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A tear dropped onto the glass of the picture frame. The smiling Tony Starks stared up at Pepper, unaware that a few days after this photo was taken, he'd be taken right from under the government's noses. The fact made Pepper cry even more.

They had come late at night. Pepper had been enjoying a bottle of Mr.Stark's favorite wine, toasting to her birthday. She was toasting alone in the large Malibu home, a pretty pathetic birthday.

Tony hadn't been far from her thoughts when Jarvis announced someone at the door. Two men were at the door, wearing grim expressions.

"Miss Potts?" one of them had asked. Pepper had simply nodded, noticing the military uniforms the two were wearing.

"We are here to inform you that Mr. Tony Stark is missing. His convoy was bombed in Afghanistan."

"M-Missing?" all had gotten a bit foggy after that. Even now, Pepper couldn't quite remember what had happened after that. One of the men had helped her stay standing, while the other starting talking, something about finding him being their top priority.

But she knew they wouldn't find him anytime soon, if they found him at all. Her first thoughts had been a prayer. She had prayed that he was still alive. Pepper hadn't prayed since she was a kid. She wasn't even sure if there was a God. But she was desperate. She couldn't think of worse possible news to get on her birthday.

Now, as she sat there staring at Tony's picture, Pepper prayed again. It had been a month already. No sign of Tony Stark. People said there was a low chance he was still alive.

Pepper let out a sob as she set the frame and picture down on the table next to her bed. Tony was her friend. He may have been her boss, but he was more than that.

The all familiar shiver crept up her spine once again. The feeling that it as all her fault. That morning, she had practically pushed him out the door. She hadn't even said goodbye. It had just been a normal day, except that it had been her birthday. They had gone through their normal routine. Tony fiddling in the basement, her pestering him on being on time and getting work done, mild flirtation on Tony's part.

But they didn't find him, there'd be no more of that. Funny how you don't appreciate the little things in life until you've lost them.

2 months later-

Pepper answered the phone after Jarvis said it was Rhodey. She had no desire to talk to anyone else. Three months, and still no sign of Tony Stark.

"Miss. Potts here."

"Pepper, we have news."

"News? What news?"

"It's Tony. We've found him. "

Pepper sank to the floor in relief. She began sobbing, tears of joy. Tony. They found Tony.

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