. Taking his brother's face in his hands he forced him to look into his eyes. As Sam slowly did so everything that had happened was forgotten; Dean didn't need to know what happened in the cave; didn't want to hurt Sam by having him remember; he just wanted his brother back and with that one look into Sam's soulful brown orbs, Dean knew that they had achieved that.

The End.

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