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Dawn: So, I'm in this story?

Me: Yes.

Dawn: With Lucas?

Me: Yes.

Dawn: No. No. NO WAY am I going to be doing it. I don't like Lucas.

Me: Too bad 'cause you are. And yes you do.

Dawn: Ugh. Could I at least do the disclaimer?

Me: Fine.

Dawn: AmethystPrincess93 doesn't own Pokemon. Only this story.

Me: Okay! Enjoy!

Dawn sat on her desk and sighed. She picked up the letter that had she had read so many times since its arrival yesterday.

Ms. Dawn Yuki,

It has been brought to my attention that her Majesty's son, our dear Prince Lucas, has been…misbehaving lately. His grades in his lessons have also been falling. The queen has been doing a search for a suitable guardian for him, and according to the information given to her by her couriers, you are the most suitable adviser to him. We ask that you will accept. If you do accept, the financial reward will be great. Please reply within two days via the Pidgey used to send this letter.

Sincerely yours,

Delia Ketchum

Lady-in-waiting to Queen Fiona

P.S. If you do accept, please tell us when you can start and one of the servants will come and fetch you.

Dawn sighed again and folded the letter on her desk. She took a handful of Pokemon food from the jar on her window and gave it to the royal Pidgey sitting on the window. It flapped it wings and cooed at the taste of the food. Dawn smiled, but sighed again as she noticed the folded letter.

Sure, the money would be a great help towards her struggling single mother, but she didn't want to leave said mother alone. And spending the next few months looking after a spoiled prince didn't exactly sound like fun.

"Dawn, honey! Dinner!"

Her mother's voice jerking her back to reality, Dawn ran a brush through her navy blue hair and rushed downstairs, the Pidgey faithfully flying behind her.

As she went down the stairs, Dawn thought about how much the previous war had affected her life. Her family had once been rich, but their house had been bombed along with almost all their possessions. When they moved, that house was bombed again. With each bomb hitting their house, they got poorer. Soon, Dawn's father had gotten killed in a bombing, and her mother was struggling to support the two of them.

At the dinner table, Johanna Yuki stared at her daughter with piercing eyes, the family Glameow sitting beside her. Nervous, Dawn looked up at her mother. Johanna's eyes softened.

"You're considering that letter, aren't you, Dawn?"

"Well, yes. The money would help us a lot, but I don't want to leave you here all alone, Mom," Dawn said in one breath.

"Oh, Dawn," Johanna smiled. "Don't worry about me. I'll be fine, Dawn. And I'm sure you can handle that Prince Lucian or whatever his name is."

"It's Lucas, mom. The letter said so. And if you say so, I'll do it, then."

"Okay, Dawn. Good luck."


"You're asking some COMMONER to train me? Are you out of your MINDS??" Lucas's voice screamed through the throne room.

For the umpteenth time, Queen Fiona sighed and rubbed her forehead. She turned to her son. "Son, as I have told you, she was NOT a commoner before the war started. She is part of the Yuki family, a family that has been held in high esteem. And she's very firm and hardworking, and from what I've heard, she's pretty, too."

"I don't CARE, mother!" Lucas yelled. "My life is perfectly FINE! I don't need some filthy commoner babysitting me."

His father, King Edward, groaned. "Ever since you've met Lord Reiji's younger brother, your life has NOT been fine. Lord Paul has been an extremely bad influence on you – exposing you to drugs, letting you smoke – and now you're insulting a person you haven't even met yet. I'm surprised Reiji doesn't do anything about it."

"Reiji doesn't do anything about it because it IS fine!"

"No, it isn't, Lucas! Remember, you are the heir to the throne, and you are going to behave yourself."

Lucas opened his mouth and closed it, as if he was about to retort, but simply turned on his heel and walked out of the throne room.

Lucas's little sister, Princess Hayley, started running up to her parents. "What happened to Onii-chan?" she asked innocently.

Her parents sighed before nonchalantly answering, "Nothing."

Suddenly, a royal messenger ran up to them. "The Pidgey has returned, Your Majesties," he said gallantly. Fiona clasped her hands in delight. "Oh," she said, trying to suppress her excitement, "May I read the reply?" "Of course, your Majesty," he said, pulling out a letter from out of nowhere. He handed it to the queen and departed. King Edward dismissed his daughter and turned to his wife.

"What does it say?"

His wife didn't answer, but instead squealed in delight and handed him the letter. He took it and started reading,

Your Highnesses,

I am extremely honored to be offered this position and that I am pleased to tell you that I am to accept. I can start by next week.


Dawn Yuki

"Oh, yes!" Queen Fiona squealed. "Finally Lucas will stop hanging out with Lord Reiji's brother!"

"Calm down, sweetie."


Dear Diary,

I wrote this to tell you that I'm going to accept the Queen's offer. I'm going to be leaving for the palace in a week. Of course, I'm going to be taking you with me. I hope that I'll be a good adviser to the prince. Wish me luck!



Dawn put down her pen and closed the diary. She turned out the light and tried to get some sleep.

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