It was our monthly girls' night out

It was our monthly girls' night out. Since were all single, once a month on a Friday we'd go out to 'The Phoenix Lounge' – a bar/club.

"Alice! I am looking to dance, not to stand on a street corner and sell myself!" I yelled at my pixy friend.

"You will wear that dress, or I will find something worse," Alice bristled. Even though she looked like a pixy with her lack of height, spiky black hair and blue eyes, she could be frightening, especially in the name of fashion.

"Bella, what do you have against nice club clothes? You are not going in jeans and a sweater again!" Rose yelled from the bathroom. She was a classic beauty, tall, blond, blue-eyed, the works.

"I can't pull it off like you guys!" I sighed in exasperation. I was plain – brown hair, brown eyes, pale, normal height. I just couldn't pull any of the stuff they did off.

"Yes you can! The only thing holding you back is your self confidence!" Alice pleaded, giving me her irresistible puppy eyes.

"Alice… Fine," I relented, "Only if I can wear flats!"

Next thing you know, we are at the club. You can hear the music thumping from behind the door. With a quick nod to the bouncer – since we've been coming for five years, they know us – we were in.

Alice latched onto mine and Rose's arms and dragged us out to the dance floor. It as tradition that we danced together for the first song, then grabbed a random guy and danced. How it started, I don't know, but it did.

As we danced, my fears left me. I was here to have fun, the only people I'd ever see again from here were Alice and Rose.

The song, having been half done when we got there, was closing. I started to look for my next partner.

I quickly spotted him. He was about 6", with gorgeous bronze hair. He looked fit in his tight shirt. I couldn't see his eyes, but I could assume they were as gorgeous as the rest of him. I flashed a quick glance at my friends, thankful that they weren't looking at him.

The song ended and we walked over to the guy and started to dance. He gave me an odd look, but danced anyway. I fell into the beat and started to get reckless. My moves got slightly more bold and daring. I just let myself go to the beat. Surprisingly enough, he responded to every one of my moves.

I inched my way closer, and his hands snaked around my waist. We danced together, my back to his front. It was incredible, like nothing could ruin this moment. We moved together, his hands on my hips and his body on mine the only thing that mattered.

He suddenly spun me around, and we were facing each other. His vibrant green eyes stared into mine, the only thing I could see.

I was right, his eyes are gorgeous, I thought before my mind was jerked back to the feel of us dancing. It was as if we were the only ones in the room, that no one else mattered. It wasn't like the other times, where I had to remind myself that I would never see him again. No, I wanted to see him again.

The song ended, but we stood there staring into one another's eyes.

"Finally, Edward! I thought that you would never loosen up!" a booming voice came from behind me.

"Emmett, shut the hell up or I will be forced to hurt you," Edward growled. His arms tightened around me, as if he wasn't ready to let me go. I didn't mind, just buried my face in his chest.

"You too Bella," another voice came from behind me. I spun around to come face to face with Rose. "You looked like you were finally having fun out here instead of taking hours to open up." Emmett's arm was draped around Rose.

"We picked cousins?" I asked, shocked. It was strange, I picked a guy and my best friend picked his cousin.

"Weird," Alice inserted, coming at us with a blond guy in tow.

"Don't tell me that Jasper picked the third of your trio of friends. That would be just too cliché."

"Sadly, it is true. The pixy is our dear friend Alice. That's your friend Jasper?" Rose snorted, suppressing a laugh.

"Wow… talk about made-for-TV stories…" Jasper laughed.

"So, since you guys know one another and we girls know one another, why don't we grab a table and get to know each other?" Alice asked.

"Alice, did you just see…" I trailed off. If she saw us all together, in the pairs we'd randomly grabbed, that would just be creepy.

"Yep!" she announced proudly.

"She has premonitions, almost visions. Better get used to seeing us. It is destined!" Rose explained when the boys threw Alice odd looks.

"Yep. And I can only see it once someone decides to do it," Alice chirped. "And I wouldn't do that. If you do I will hurt you."

Emmett pulled a 'Who, me?' face, feigning innocence.

"Come on, let's get a table with our 'destined' boyfriends before I trip and fall, as you know I will," I sighed. My feet were killing me, and besides, I wanted to get to know my supposed future lovers.