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L'Heure Bleue


Ever since they first met, Rosalie and Bella had never really got along.
It'll take a miracle to change that—a miracle, or an unexpected new enemy in Forks.




Call me naïve, call me too trusting… you can even call me a little touched in the head, but I never imagined that something like this would ever happen to me.

Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think that I would be flying through a nearby woods, running for my life, fleeing from a… a monster who wanted nothing more than to end my pitiful existence as a human. But I was, and despite everything that has led up this moment, I was having a hard time coming to grips with that fact.

Not that I should have been surprised, not when my second family was made up of a coven of civilized vampires. But the Cullens weren't monsters and I more than trusted them all with my life; in fact, I owed my life to all of them. In the past eight months, ever since I'd first met and fallen head over heels for the youngest of the Cullens, each one of them had had a hand in saving me at least once.

Including Rosalie. And, surprisingly enough—I was having an even harder time figuring this out, trust me—she was currently in the middle of trying to save me again.

Save us.

As stubborn as she was gorgeous, Rosalie was running with me, running for me, convinced we could make it out of the woods together. It was thanks to her superhuman speed that we were flying, and due to her considerable strength that I hadn't been left behind already. Mimicking the way I normally traveled with her brother, I was clutching to Rosalie, riding her slender back as if I were a spider monkey. In spite of my nerves and my fear, I made sure not to muddy her clothes with my shoes. If we survived, I knew I would hear all about it if I destroyed her blouse.


That was a pretty big if. We'd had a head start and we knew the surrounding area better than him, but those were our only advantages. He was quick, he was smart, and, above all, he was determined.

Not to mention he didn't have a useless human slowing him down, I thought guiltily, scrabbling with my sweaty fingertips to grip the hard granite of Rosalie's vampire skin.

My heart beating so loud that I was sure he could hear us, I wished with everything I had that Edward was here with me, that he was the one carrying us through the dense trees and the slick grass. But it wasn't—and the worst part was that he had no idea what sort of trouble Rosalie and I had gotten ourselves into.

If we survived, I was going to make sure I never listened to Alice again.

But at least I wasn't alone. Rosalie was with me, she was helping me, and that meant more to me now than I ever would have thought. It was Rosalie and me against him… I almost couldn't believe it myself.

It was stifling in the woods, the humidity unbearable. I felt like I was trapped in a cocoon, the muggy heat and the sticky damp surrounding me in such a way that I couldn't break through. Even the wind rushing by us did nothing to help beat the heat. What I wouldn't have given for one of Forks' never-ending rainstorms to come and bring some sort of relief—and maybe help wash away our scents.

I glanced behind me, my fearful eyes wide and searching. Despite Rosalie's bravado, I was afraid. He would be here soon, I was sure of it. He would be here, and he would win.

I turned my head back around, not wanting to see what threatened to appear behind us. Panic overruled my motion sickness, and if I would have managed to focus on that, I would've been grateful. Puke would be even more of a nightmare on Rosalie's silk blouse.

I turned my head back around, and, regardless of my overwhelming dread that he'd catch us before long, I tightened my arms around Rosalie in support. Who knew? Maybe we weren't so doomed after all.

I'd only traveled this path once before—and it had been at a dizzier pace because Edward had been the one running—I just knew that we were almost out of the trees. We were almost back at the car. We just might make it. The tightness in my chest seemed to lessen just a smidge as I closed my eyes in relief. It had been such a stupid and reckless idea to come here. Edward was going to kill me when he found out what I'd done. Me and Rosalie and Alice, most of all.

Regardless of how Edward—and Emmett—would react to our carelessness, I couldn't wait to get back to the sanctuary of the Cullens' house. It would mean safety when we were all locked behind the thick walls of the hidden white fortress.

We never should have left it.

I was breathing a little heavier, already beginning to imagine the sweet relief I would feel back at the Cullens, when Rosalie suddenly stopped. She stopped, whirling around as she let loose with such a horrific snarl that I couldn't help but remember that she was just as dangerous as our pursuer was.

I opened my eyes, almost unwillingly, and I knew right away why she was so defensive.

He'd found us.

Author's Note: I wanted to do something with the character of Rosalie while, at the same time, staying true to the book. Therefore, I decided to ignore the sequels at the moment and focus on the relationship between all of the characters following the events of Twilight.

I hope you liked the preface. Let me know what you think.

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