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Daily Grind

Chapter 1

Looking up from the ad in the most recent news paper two sets of eyes gazed upon a large estate. High fencing flanked it on all sides, and neither boy was sure if it was to keep unwanted company out, or something else in. It wasn't an elegant house by any means, very rustic in appearance but still comfortable and large enough to accommodate a number of family members. Only the imagination could contemplate what kind of rooms lay hidden inside the rustic timber walls.

"Are you sure about this Remy, I mean it isn't like we couldn't find other ways to pay for college." Robert Drake, currently a junior in college to become a CPA, asked his taller companion.

"C'mon meis ami, what oder ad in dis paper gona get us as far as dis one? Sides, it ain't like we got much competition it looks like. Might as well go in an meet de guy 'afor we decide t' bolt." Remy LeBeau, another junior in college, his major was a complete opposite to his best friend as he was to become an artist.

"We really don't have to, I can just imagin it, some stuck up high end pompous guy who got lucky in the stock trade. He could be some kind of criminal for all we know, are we going to go in there and trust some guy and become his 'companions'?" Bobby asked, and for the hundredth time that day he wondered how Remy had talked him into responding to the ad.

The ad in question was short, simple, and to the point. 'Single retired man looking for companions to indulge in special interest activities.' And the address of the estate they were now standing at followed. Remy had picked up in the innuendo hidden in the ad almost immediately. The special interest activities that were mentioned in the ad were in fact those that ranged from the regular bedroom sex to the deeper BDSM. And that was an arena Remy was very familiar with, and knew enough to know that his friend Bobby had no idea about it.

When they had called to schedule an appointment for an interview the young woman on the other line told them that if they got the position the rest of their college expenses would be taken care of, as well as any loans they had to take out for their first few years. They were told that they would have to move out of the dorms and move into rooms in the estate where they'd be provided room and board for as long as they remained as 'companions' to her employer.

To both boys that sounded like an extra sweet deal, but now that they were there and about to follow though Bobby was a bit nervous. He had gotten Remy to explain things to him and wasn't sure if he was ready to step into that side of sex. He wasn't a virgin by any stretch of the imagination either; he'd had plenty of female lovers and had messed around with Remy on occasions. There were also times that he or his partner, including the times with Remy; to be tied up for sex and it was the most erotic thing he'd ever experienced, and now his ignorance in the darker side was about to be tested.

Remy put an arm around his friend. "C'mon Bob-o, ain't not'in gona happen dat y' don't want, y' jus remember dat. De whole t'ing is bout submission, not forcing yerself into anyt'ing." Remy assured Bobby as they went though the gate. Remy was actually anticipating this. He enjoyed some of the scenes that he'd been in before and the way this set up sounded it looked like it would be a live-in position and that just sounded great to him.

Bobby was skittish around anything close to pain, and Remy could understand because he, himself, didn't care much for pain either. He just needed to make sure he was there to support Bobby so he didn't end up bolting on him. If this worked out they both would be set for the rest of college and would have the support they needed to get their respective careers started.

Before Bobby knew it, they were at the front door and Remy was raising his hand to knock. He grabbed Remy's hand. "Wait… what if he's like… an old pervert or something?"

Remy laughed. "Don' worry, homme, Remy here wit y', we bot' getting into de same t'ing." Without any further delay he grabbed the knocker on the door and gave three taps and waited.

They heard a grumble from inside, before a dead bolt was unlocked and the door opened. What they saw was a middle aged man, not too much older than they were, with wild wiry hair and scruffy side burns that made him look rugged and seem like he belonged up north chopping down some trees and tending to a log cabin than there in Boston Massachusetts standing in the door way of a large home just outside the college campus.

Bobby was speechless at the appeal of such a rugged face, and was surprised to see the same reaction from his taller more experienced friend. It was one thing for a boy like him who grew up in a pampered home and be sheltered from some of the racier things, it was another to be a swamp rat from New Orleans Louisiana and have seen enough to classify him perfect for this position.

The steel blue eyes looking back at them suddenly shined in amusement, "Ya must be the boys that answered my ad. Well come in already, and shut yer traps, yer catchin flies."

Remy's mouth snapped shut with an audible click. Bobby closed his a bit slower but was still in a dazed sense of reality, maybe he was dreaming. He had at least enough sense to follow Remy into the house, closing the door behind him, and followed the other men into what appeared to be a parlor with book shelves lining the walls "Merci mon ami, my name is Remy LeBeau, an dis ma friend Robert Drake."

"You can call me Bobby." Bobby spoke up as he finally came back to reality enough to notice the other man wearing a flannel shirt over a white tank and well worn jeans complete with cowboy boots. He was busying himself trying to place his accent but was having a hard time. It sounded like he was from the north, maybe Main or New Hampshire or even Vermont. He supposed he could be from Canada.

"So, ya boys are from the college huh? What are yer majors?" The man sat down in one of the over stuffed lounge chairs. "By the way, my name is Logan."

Remy smiled taking the incentive to talk for both of them, since Bobby didn't seem he was brave enough for much of a speech about himself. "Well, I'm workin on ma art major monsieur, an Bobby's gona be a CPA."

Logan nodded, listening attentively, "Where are you from Remy? Louisiana?"

"Oh, oui monsieur. New Orleans ma home town." Remy smiled proudly.

Logan nodded again, "And Bobby, where are you from?"

Bobby smiled then, proud of something for once. "Right here in Boston Mr. Logan."

Logan nodded for a third time, taking in the information, "Please, both of you call me Logan, you'll be calling me other things soon enough."

He noticed, rather pleased, that Bobby blushed at that hidden innuendo, and Remy just laughed, "Lookin forward t' it, dat is if Bobby decides t' go for it. If he don' like it den I'm wit him." Remy put an arm around Bobby's shoulders reassuringly.

Logan nodded and leaned forward. "How about we try it for a week, a trial before you two decide on yer permanent situation."

Bobby looked up at that, "That sounds like a real good idea."

Remy answered right after that "Oui oui, tres bon. We'll go get our stuff; we don't have dat much so it won't take long."

They both got up and Logan smiled and showed them both out with their promise they'd be back in a few hours. He moved away from the door and got on the phone to his accountant to have her work on paying for Bobby and Remy's college bills, get both new laptop computers suited for their needs, art supplies for Remy, and the correct accessories that Bobby would need for his major as well. He did not plan on letting these two go.

"I still can't believe that you talked me into this Remy." Bobby mumbled as he finished packing up a box of his clothes and closing it up. "How do we know we can trust this guy?"

"Bobby, y' need t' stop worryin. If dis guy wana pay our bills fo us jus as long as we play his pets, why not?" He chuckled and sat his duffel bag on his bed. He didn't have nearly as much as Bobby; just his clothes, a old leather back journal, his art supplies, and his school supplies and a couple pictures of home.

Bobby how ever had lots of pictures of his family, who didn't care weather or not he was a mutant who could turn into a human icicle, and lots of memories. "How do I know I'm going to like it?" He asked, looking up from some pictures he was gathering from his desk.

Remy looked up from where he had been taking down a poster of his that he'd had for a long time of his favorite super model wearing a thong and her hair over her breasts. Barely sustaining the rating R and he loved it. He decided he was going to have to resort to the old tactic of erotic descriptions to make Bobby think more about his dick than his stupid worries. Remy wasn't stupid enough to put them in a situation like this without doing a background check on this guy, which he had already done with his talents and found out the guy wasn't one of the bad guys. In fact he was a mutant too.

Slinking over to Bobby, Remy made sure to sway his hips in the way to attract Bobby's attention so he already had it when he got into the heated images. "Robert, have y' ever felt yer dom yank dat leash round yer neck, get y' t' heal, while yer hands are cuffed behind ya wit no way t' pick 'em, while yer suckin on his favorite panel gag jus t' show off what a beautiful creature he got?" Remy moved around Bobby until he was behind him, making sure to settle his hips against Bobby's in a way that he was sure the shorter boy could feel that hard cock of his slipping right into the indention of his crack. "Have y' ever imagined dat? Or mebbe when he snaps on dat cock ring when y' been bad, t'reatening not takin it off fo a week while he paddles yer cute white ass till it's a nice cherry red and flamin hot till yer cryin fo release, promising him de moon an stars jus t' let y' cum once."

By the time Remy finished his second description he was very close to Bobby's ear and could feel Bobby trying to hold on and not give in, but Remy's will was much stronger than Bobby thought and he wasn't giving up. "Remy…" Bobby said warningly as he tried to get back to packing his things.

"Non, bet y' like it rougher den dat. De maitre tie y t' de spankin bench an let ya stew afor he swing away, all de while yer screamin yer pretty little head off into dat ball gag dat seems t' jus live in yer mout' most o' de time. Mebbe he put yer favorite plug in dat jostles yer prostate every single time he brings down dat paddle, heh?" Remy knew when he had won the moment Bobby retreated over to the closet to get more clothes out. Remy smirked as he licked his finger and checked 1 off in the air. Remy: 1 Bobby: 0.

Neither spoke to the other the rest of the time they gathered up their stuff. Remy went back to his poster hanging over his bed. "C'mon cher, we got places t' go an people t' do." Remy rolled it up putting it away, Bobby would probably be upset with him for his dirty tactics but he knew the boy would thank him in the end.

It took them all of 30 minutes to get Bobby's stuff down into his car, the one his parents had gotten him for his 18th birthday when he was getting ready to go to college. Remy made sure it was secure and then threw his own bag on the back of his motorcycle.

"Remy I can't believe you don't have more than what's in that duffle bag. I mean, you deserve more than that." Bobby looked over as Remy walked his bike up next to Bobby's car.

"Oui, probably do, but dis all I got dat I can call ma own Bobby. Mebbe I get more eventually, non?" Remy smiled swinging his leg over his bike. To be honest, it was his most precious possession. It was the only thing that he had that was worth more than his tuition even. He had gotten it used and put his heart and soul, not to mention most of his mad money into fixing it up until it was the envy of those who ever saw it. It shined from its recent waxing that had took Remy three hours to get right.

"Remy… I swear I'm going to make sure you get everything you deserve." Before he could add more Remy just smiled.

"Non cher, y' take care of yerself wit yer money, Remy be jus fine." He pulled his matching helmet on, with the extra tinted visor for extra privacy to hide his unusual eyes from everyone. He really didn't need people freaking out while riding his bike though traffic. "Bobby y' gotta trust dat I wouldn't get us into a dangerous situation."

Bobby paused for a moment, then looked back over at Remy and nodded. "Yeah, I trust you Remy. I trust you more than my own family I think. After they found out that I was… a mutant I'm not sure if they wouldn't turn me in anymore."

Remy smiled as he paused from buckling his helmet on and patted his shoulder. "We're brot'ers Bobby, an brot'ers take care o' each oder."

Ending the conversation before something bad was said, Remy flipped down his visor and kicked his bike to life. Checking once more to make sure his bag of possessions was strapped down so that it wouldn't fly away on him; he headed out to the main drive to wait for Bobby to follow. Bobby smiled as he watched Remy and got into his own car. Maybe living with this Logan guy wouldn't be so bad after all.

Remy got there before Bobby, as usual. Remy was always the speed demon on his motorcycle. He was freeing his single duffle bag from the back of his bike when Bobby pulled up. Logan was waiting for them out on the front steps, smoking what looked to be a Cuban cigar. Remy snorted a bit at the smell, he preferred his camel cigarettes to anything as pungent as that. He patted his trench coat to make sure that his silver cigarette case with his Zippo lighter was safely tucked away in one of the hidden compartments before slinging the duffle over his bag and heading to the porch.

"Only one bag Cajun?" Logan asked as the younger man passed him.

"Oui, don't have much of meanin t' carry round, monsieur." He dropped his bag down in the inside of the front door before going back to Bobby's car and giving him a hand with carrying his things inside. This time when going inside the house Logan showed them upstairs to where there were a number of bedrooms down a long wing.

Logan led them down to the end, where was a door at the end and then doors to either side of the hall. He pointed to two doors together on one side. "These are the bedrooms, ya each get one." He opened the one closest to the end. "This one is for Remy, and the other for Bobby."

Remy went with Bobby into his room first, and what they saw made Bobby drop his bag and run over to the desk below a large window facing out over the court yard. "A new laptop? But…" He started to look around and there were other things that he had always needed to use in school but used the universities tools instead.

"I thought ya might need them kid. Had someone pick them up for me." Logan said as he stood in the door way. Remy just smiled some, as if he'd won some battle going on between him and Bobby. He headed over to his own room and dropped his duffle bag inside. There was a large easel in the middle of the room, as well as an elegant French style bed and a table with a various art supplies on it and a number of primed canvases waiting to be painted on.

He walked over running his fingers lightly over the natural hair brushes that lay among the other art supplies. They were top of the line brushes, he knew because he had looked at them hoping to eventually be able to afford to get them, but never having the money to spare. He could imagine some of the paintings he would be able to create with the supplies.

He was brought out of his musings by Logan's strong voice. "What ever supplies ya need for school ya just let me know."

"Merci, I never t'ought I'd get t' get a set of dese." He held up one of the brushes. "An I always loved Natural Hair brushes. Don't break off an move better den synthetic brushes." He sat them down and went to grab his duffle bag. This whole thing had started to look too good to be true. He was afraid to get settled in and then suddenly get booted from the new home. Bobby was busy booting up his new computer to begin transferring files and Remy noticed he too had a computer. It would certainly help with his web page designs, it being another form of art he was taking in college.

"I got a friend of mine that majored in art. She helped we pick out the supplies you'd need Rems." Logan said as he watched the boy look around the room. Rems… No one had ever called him Rems besides Bobby. "I'll give you boys sometime to get settled in. But if yer free meet me for dinner and we'll start setting ground rules and stuff, so that I know yer boundaries."

Remy only nodded in agreement but Bobby popped his head out his door to look at the two standing in the hallway. "Boundaries?"

Remy nodded, deciding to try to explain it. "Yeah, talk about de t'ings we like or don't like so he knows what's okay an what's out of de question during play times. Besides dat we'll also have a safe word just in case he do somet'in we don't like. We say de word, an de game stops."

Logan looked up and added, for Bobby's information. "No, you say that word and the game stops Now. Doesn't matter where we are in the game, even if I'm in the middle of getting off, if you say that word I stop and the cuffs are unlocked without question."

Remy looked down at Logan, perhaps they could trust the older man after all. He'd known a few men who when he'd said such a word had kept going to get their completion, despite his discomfort. Needless to say once he'd been released things weren't pretty. "Oui, dat's why it's a 'safe word' Bobby. It will give us an out if somet'in happens. Say… you get a cramp or somet'in while in a certain position. Y' say dat word, tell him what's wrong an he take care of it."

Bobby nodded. "That sounds really good, okay!" He smiled and went back to his computer. Remy chuckled softly and watched Logan go down the hall. He headed back into his room. Both rooms had bathrooms attached and he decided he had some preparation to do before meeting Logan down for dinner.

Going into the bathroom and setting down his toiletry kit, he started to arrange things on the back of the sink counter. Once they were within reach for whatever he needed he grabbed his razor and shaving cream and got to work.

Around seven o'clock Bobby had come bouncing down the stairs and went toward the direction of the delicious smells that just had to be food. He walked in and smiled at Logan, surprised to see that Logan did his own cooking despite his obvious wealth, instead of hiring someone to do it for him.

"Energetic much kid?" He laughed. "Don't worry, we'll manage to wear you out one way or another."

Bobby smiled. "Remy always said I had too much energy. Hey can I help?"

Logan chucked, knowing Remy was probably right. "Sure, go set the table. It's almost done."

As Bobby set about they heard foot steps coming down the stairs that they knew just had to be Remy, as he was the only other person in the house besides the two already down in the kitchen. Neither bothered to look up just yet until they heard Remy's voice.

"Somet'in smells delicious, remind me to make some Cajun cookin fo ya M. Logan." Remy smiled as both men looked up to take his appearance in. He was wearing a pair of black leather pants, soft black loafers, and a crimson red silk shirt button up only half way that matched his eyes perfectly. His hair was down, flowing across his shoulders like the red silk of his shirt. He walked over to Logan with a smile. "Let me help." He grabbed a large bowl that had been set to the side and began to fill it with the stew on the stove.

Logan had been taking in Remy's appearance and smiled "Very nice, very nice. I like it very much." Logan mumbled appreciatively.

Remy smiled. "Merci, wanted t' dress up nice fo you. I really didn't expect all dat when we came back."

Logan shrugged some as he helped Remy to get the food into serving dishes. "You two needed it, I want to make sure that you two get everything you need for school and have every opportunity to succeed."

Remy turned to bring the bowl of stew over, to notice that Bobby had his mouth hanging open still. Remy chuckled. "Shut yer mouth Bobby, yer catchin flies." He walked over gently tapping Bobby's chin in emphases.

Bobby shut his mouth with an audible click and looked back at his friend. "Wow Remy… I… Wow."

Remy chuckled again and looked up though his bangs. "Yeah, I never really dress up dis nice much. I had a reason t'night dough, fo you an Logan."

Logan brought over the cornbread he made in the cast iron pan he'd made it in and sat it down on the plate waiting. "Well, let's eat up."

When they were sat down Logan began a light conversation to gauge their experience in intimacy. As he had thought, Remy had the most experience, which also explained why he was so very protective of Bobby. He would make sure he'd give Remy no reason to be angry with him on that front.

Logan hadn't planned on bringing anything up about play until Remy looked up from his food. "So, where be de play room in dis place?"

Bobby looked over with wide innocent eyes wondering what Remy was talking about. Logan just chuckled. "It's attached off of my bedroom, which is right down the hall from yer's."

Remy nodded as he ate another spoonful of stew. "Mebbe we see it t'night, just t' y'know get an idea of what y'all into?" Remy wanted to make sure that he wasn't into anything too heavy for Bobby. He didn't want the older man whipping the boy. Remy liked a little pain, and a little blood-letting was okay too, but he didn't want to push Bobby into anything like that. Bobby needed the pure pleasure side of this world.

"Sure, I guess. Wasn't planning on showing it to you till ya got a little more comfortable. But if ya insist." Logan replied. He looked across the table to gauge Bobby's reaction. He seemed intrigued by the idea as well. "Maybe even be able t' pick out collars to suit you two. I can already tell Remy's is going to be red leather."

Bobby took a moment to imagine Remy in a red leather collar with a silver charm dangling down from it. He smiled, liking the image very much, "Yeah, I think red leather is definitely the right color for him."

Logan chuckled as Remy gave Bobby a smoldering look. "Well den, I guess I get t' pick yer collar out huh, cher?"

The smile dropped from Bobby's face and looked up with what Logan could only identify as lust with the right bit of fear thrown in. "Oh you won't make it too big or too tight will you?"

Remy smiled. "Non, I wouldn't do dat t' you cher. We'll pick out a nice comfortable one dat goes well wit yer blonde hair an blue eyes." Remy was glad Bobby was starting to pick up on this. He knew that he'd still need some training in this but he could lead the way for him. He looked over at Logan. "Of course Robert needs some teaching in dis area, but no whips or anyt'ing like dat on him. I guess paddles are okay so long as dey used on his ass."

Logan looked up at Remy seriously and nodded. "Understood, and what about you?"

Remy shrugged as he stirred his food around a bit. "Not much I can't handle mon cher. Mais, don't like t' be called whore or anyt'ing like dat. Slut… okay… an de whips are okay too so long as y' don't draw too much blood. Y' gotta keep in mind we still goin t' school an we don't need anyone askin questions we can't or won't answer." Logan nodded in agreement and Bobby's head moved as though he were watching a tennis match as he listened to the conversation between Logan and Remy. He decided that he had been more naive about this orld of intimacy than he originally thought. And, he decided, he was going to let Remy take the lead.

Once dinner was finished, and the basic ground rules set as to what was acceptable and what was off limits, Logan led the two boys upstairs to his master bedroom. They walked inside to see a large king size canopy bed dominating the room. Big enough for company when either of the boys didn't feel like crawling back to their own rooms to sleep. Remy smiled at that.

Logan led them over to a couple of doors leading off to separate rooms. One, Remy surmised, had to be to a master bathroom. The other opened to reveal the playroom. It was impressively stocked with typical furniture Remy would usually see. St. Andrew's Cross, bondage bed and chair, spanking bench, and a sling just to name a few. There were multiple attachment points along the walls and floor that would hold a body in any position thinkable. Remy was impressed as to the thoroughness of coverage. He noticed what looked to be a linins closet set to the back that he knew held the toys.

Logan walked over to the closet and opened it. He told the two to come over. Bobby followed Remy's lead to the closet, trusting his friend to know what was right. They spent a few minutes examining the contents and Remy explaining to Bobby what the things were for and what kind of reaction they would produce.

Logan watched them. "Well go out tomorrow to pick up some things for you two. Collars and cuffs and the like, ones that fit you and match yer personalities."

Remy looked back with a smile, he was glad that he personalized things like this, instead of just buying things in general. "Merci, dat sounds like real fun. It's Saturday an we don't have classes. Be real fun I t'ink." He put his arm around Bobby's waist and pulled him away from the closet. He was sure if he didn't get him away from all the erotic toys that the boy would cum in his pants. "We could make a real day of it, begin t' bond an get t' know each oder. Now if y' 'scuse us, I gotta take care of Bobby. He's bout to shoot in his pants lookin at all dis."

Remy smiled leading Bobby away from the room. "Come on cher, we take care of y' an next time we'll come in prepared, oui?"

Bobby could only nod as he leaned against Remy. "Oui."

Logan chuckled as he watched; he was going to have some real fun with these two. And he be damned if he was going to let them leave him like his last lover had. He had been a fool and drove him away, this time he was going to do things right.