Title: Snakebite!

Author: Nicksfriend


Spoilers: None

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Nick looked up and could see people walking around, securing lines to start their search. He needed to get their attention."Hey, Help!" He called out attempting to get their attention, competing with the rain overhead.

"Did I hear something?" Warrick asked as he stepped out of his vehicle, Sara following him to the edge of the embankment.

"Did you hear Nick?" Sara asked excitedly.

"I don't know, I thought I heard a voice, but maybe I was just imagining it." Warrick was fearing the worst for his friend, he wanted to get Nick to t he hospital.

"Hey! I'm here!" Nick barely could get out the words, he was exhausted, his body finally ready to fall into unconsciousness.

"That's Nick!" Warrick yelled and pointed to the area below them,"Nick, we got you man!" Warrick grabbed a hold on one of the safety lines, the firefighter grabbing another.

Warrick could spot what appeared to be a body below and headed for it,"Nick!"

Dr Cannon could see Warrick but where had Nick gone?"Hey! We're here!" Dr Cannon shouted out the firefighter getting to the man first and already assessing his injuries, "There is another man below me with a neck injury and the other man is in the ambulance. Did Nick reach the top?"

The firefighter looked at him with a questioning look,"Somebody is above us?" Warrick now within ears reach.

"Where the hell is Nick?" Warrick asked frustrated at the luck of his friend.

Sara was still at the top looking down when she saw movement to her right in the thick brush,"Nick? Is that you Nick?"

Nick was barely able to move, his leg was in spasms and he was holding on with all the strength that he could muster, yelling would require more energy and that was just not possible.

"Rick, there is something moving over here." Sara was pointing just below where she was standing.

Warrick glanced over at the direction she was pointing and could see what looked like a body."Nicky, I'm here man, I'm here!" he moved his feet along the wet ground another paramedic was making his way towards the same area.

Nick was about to let go his strength expired, all he knew was that there was help, they had gotten help. His eyes closed and he could feel his body slipping when a strong arm caught him.

"It's okay man, we're here." Warrick was standing over him holding onto him with a death-like grip.

"What took you so long?" He whispered.

"Hey, just remind me to kick your ass when you feel better." Warrick gave his friend a small grin as the paramedic grabbed him around the waist and they both lifted him to the top.

Nick had lost consciousness almost immediately, his body showing the effects of the snake poisoning and exhaustion.

Warrick looked up to Sara who was awaiting the medical rescue team."Is he okay?"

"He needs a hospital." The paramedic answered as the team grabbed him and pulled the rest the way up and immediately placed him on a gurney to transport, the other men were being treated on the scene but they all knew Nick needed immediate attention.

The ambulance now loaded with Nick and Sara took off towards Tanner, Warrick staying behind to assist with the rescue of the other three men.

As they arrived at the football field the paramedics on the med flight copter were awaiting their patient."What do we have?" the med flight attendant asked as he took the stretcher and placed it into the copter, Nick now back to a sheet covering him and tubes covering most of his body parts, the IV fluids restarted.

"Snake bites times two, rattler. He also was in the ambulance turn over, he suffered a few bruises and a few cuts. He probably needs an cat scan of his head too, he has a fairly good bump to the side of his head." Sara was glued to his side and boarded the med flight copter with her friend, he was not leaving their site again.

Desert Palm Hospital

The first thing he heard was the sound of monitors beeping and an overhead announcement that somebody's car was parked in the wrong place.

Opening his eyes was a little bit harder than he thought, he felt that he had been sleeping for a long time but then he felt the pain in his leg and knew it couldn't have been too long.

As he pried open his eyes he looked over at at his friends who were sitting around the room, their eyes closed, resting in the uncomfortable chairs."What are you guys doing sleeping on the job?"

Suddenly they were opening their eyes and standing , surprised looks in their eyes.

"Hey. Am I still alive?"Nick asked with a raspy voice.

"The doctor wasn't so sure when they brought you in a few days ago." Grissom responded.

Catherine and Sara were sitting beside his bed, Sara's hand still entwined in his,"Hey. I'm glad you're awake." her voice low and tired.

"My leg?" he asked feeling the fire inside the wound.

"It's going to take some time to heal. The necrosis had already began but the doctors have given you antibiotics and the antivenom was given in a timely manner, that's why your leg is not any worse but the doctor is worried about you getting serum sickness from the antivenom." Grissom explained.

Nick nodded, understanding that he wasn't out of the woods yet."When can I go home?"

"I don't know why you are in such a hurry to leave because I owe you one good ass whipping man. What were you thinking climbing up that slope with that leg?" Warrick chided his friend.

"I was thinking that if I didn't do it we could all die down there." feeling irritated with Warrick but knowing that the drugs were making him feel jittery.

"Just kidding man, you are the hero." Warrick patted him on his shoulder.

"Sorry Rick, I just feel tired, probably the combination of drugs and pain." Nick mumbled, attempting to get comfortable in the uncomfortable bed.

"Don't apologize Nicky, you've been through hell and back." Warrick sat down beside his friend, letting him know he wasn't going anywhere.

"How are the paramedics and Dr Cannon?" Nick was feeling a certain amount of guilt for their injuries.

"Actually they are doing great, Dr Cannon has already returned home and the other two men were treated and released hte next day. They actually faired better than you Nick." Sara smiled down at her friend , giving his hand a small squeeze.

Nick nodded, his eyes getting heavy again."Did I ever tell you guys I hate snakes?"

"No, but I think we figured it out Nicky." Catherine replied pushing the call light for the nurse to give Nick something for pain. Everybody in the room feeling a wave of relief that Nick was safe.

The end (maybe)

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