Hey people, its me again

Hey people, its me again. This fanfic is dedicated to my gf. She absolutely loves Kakashi, so don't expect him to die or anything like that. So yeah, R,R,& Enjoy!

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The Kakashi Chronicles-

Chapter 1:

Enter Kakashi Hatake-

ANBU Extrordinaire

Thunk. Thunk. Thunk.

A blur flashed through the trees around the capital of the land of lava. The intense heat coming form the nearby volcano was terrible. The forest was completely barren of life, but the trees still managed to survive.

The masked shinobi angled toward the capital, landing on a branch that gave full view of main building. The shinobi moved toward the capital building with increasing speed. The night guard was making its rounds, but the shinobi easily maneuvered through the guards.

Maneuvering himself through the window, he landed on the inside of the building. Killing an unsuspecting guard and hiding him, he made his way to the next hallway. He then silenced the two guards posted at the hidden door.

Moving through the door, he sat on the tatami mat. Facing him was the leader of the land of lava.

"Do you have it," he asked.

"Of course," the shinobi replied. He pulled out a sealed scroll, and placed it infront of the futile lord.

"Finally, the scroll of Jutsu recognition!" the futile lord said. "I can finally defeat that bastard!"

"So you do have the key?" the shinobi asked.

"Why of course." The futile lord replied.

"In that case-," The shinobi quickly impaled the futile lord with his blade. He looked at the futile lord's right hand and noticed a ring with two symbols on it. He quickly seized it and the scroll on the floor, and began to head out of the room.

Suddenly, a kunai flew straight at his head, but he easily dodged. Turning around, he was face to face with another shinobi whose face was left in the shadows.

"Hehehe. Another shinobi, how interesting." The first shinobi said.


"Not a big talker, eh-?" the first shinobi said. "Fine for me-!?"

The shadowed shinobi had flashed by, leaving a trail of the first shinobi's blood in his wake. The first shinobi turned and stared at the one who had mortally wounded him.

"Farewell," said the shadowed shinobi. He took the scroll and ring from the other's hands. And placed them in his pocket.

"Who-?" the dying shinobi asked.

His last sight was that of the other shinobi removing his mask, revealing a blood red eye…

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