Guesswhatguesswhatguesswhat. Over the past – what, two years? – my plot bunnies have started giving birth again! And I will say that over the past year(s) my writing has improved a little, so…I…yeah.

And to any clarifications, this not based off the manga, it is based off the anime, where Lucas has no personality so I just gave him the spoiled brat thing. Also this is AU so personalities had to be tweaked to adjust to the new universe.

As to Misty, I decided to give her some backstory to explain her horrible attitude.

And, yeah. I'll try updating regularly from now on.

This is not happening.

This is NOT fucking happening.

Damion stared at Erika, disbelief and shock written on his face. Impossible.

"I-Impossible," he croaked out. "Impossible," he repeated, as if trying to make himself believe it. "S-surely, Erika-san, there is another way?"

Erika looked him in the eye. "The only other way is to wait out the full year for it to wear off, Damion-san," she replied. "I had it specially designed that way."

Lucas looked just as unhappy. "I refuse to accept this," he demanded. "I demand another way."

"That would be impossible."

"B-but then…" Lucas trailed off. "I'd have to…" With that, he stormed off, a horrified look on his face.

You damn bastard. You have no idea how lucky you are.

Damion clenched his fist. This is not happening, he repeated, this is not happening. Misty had just initiated a game of love and war with two possible outcomes, and in either situation, Damion was the loser. Either he watched Dawn obsess over that snobbish undeserving prince for the next three hundred and sixty five days, not sparing a single glance for him, or he would watch her get kissed by someone else – the same snobbish undeserving prince.

Erika looked away. "I'm sorry, Damion-san," she said softly. "I was so proud of that potion, and so proud of Misty. If only I knew what she would use it for…" she trailed off and stared at her shoes, trying to keep the tears from spilling down her cheeks.

No, Damion wanted to say, it's not your fault. It's mine. I should have kept a better eye on her. But he couldn't bring himself to say it, and Erika looked up, crying, to see an empty space in front of her and the door slamming.

She was alone.


Lucas stormed into his room. Fired, he thought, fucking FIRED is what that stupid swimming teacher of his was going to be. God, this was awful. How did everything somehow manage to backfire on him? Why did he have to get some teacher who was sure to betray him? He was so never asking God for anything again.


He looked up. Ash. One of his advisers, and, in truth, one of his only friends. Ash had stuck by him through thick, thin, and all in between. In all honesty, he was one of few people outside of the royal family permitted to call Lucas by just his name. Lucas felt a smile tugging at his lips. "Hey."

The boy frowned. "You okay? You look down."

Lucas didn't answer.

"Hey, Lucas," Ash piped up again, "It's Misty, isn't it?"

The prince looked up, shocked. "H-how did you – " then stopped. He knew Ash and Misty were close. Perhaps Ash knew more than he was letting on. "Come on, Ash," he pressed. "Tell me."

Ash looked down. "She asked me a few minutes ago," he replied. "She asked me if I liked Dawn or not."

Lucas's eyes widened; and he realized that below the sunny, talented Water trainer he had known was a scheming, jealous little girl.

He wondered if he and Misty had more in common than he thought.

"Anyway," Ash continued, "I told her I didn't know, and then, she got kind of mad," he paused, and rubbed his cheek. "She started crying for a minute, then stopped and told me that she had a secret to tell me, and it involved you and Dawn."

Lucas's eyebrows shot down considerably fast. "Go on."

"She said that you – and her – " Ash gulped. "Are you in love with Dawn-san, Lucas?"

"What?" Lucas nearly screamed. "No! That scheming little – how dare she spread rumors about me?"

Ash looked away. "I don't know," he whispered quietly. "I barely even know her anymore."

"Dawn-san, before I leave, there's a visitor for you." Zoey's voice wafted over to Dawn's ears. Dawn grinned. "Is it Lucas?"

A pause. "I'm afraid not, Dawn-san."

She sighed. "Oh, well." Some things just couldn't be helped. "Send them in anyway."

Zoey smiled and opened the door, letting the visitors in while leaving. "Hi, Dawn!" Haley came barreling towards her, encasing the older girl in a hug. "Are you okay, now?"

"Haley! I'm fine, I guess," Dawn laughed, then paused. "Where's your brother?"

Haley stiffened, and Damion clenched his fist. "I'm afraid he's not here, Dawn," he found himself saying. His heart dropped a whole flight of stairs as he watched Dawn's face fall.

"That's too bad," she murmured. "I really wanted to see him, too…"

She looked down, and Damion could only stare at her with sorrowful orange eyes.


Said water trainer stopped her pacing and turned to stare at the person who had interrupted her pacing. "What?"

Winona looked at Flannery, and Flannery looked at Winona. Roxanne bit her lip and stared at her feet. Sabrina suddenly found the window to be very interesting.

Misty glared at them. "Well? If you're going to interrupt me, you might as well say something!"

Winona looked at her with eyes that could only be called sympathetic, and said, "Misty, we don't think you should continue on with this."

Misty stopped. "What? Why?"

Flannery took up the conversation. "Misty, what you did – we don't think you should leave it as it is."

"Yes…Misty," Erika quietly replied, the salty liquid in her eyes threatening to spill. "What you did…it's hurting so many people."






Misty turned to look at her friends with big, sad blue eyes. "What can I do?" she whispered thickly. "What else can I do? Ash is – " she trailed off. "Are you all going to abandon me, too?"

"We won't," Whitney said weakly. "For now. We'll always be your friends, Misty. But if you don't try to do anything about the problem you've created…"

"…we might just leave you, too." Sabrina continued firmly, looking Misty in the eyes. "Think about it, Misty." With that, she swept out the door, a sobbing Erika, a depressed-looking Whitney and Flannery, a nervous Roxanne, and a silent Winona following after her. "Good night, Misty."

Misty stared as the Flying-type Master closed the door after her.

She never wanted this to happen. Not again.

"Daisy, Daisy, where's Mommy and Daddy?"

All three of her sisters turned to face the little girl, and looked away. Daisy bit her lip. Lily looked like she was about to cry. Violet suddenly found the carpet to be incredibly interesting. "Misty-chan," Daisy murmured, picking her up and cuddling her, tears spilling down her cheeks. "They…left."

"Will they be back soon?" Misty inquired innocently. "I want to show them the drawing I made!"

Violet smiled thinly. "They won't be coming back for a while, Mist," she said softly.

"Why not?" Misty asked. "Hey, hey, Daisy? Lily? Violet?" she suddenly asked."Why are you guys crying?"

Daisy turned Misty's body and looked her in the eye, gulped, and told her the truth.

"Why can't I be a part of your little ballet group?" Misty fumed indignantly. "I'm just as sensational as you are!"

Lily looked bored. "First rule, Mist. Sensational Sisters have to be pretty."


"Ta-ta, Misty!" Daisy grinned and winked at her. "We have to go and practice!" With that, she swept out the door, Lily and Violet trailing behind her.

"Did you go see the Sensational Sisters' latest show?"

Misty turned to see two schoolgirls, probably about her age, talking behind her. Ugh. This was her last day before she went to work at the Sinnoh Palace, so why did they have to spoil it by bringing her sisters up?

"Yeah!" the other one exclaimed excitedly. "It was so cool! All three of them are so pretty!" Don't bring it up, please, Misty was thinking.

"I would love to be related to them!" the first one suddenly cried. "Imagine, you get the glory of being their sister!"

No, Misty thought, tears flowing down her cheeks. No, no you wouldn't. You would be ignored, dear. Too much.

Montage after montage.

Image after image.

Stupid memories. Stupid sisters.

Stupid Ash, you idiot.

Stupid Dawn, having to ruin everything.

Stupid Lucas, not doing what I tell him to.

Stupid world.

Misty cried herself to sleep that night.

Thank you to anyone who still reads this.