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"Mmm," Tristan moaned waking up. He must have fallen asleep on Rory's couch, apparently she did too. He felt so lucky, he had never slept so well and he was sleeping next to Rory, who had her arms around him.

"Tristan?" Rory whispered.

"Yeah, it's me."

Rory got up all of a sudden feeling very aware, "I guess we didn't make it through Casablanca."

Rory and Tristan laughed, "Yeah thats quite obvious," Tristan paused, so what do you want to do today?"

"Well, sherlock, we do have school today," she smirked.

"Yes I know but I figured you wouldn't be up to it today."

She grew serious, "I'm not, but I still have to go. And besides you don't have to take care of me anymore, I know I'm a pain in the ass when I get like this," she felt ashamed and embarrassed for all the crying and exaggerating she did, "I mean who does all that crying right?" she looked down.

"Hey," Tristan lifted her chin up, "I wouldn't rather be anywhere else. You're one of my best friends its what I'm suppose to do. And who wouldn't cry, you're just having a hard week. It happens to the best of us," he gave a reassuring smile.

"Tristan thank you so much you have helped me more than you know," she grinned.

"You don't have to thank me..." he got cut off.

"Yes I do. Right now you are my only friend. Steph and Paris are out of town and Lane is grounded. You have been there. As you already know Jess and I had a big blow out. Dean is an ass. And I'm confused about me and Logan."

Tristan grew jealous immediately, "What do you mean?"

"Well, Jess and Logan are great guys and I don''t really know where I stand with them," Rory sighed, "Sorry I shouldn't be talking to you about this...you're a guy," she finished lamely, but really she didn't want him to know about her feeling for him, Jess, and Logan. Gosh she felt like a slut.

Tristan shouldn't be angry, but he was. His curiosity got the better of him, "You can talk to me about anything."

She really needed to talk to someone so she jumped in, "Ok, so Jess is a great guy and he's sweet...well to me...to everyone else he's one big jerk."

Tristan cut her off by laughing, "Tell me about it," he grinned, "Ok sorry go on."

"As I was saying before you rudely interrupted," she smirked, "Logan told me he liked me and I sorta...kinda ignored him because you know he's um...a player. He's also funny and nice and no drama though."

"LOGAN TOLD YOU WHAT?! He told you he liked you?? He never told me that and we are close," a surprised Tristan said.

"Well...yea he did. Wait! Stop distracting me!" she laughed, "There's also another guy. He use to like me and all, but I think he's given up. He hasn't said anything and he's usually really blunt."

"Any guy would be crazy to give up on you," Tristan couldn't think of the guy she was talking about at all.

"I dunno," If only he knew, she thought. She opened her mouth to speak but then a doorbell rang.

"Hold on I have to get that," Rory excused herself. Tristan followed her though.


"Logan! Hi!" Rory said surprised. Tristan thought she was way to over ecstatic to see him.

"Hey I was just in the neighborhood and decided to stop by." Logan smiled.

Tristan decided to make an appearance, "In Stars Hollow?"

"Hey Tris, surprised to see you here," Logan said in disgust and put on a fake smile.

"Well it shouldn't be," Tristan bit back, "Rory I'm gonna go. I'll see you at school okay?"

"Tristan," she sighed this isn't what she wanted, "stay."

"I can't I have to go get my uniform and we are already late to our first class."

"Fine, I'll see you at second period."


"I can't believe you came without coffee Logan!" she whined and he laughed.

"I didn't," he handed her the coffee, "here."

"Oh my gosh, you are a god."

"Yeah I know," he smirked.

"Always the cocky one," she continued, "so I'm surprised we didn't run, literally, into each other this time. It's usually what we do best," she grinned.

"Ace you know that'd never happen I came to you. Only when you come looking for me that happens," he grinned.

"Shush you," she shoved him playfully, "Are you gonna give me a ride to school or are you planning to leave me here all by my lonesome?"

Logan leaned in and whispered into her ear, "Never," and pulled back, "Let's go!" he grabbed her wrist and ran to the car.

Rory giggled, "Logan! I am gonna kill you," she was still recovering from the butterflies in her stomach.

Once they go into the car Rory asked, "Where have you been the last few days? You've missed out on a lot."

He grinned, she had noticed he was gone, "Oh really? What did I miss?"

"Hmm, I'll give you the short version. Jess and I had a blow out. You should've been there it was a 'throw a pie in his face' moment, but I had no pie," she pouted and he laughed, "Then me and um Dean...got into a...you could call it a fight," Logan noticed her stutter but let it go for now, "And that is why Tristan was here this morning he was there and he helped me feel better."

"Who knew you'd go for Tristan," Logan joked.

"Who knew Logan had a dirty mind...oh wait, I did!" She retorted.


Rory and Logan got out of the car and thats when she saw his car in front of the school........

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