"Good night California!" Edward shouted in the microphone from the stage after they finished their last song. He heard the crowed yell with approval, he smiled widely. Edward loved being on stage especially with his friends in the same band as him...it was the greatest feeling.

Emmett, Jasper, and Edward headed back stage and was greeted by Rose and Alice. Rose and Emmett had been going out since freshmen year of high school and they had been through college together. Emmett has been planning on asking Rose to marry him as soon as he got approval from his sister.

Edward only met Emmett's sister once, her name was Bella or something like that. He didn't care to remember her name, she wasn't even that pretty. Edward was a playboy, he loved partying, sleeping around, he had commitment issues.

Alice and Jasper has been married for 5 years now, they had been in love with each other since they were kids. Alice was Edward's little sister and was happy for her that she found Jasper. Edward smiled, he was happy for his friends. They found the one person they wanted to cherish for the rest of their lives.

"Edward that was great performance out there." Carlisle said, patting his son on the shoulder before congratulating the rest of the gang.

"You did a wonderful job out there Edward" Esme said, smiling widely at her son. Edward smiled back at his mom and gave her a hug and kiss before walking away to change out of his clothes.

They all had grown up together except Emmett's little sister, she moved to Phoenix, Arizona. Emmett loved his sister dearly and that's why the rest of the gang knew her but Edward didn't, ever time she was in Forks he would find ways to get out of seeing her except the one time when she visited Emmett at the college. He was a year older then her.

Edward, Jasper and Emmett was in a band called Devil in Blood. It wasn't like the bands like Disturbed or Cether. They played hard rock but it didn't have a lot of cussing in them. Edward played piano, electric guitar and was the singer. Emmett was the drummer. Jasper was the bass guitarist.

"Bella is coming home!" Emmett shouted to everyone. Everyone shouted out in joy, they all loved Bella like a little sister.

"Oh joy. Another fan girl" Edward thought to himself.

Edward sometimes could handle being hit on by girls that was ugly, he had to have a pretty girl by his side.

"Emmett!" Someone yelled, Edward rushed back to where everyone was and saw a stunning girl hug Emmett. He looked over at Rose who was smiling, Edward was confused. Who was this girl and how in the world did Emmett know her?

Edward walked closer and gasped. The girl was stunning, her brown hair reached her waist, her eyes was like an endless pool of brown. Her eyes were traced with a thin line of eye liner. Her lips were full and Edward had the urge to kiss her lips to see if they were as soft as the looked.

Her black tank top hugged her curves and showed a good amount of cleavage, she wore skinny jeans that hugged her legs and made them look extremely long. She wore high top converse to match.

"Emmett who is that?" Edward asked, everyone turned around, shocked to find Edward standing there.

"Eddie...this is my baby sis." Emmett announced holding his sister to his side.

"Emmett don't call me that" Edward growled at Emmett before turning to Bella.

"Hi, my name is Edward" He said, holding out his hand for her to shake. Bella raised her brow, she knew Edward's games. He liked sleeping around with women then throw them out on the streets.

"Bella" She relied stiffly, Edward was taken back, no girl has ever rejected him before.

Everyone cracked up at the sight before him, Edward was rejected by a girl, she didn't fall for his charm.

"I've always wanted to meet you in person Bella" Edward said attempting to make a small conversation.

"Yes I'm sure but tell me this. You had many times to meet me, why meet me now? Is it because you just want to sleep with me?" Bella asked coldly.

Edward flinched back at her tone of voice, so she did know that he could have met her all those times.

"N-No" Edward stuttered, he didn't know what else to say. If he said the wrong thing he knew Emmett would kill him.

"That's bull" Bella snapped back, she knew exactly what Edward wanted...too bad he isn't getting it.

"You don't know what you're talking about!" Edward retorted

Bella rolled her eyes and crossed her arms over her chest. Smirking at him, she saw Edward gulp.

"Don't I? Did you really think I was stupid enough not to do my homework? I came prepared. I'm not going to be one of those girls." Bella shouted at him.

Edward was shocked, did Bella find him repulsive, disgusting? One of those girls? He never had this problem so he didn't know how to act.

Bella huffed walked away from Edward, he grabbed her wrist but she shook him off and walked towards Rose and Alice.

Edward didn't notice Jasper and Emmett come up from till they put a hand on his shoulder.

"I'm begging you Edward. Don't go after her, she was already hurt before, I won't be able to see her cry over a guy again." Emmett said sadly

Edward looked at Emmett then back at Bella, he wouldn't be able to stand it either. He would kill himself if he saw her cry. He didn't know what these feelings were but he knew it had something to do with Bella.