Daily Grind

Daily Grind

Chapter 3

Remy smirked as he lined up his shot and sunk two striped balls at once. "Ah dat's two more fo me Bobby, one more an I'm goin after de 8 ball." Remy stated smugly as he moved around the table to line up his next shot.

"Yeah, yeah, don't get too smug yet Remy. Anything could happen, all I need is a chance to sink my own balls." Bobby said. He blushed furiously once he had figured out what he had just said.

Remy stood up from where he had been lining up the shot. He leaned on his cue stick, "Cher, let's hope y' don't sink dem too far cause I know fo a fact dey somet'in y gona be needing use of sooner or later."

"Shut up and shoot already." Bobby demanded though the flush on his cheeks. He didn't need Remy throwing out such innuendos while playing billiards. They had a bet to settle, the one that won got to play with Logan all night long.

Remy was lining up to shoot his last ball into a pocket when Logan bellowed from out in the kitchen that lunch was ready. The cue ball went haywire, bumping into the 7 ball on its way by, and scratched in the far corner. Remy muttered some colorful Cajun curses under his breath, Bobby couldn't help himself. "What was that Remy?"

"I said its yer turn ya human popsicle." Remy muttered frustrated. He went over to stand and watch Bobby orchestrate his come from behind victory.

Just as Bobby started to lean over Logan came in. "I thought I said lunch was ready."

Bobby stood up and said, matter-of-factly, "Sorry sir, but we'll be there in just a minute. I have to finish beating Remy here. He just scratched on his last ball and I'm not pulling any punches."

They both heard Remy mutter something again, something that sounded like cul which Bobby knew translated to Remy calling him an ass. "What was that Cajun?" Logan asked, he wouldn't hesitate to wash the boy's mouth out with soap literally.

"I said dat we be up in a minute, soon as prince ice pop here finishes dis set." Remy said. He did not relish the taste of soap.

Logan nodded eyeing him knowingly. "Alright, but y'all better hurry it up, or it'll get cold."

Both boys muttered their agreement as Logan turned to leave them. Bobby lined up his shot and sunk three at the same time. Remy ran a hand over his face, mumbling baise under his breath. When Bobby straightened and prompted for what he had just said he looked over "Not'in, jus lets get dis over wit, I'm getting hungry."

Bobby smirked, "Sure thing buddy." He leaned back over and proceeded to sink every solid ball until he came to the 8 ball. He was lining up for the shot when he tripped over one of Remy's shoes and the ball went past the intended target and into a pocket.

Remy laughed, "Damn I knew dose t'ings would come in handy some day." He heard Bobby mumble something about stupid Cajun shoes. He leaned over to his friend. "What was dat cher?"

"Shut up!"

"So, what are your plans today boys?" Logan asked as they sat eating lunch.

Bobby was the first to reply, having gained considerable amount of self confidence since he and Remy arrived to live with Logan almost a week ago. "I have a paper due, so I figured I'd work on that."

Remy nodded, "Oui, I got a review comin up an I gotta finish a painting fo class. I jus found the right subject for it an I've spent a few days sketching it before I settled on the sketch I like. I'm gona spend t'night laying it out an starting on blockin it in."

Logan sat back. "Well seems you two have yer evenings set."

Both boys could hear the hint of sadness in the voice. Looking to each other and then back to Logan Remy spoke up. "We could probably bring our projects down here t' work on maitre. Spend time wit you while we work, I t'ink dat be good, right Bobby?"

Bobby nodded his agreement. "Yeah I can bring down my laptop and work on my paper down here, I mean it shouldn't take me that long to get it finished."

Logan smiled at the two of them. "Y'all don't have to…" He was cut off by both of them breaking in saying how they wouldn't mind sharing everything with him. Bobby even thought it would be cool to have another source of information if he needed advice on his paper.

Remy smiled, "course I gotta hide ma painting from y'all before it's finished. I don' like no one t' see it while it's in progress. It's a superstition of mine."

Logan waived his hand, "Not a problem kid."

When lunch was over both boys retreated to their rooms to set up their respective projects while Logan went out to get a few things. He knew their one week anniversary was coming up and he wanted to make the next night something special for the boys. They had become really good friends and lovers in the week's time and he hoped that something routine as an anniversary would show them that he was willing to be in it for the long haul. Logan had no idea of the golden feral eyes watching his every move as he walked down the street to the store for the items he needed, as he was too lost in thought about Remy and Bobby.

"Don't you think that he should have been back by now Remy?" Bobby asked looking up from his laptop. Remy sat cross legged on the couch with his sketch pad in front of him, working in shading the areas he wanted and erasing marks.

Remy had known about the anniversary coming up and as his project he was making a painting of Logan for a gift to him. He did have a review coming up but he had long finished his painting for the review and was working on the gift from his heart. This was the first time he'd worked so hard on a painting because it was something that showed Logan exactly what he felt.

Remy looked at the clock on the wall and then pulled up his sleeve up to look at his wrist watch. "Rein, it goin on midnight already? Oui, Logan shoulda been back by now cher. Wonder what's keeping him."

Bobby shifted nervously. "I'm getting worried, he may be a mutant like us but that doesn't mean he doesn't have enemies we don't know about." Bobby saved his progress and sat the computer down to the side.

Remy did the same with his work and got up to stretch. "Oui, I agree. Mebbe we should go out an look fo him. I mean, he couldn't have gone too far right?" He was headed upstairs to get his things. Along with his empathy and unusual eyes, his other ability was to excite the molecules of items he held and even the air around him. He picked up the bo staff his father had given him as a gift for turning into a man and stuck it into the back of his pants in his belt. He picked up a couple decks of cards and also stuck them into pockets.

"Do you think your going to need all that Remy?" Bobby asked as he watched his friend pull on his trench coat to conceal his bo staff.

"Ya never know Bobby, ya should be ready wit yer abilities too mon cher." We may run into trouble if a guy like Logan was able t' get nabbed."

Bobby's wide innocent eyes looked at Remy as he walked past him out of his room. Those eyes suddenly changed to that of a boy experienced in defending himself. His hand iced up. "Let's find Logan then, if anyone hurt him… well… They are going to know the meaning of the phrase revenge is a dish best served cold."

Remy looked back at his friend. "Let's hope it don't come t' dat cher, but we gona find Logan an bring him home."

Both boys left the grounds of the estate going in the direction they had seen Logan going in before losing sight of him. Remy had a few ideas as to where he would have been heading. They walked into the adult store down the street that they frequented and asked the sales lady if they'd seen Logan, giving her a proper description of the man.

She looked at the two boys. "Oh yeah, I remember seeing him. He came in and bought a few things. Said they were for a couple friends of his. Then he went out and then I saw this huge guy talking to him. Had to have been a foot and a half taller then him I guess. Well he left with the guy."

"Can y' describe dis guy to me cher." Remy charmed his way into the lady's heart, using his sexy accent, smoldering eyes, and empathic charm. "It mean a lot t' me an ma friend, we been lookin fo him."

"Oh gosh I'm not quite sure. Um… well tall like I said. He had blonde hair and side burns and I remember when I looked at his hands I thought it was really strange to have nails so long. Don't girls usually have long nails?" She looked perplexed at both Remy and Bobby.

Both boys exchanged glances and Remy leaned over kissing the back of the girl's hand. "Merci bocoup cher, it really helped us." They both headed for the exit and Remy turned, "Au revoir cher." He blew her a kiss and followed Bobby out the door; not bothering to look back and make sure the girl swooned because he knew she did.

"We need to find out who this tall blonde guy with claws is; he's got something to do with Logan disappearing on us." Bobby said as they found a bench to set down on.

Remy leaned against a near by lamp post and got out his tobacco to make a cigarette. "Oui, ain't gona be easy t'ough. In a place like Boston, he could be anywhere." Putting the cigarette in his mouth Remy was moving to light it when bobby spoke up.

"There he is…" And sure enough walking down the side walk just across the street was the tall blonde the girl had described. And just as they had figured out, the nails she had described were in fact claws.

Remy yanked the smoke out of his mouth and threw it to the ground. He pulled Bobby up and they started to trail the man, making sure to keep out of sight while they followed him though the winding streets of Boston.

"How do we know this is the guy who was last seen with Logan?" Bobby whispered as they hid behind a parked pick up truck. The tall man was making his way across the street to what looked to be an abandoned warehouse.

"How many tall blondes wit claws do you t'ink reside in de Boston area?" Remy looked over asking. Bobby only shrugged as they watched the man enter the building. "I bet ma lucky deck dat Logan's in dere. He has ta be."

Giving Bobby the signal to be extra quiet they used what ever cover they could and made their way across the street to the warehouse. They made it into the alley to the right and started to search for windows they could try to look though.

Toward the back of the building they saw a light on inside a room with a window at their level. They quietly stalked up to the side of it and Remy knelt under it. He turned to Bobby. "Remember, quiet as a mouse. We can't let dem know we here." Once he got an affirmative from his friend they moved under the window and slowly raised themselves to look in.

Inside the lighted room they saw Logan dangling from chains against a wall. He looked to be unconscious but Remy wasn't sure how. Ideas flew though his head as to it possibly being drugs or he got beaten in the head enough to cause unconsciousness, anything was really possible.

"Fuck." Bobby whispered.

"Ditto." Remy replied as they watched the blonde guy they had been following enter the room. He did not look happy and with that anger having only one focus at the moment both boys knew their lover was in trouble unless they did something.

Remy lowered himself back down to look at Bobby. "We gotta act quick, cause fo now we have de element of surprise but it wont last fo long."

"Maybe attack from both sides?" Bobby added.

"Oui, I'll go round to de oder side an we come in an attack at de opportune moment." They heard shuffling in the room and Remy made the gesture to stay silent. He then used hand signals for Bobby to keep an eye open and be careful. Moving carefully as to not make a noise Remy scooted under the window and made his way around to the other side so they could attack at the same time from two directions.

The man they had been following stuck his head out the window and sniffed. He smirked looking back at Logan. "Well well, ya got a couple mice following ya? Well the more the marrier I say."

Logan was just coming around. "You touch either of them, Creed, and I swear I'll rip your lungs out."

Victor laughed. "Some good that'll do, I'll just heal just like you would. We should invite our guests in."

Logan looked around trying to gauge where his two boys were. He didn't need them coming in and letting Creed ripping them apart. He'd do anything to keep them out of Creed's claws, and he did mean anything.

Looking up he found Remy in the rafters waiting for the right time to strike. Bobby was somewhere to his left, he wasn't sure where but he could smell him. And if he could smell him, so could Creed.

"Here mousy mousy mousy, you should save me the trouble of tracking ya down an just come down here an be my lunch." Creed said as he started to track where the two boys were.

When he thought Creed had just stumbled onto one of the boy's location, the temperature in the room started to drop. Remy buttoned up his trench to keep warm as Bobby lowered the temperature.

Creed looked around. "Huh, nice trick." He stepped into an area of ice that he thought was just building from how cold it was, but when he moved to pick his foot up the ice started to incase his foot. "Hey, what the hell!"

"Remy! Now!" Bobby's voice sounded and Remy flipped off the back of the rafter and landed a foot right square in Creed's face.

Both boys stood there waiting for their opponent to come around. The tall man stood up and smirked. "Got some nice skills there kids, but ya picked the wrong guy to mess with tonight."

The foot print that Remy had put on the side of Creed's face started to dissolve into nothing. Remy shoved Bobby out of the way as his claws came down to tear at them. "He's a healer like Logan! Stay away from him Bobby!"

With a snarl Creed yanked his foot out of the ice, shattering it, and went after Remy first. Remy was faster than Creed but before he could jump out of the way the claws came down on his back.

Remy gasped in pain but redirected it into strength for his use. He flipped his bo staff out and landed it right across Creed's face. Panting, he ran back over to Bobby to protect him. The hit knocked Creed over for a minute but he was soon recovering.

"Remy, Bobby, get the hell out of here." Logan demanded from where he was strung up.

"Non! Not wit out you Logan!" Remy replied as he deflected Creed's attacks. He held up a charged card and the resulting bright explosion blinded the man long enough for Remy and bobby to get away. Bobby ran over to Logan to ice up the shackles. When they were cold and brittle they shattered with ease.

Bobby helped Logan up, the older man still being drowsy from what ever drugs that had been fed into his system. Remy landed five more cards in front of Creed and the resulting explosion threw the large feral out of the way. "Get Logan out of here Bobby! I'll be right behind ya!"

"But Remy!"

Bobby didn't get a chance to protest further. "I said get de hell out of here now!" Remy kept throwing card after card in Creed's path to keep him away from his two lovers.

Bobby looked at Remy one last time before pulling a protesting Logan out of the building. Creed made for the door to go after the two but Remy threw a card at the door way. "Non, it's jus you an me mon ami."

Creed looked up; deciding that taking out one of Logan's lovers would have to be good enough. "Alright, come down here and face me then."

Remy looked around before deciding on a strategy. He started to say the Shepard's Prayer while he placed his hands on the rafter's holding up the roof, followed by three Hail Mary's. With his hands on the support beams he began to charge them with his full power.

"What the hell are you doing kid!? You'll bring the place down around our heads, you'll kill us both!" Creed was desperately looking for a way out as the building began to shake.

Remy looked down with a fire in his eyes. "Dat's de idea M. Chat." Creed started to claw his way out of what use to be the door way when Remy finally let go of the beams; the metal glowed fuchsia red for a moment before blowing and bringing the entire building down on them both.

Outside Bobby had gotten Logan across the street and leaning against one of the cars, intent on going back after Remy, only to see the building crumble before his eyes as he turned. Both looked on in horror as the building which Remy had just been in demolished in on itself.

"No…" Squeaked Bobby's voice. "That… That stubborn son of a bitch…" He punched the side of the truck with his ice fist. "REMY!"