Dreams, Planes, and Vampires, EH?

Drip. Drip.

"Why Sam?"

Sam Winchester jerked upright so fast that Jessica was awake instantly. It was the dream again, the one that made his head feel like it was on fire. Jess had been on the ceiling, and he had tried in vain to stop the fire. Nothing had worked. Again. He rubbed his eyes, and Jess gave him a concerned look. He took a deep breath, watching her for a moment. No fire, no blood. She was alright.

"What happened? Are you okay?" Jess returned his fearful look.

Jess if only you knew. "Yeah. Yeah I'm okay." Sam ran a hand through his hair and calmed his expression. "I just had a nightmare. I'm fine."


"No. It's okay, I promise." Sam looked to his bedside table. "I'm just going to go get some water." He swung his legs out from under the covers, and Jess sat up.

"Sam it's been three weeks. Jess uttered softly. "Don't you think maybe…?"

"What? Should I be sent off to the rubber-room?" Sam said it as a joke, but he was still freaked. Part of him was starting to doubt his sanity. It had been longer than three weeks that Sam had been having nightmares. But Jess didn't know that. She also didn't know that they were about her.

"I didn't mean it like that…."Jess shrugged.

"Sorry about waking you up." Sam laughed.

"Its not a big deal."

"You need your sleep."

Jess gave him a funny look, then looked down at her tummy. Sam smiled. After three months, you could barely tell she was pregnant. He remembered how exited he was when he found out. "Maybe in a few months I can use that excuse. Not yet!"

"Do you want to talk about it?"

Sam was taken aback. He had already been shopping for engagement rings. He hoped she wasn't doubtful of his commitment. "Sure Jess. But I'm sure anything else we haven't gone over can wait till morning."

"No Sam…The nightmare. I know it always helps for me." Jess crossed her legs and adjusted her Smirfs pajama shirt. She had gone into her "talk-about-it" mode. Sam actually loved that about her, how honest Jess was and how she could get almost any secret from him. But it was also dangerous. Jess couldn't know about his family, what he had seen. Maybe that's what made his nightmares so powerful. "I hate to see you like this."

"I know. But…don't worry." Sam said it again, knowing how pathetic he sounded. Jess still didn't believe him. "I'm just stressed from the LSAT's. Pre-law isn't exactly easy." He stood up. "Go back to sleep. I don't want to be the one to ruin your sociology exam tomorrow."

"Fine." Jess leaned over and kissed him. "Good night." She went back to sleep as Sam left the room.


"Sam!" Jess's voice echoed from the kitchen. "My doctor just called. I have to go to Anaheim for a special spnogram. I will be a few days!."

Sam cleared his throat, looking out from behind the bathroom door. "I will be right out to help pack!" He called, but his brain was working overtime. He was still thinking about the dream. But who could he talk to?

Sam scanned the address-book on his phone again. There was no one he could call who wouldn't think he was crazy. No one could know about the nightmares… And he couldn't call Dean or his father John. He wasn't crazy, and he wasn't a possessed. He didn't need to be put in a "rubber room," or blasted with holy water, or shot with a silver bullet.

Besides, Sam thought, he didn't need his dad making comments about how it was "a matter of time he dragged himself back." Sam had told John that he wanted to go to college, and had gotten kicked out of the house. "If you leave, don't bother coming back." Those were Johns exact words, and Sam had them memorized. He fought with his father a lot, considering that he was the only one of the Winchesters that didn't want to hunt monsters and demons; he was the freak of the family. But this was different.

And he didn't think Dean would understand. All Sam knew was that their mom had died pinned to the ceiling over Sam's crib as a child, and although Dean may have been the one to remember that night, he hadn't been there when the thing killed her. Sam had seen the whole thing, but just couldn't remember it. And whenever he dreamt that Jess was pinned to the ceiling, it was vividly real to him. And that scared him more than anything. Sam had relived that a good fifty times in his dreams, and it might as well be considered reality. It was real to him.

Bleep. Bleep. Sam looked at his laptop. You have mail. "What now?" Sam sat down and opened the inbox, his cell phone abandoned on the couch. Who was the email from? Sam checked the server. It was from an unknown email, but the subject text was interesting. Read alone.

Okay, Sam opened the email, what do you want now?

He read:

"Sam I hope to hell you are reading this alone. You didn't answer when I called you like a billion freaking times, so I thought I would so super-nerd and email you.

I would ask how Stanford is going, but I don't have time for chitchat.

I know you don't want to hunt, and you have classes and stuff, but we need your help. Dad is too stubborn to say it, but we do. Something big is going down, and it would be nice to have someone else to help. Besides… you could use the practice.

We think it's vampires, but there is something weird about this. We could use your laptop and nerd skills.

Either reply or get here as fast as you can. Don't ignore this Sam.



Dean. Sam shook his head. His brother had used the word funkytown, which was their code word for emergencies. He wondered why Dean was contacting him now. It was too weird, being contacted by Dean when Sam was just looking for someone to call.

Oh well, Sam walked to his room to pack. Maybe killing some vampires will help me. He highly doubted it.

As Sam got on the plane he left Jess a voice-message on her phone telling her that his Canadian aunt just died, and he had to go to the funeral because he was the only trustworth family member with law expertise. He would miss her, he said, and would be back in a week. It was only half of a lie, Sam thought. He would miss her. But he wasn't going to a funeral.

Sam could hardly believe the coordinates that came with Dean's email. They pointed straight to a small town in the middle of Saskatchewan. That was in Canada! The middle of the prairies too! Sam shook his head, stuffing the newly bought plane ticket into the flight attendant's hand and smiling. Okay Sam, he took a deep breath and watched the landscape change before him. Lets kill some prairie vampires.