The Unraveling Thread

The Unraveling Thread

Author: immortaljedi aka jedipati

Disclaimer: The characters here belong to Disney, not me.

Characters: Ensemble Cast, no pairings

Rating: PG

Warnings: Somewhat dark

Summary: When Will Turner is not found by Elizabeth Swann, the consequences ripple out, and no one's destiny is unchanged. A drabble series.

Author's Note: This is a drabble series. Drabbles are 100 word mini-stories (at least, the way I write them). Do not try to tell me that these are too short. They were designed to be this short.

Anyway, I'm going to post these here in batches of five. That means every chapter will have 500 words of story.

1 Drifter

Will Turner didn't react as he was lifted onto the deck of a ship. "It's just a boy." Someone said.

"Is he even alive?" A second man asked.

"He's breathing."

Will forced his eyes open as someone leaned over him. Then he screamed and tried to back away.

The- thing- leaning over him grabbed him.

Will struggled, but several hours in floating on that board left him too tired to fight for long.

The man with tentacles for a beard smiled at him. "I have need of a cabin boy. Tell me. Do you fear death?"

Will shrunk back. "Yes."

2 Growing Up

It was soon decided that having two William Turners on board made things confusing. The crew began calling the older one "Bootstrap" and the younger one, since he was still a boy, "Will."

The Captain didn't care. Will was an adept cabin boy, once he was told what he needed to do. He even learned some of the chores that were less physically demanding. He didn't have the strength necessary for much of the work.

His innocence disappeared in the face of their work, though he no longer grew physically. He rapidly became an adult locked in a child's body.

3 Search

Elizabeth smiled as she and the boy played. The boy was her age, or a bit older, and they played pirates just outside of Port Royal.

Then the boy turned to her. "Why didn't you see me?" He asked.


"You were supposed to see me! Why didn't you see me in the water?" And the boy shrank slightly, and sea life covered him.

Elizabeth gasped and woke up. She'd had that dream every week since the crossing from England.

The next morning, Elizabeth Swann dressed in boy's clothes and stowed away on a ship. She would find that boy.

4 Missing

Weatherby Swann sat in his parlor, dazed. His daughter was missing. She'd been missing for a week now, and no one had any clue where she might be. No one even knew if she'd left of her own free will, or had been kidnapped.

She was just gone. Lieutenant Norrington entered the parlor. "Sir?"

Weatherby looked up. "No luck?" He asked hollowly.

"No sir."

The governor looked down again. His daughter, gone, just like that. There was no sign of a struggle, but also no sign that she'd chosen to leave.

Weatherby feared that he would never see Elizabeth again.

5 Eli

Captain Smith studied the disheveled boy his crew had found. "I don't like stowaways, boy." The boy looked up at him silently, brown eyes guarded and wary. "Your name," he demanded.

"Eli, sir. Eli Hathers."

Smith leaned back. "Well, I suppose a cabin boy might be useful. Though I doubt you've done much work in your life."

The boy didn't have anything to say to that. Smith smiled. "Consider yourself a cabin boy, Hathers. But if you can't do the work, I'll toss you into the drink."

Hathers nodded, a strand of his blond hair curling into his face.

And that's all for now, ladies and gentlemen. I'll have more when I write more. (Oh- Eli is short for Elizabeth.)