A/N: You get a new chapter

A/N: You get a new chapter! Just one quick thing – Bella may be slightly OOC, but, come on. She's twenty-four, and she's been living with Alice and Rose for five years, she's bound to be different. And Edward? He's not over a hundred, he's just twenty-four, same as Bella. He doesn't have the masochist thing going.

Now, I'll shut up so you can read.

Also... SORRY FOR THE NAME MIX UP!! Thanks to elorid'sdragonscrimbit I realized I called the Space Needle the Sky Needle... So sorry...

I walked towards the parking lot, leaving Edward on the grass.

"Hey!" I heard him yell indignantly. He must've gotten up, because I could hear him running at me.

"Yes?" I said innocently.

"Leave me behind, why don't ya?" Edward huffed angrily. (A/N: sorry, but the whole 'don't ya?' thing it a little hard to write. It's kind of like 'don'chya?')

"Yep, because that's what all good tour guides do," I laughed.

We reached the lot and started walking

"Where are we going?" Edward tried again to coax it out of me.

"I said you'll see," I sighed, feigning exasperation.

"Fine," he pouted. He crossed his arms and hunched his shoulders, looking like a put out three year old.

"Fine!" I burst. "I'll give you one hint. It's tall."

"Hm… what's tall around here…" he mumbled to himself. He made it very obvious he didn't know Seattle well – he honestly was confused.

"That's all you get!" I teased.

"I give up," he huffed after a moment.

"Nope. Not telling!" I giggled. "Since it is going to be a bit of a walk, tell me about yourself."

"Fine. I was born and raised in Chicago. My mom is a stay at home mom. My dad is a lawyer – I was named after him. Hm… I love the piano, and baseball. (A/N: Had to put that in… :D) Emmett is like my brother. We always were thrown together – our dads were close brothers. He finally dragged me out here – he's been begging since I started college. He's a year older than me. How about you?" He rambled.

"Hm… I was born in Forks, moved to Arizona when I was two. When I was seven, my dad got into a near fatal accident – he is the police chief in Forks – and my mom realized she still loved him, so we went back to Forks and they remarried. She now teaches kindergarten in Forks Elementary. I told you how I met Rose and Alice, and thus leads us here. I like… classic books and… nothing sports related. I am the resident danger magnet – I know the emergency room people by name. What else do you want to know?"

"Hm… childhood pets?" he asked.

"None. I couldn't keep a plan alive, let alone an animal. You?"

"I had a dog. Her name Altoria. I got her when I was eight. She got hit by a car, though," he said.

"Oh," I said. What else could I say?

"It's alright. She was getting old and arthritic anyways – she really wasn't going to live much longer."

"Where did an eight-year-old get the name Altoria? I would've expected something like Fluffy or some other generic name," I tried to steer the topic to lighter things.

"Well, my mom has a bit of a Latin fascination. She's taught me a fair bit. Altor means protector, but Altor wasn't feminine, so I changed it to Altoria," he tried to shrug it off nonchalantly.

"You knew some Latin? At eight years old? Gosh, I feel dumb," I laughed. "Come on, say something in Latin."

"Ego vobis dilectio," he said, the Latin flowing fluently.

"What does that mean?" I asked. I had always been interested in Latin – it was a beautiful, if not dead, language – but I had no where to learn it.

"You said say something Latin. You never said that you had to know what I said," he smirked.

"Jerk," I mumbled.

"One of my endearing qualities," he laughed.

"Well, were here!" I said, gesturing at the tall building in front of us.

"Where is here?" he asked.

"Honestly! You don't know the Space Needle!" I exclaimed. "You do need show around."

"Hey, I never really wanted to go to Seattle before, so I never really cared before," he explained, putting emphasis of before.

"Well, come on!" I said. I led him through the front doors and into the Needle.

"Sheesh, aren't you just the little ball of energy," he said under his breath.

"Nope, that's Alice, now come on!" I said, tugging on his sleeve.

He followed me. We went up the two flights of stairs – me tripping and being caught by Edward once – and to the elevator. (A/N: Alright, I admit it! In reality, people have waited in hour long lines to go up, but, honestly, this is fiction, so I can take liberties)

"How long will we wait for the elevator?" Edward asked, likely assuming the elevator would take forever due to the height.

"The journey from top to bottom or vice versa is forty-three seconds," the man beside the elevator asked. "Me and another guy who works here timed it one time after closing," he explained after we gave him odd looks. "Really, I know very little about this place, I just make sure there's only ten in the elevator at once."

A second later the elevator opened. We hurried in, going against the current of people who had likely come from SkyCity (Restaurant).

"Have you ever been up here before?" he asked, looking at the interior of the elevator. It looked like a very nicely made up cell – there were no buttons, just an emergency phone and the emergency hatch. (A/N: I actually have no idea what it looks like – that's just the image in my head, so sorry to those who have been there.)

"Nope. It's a tourist thing. Most of the people who live here have never. I just thought that it would be easier and more fun to show you important things in Seattle such as a grocers and stuff this way," I explained.

The elevator chimed open to the observatory. There was a fair bit of people – not too many, seeing as it was still June, but more would come.

"Wow…" Edward said as he looked down on Seattle. It really was cool.

"Now come on! I'm supposed to be showing you the important stuff!" I said. We walked over to the window. "Now, there's your apartment, and there's mine. A few blocks away is the grocery store, and there's a library. That little section of colour is a couple restaurants – Andrew's is the best food ever," I said, pointing at things as I mentioned them.

"Uh hun," Edward said, looking like he was trying to memorize all the routes.

"Edward?" I coaxed.

"Yeah?" he said distractedly. He wasn't paying any attention to me at all. He was trying to memorize where things were still.

"Speak to me."


I sighed – clearly he was too caught up in trying to memorize streets. I hit him upside the head.

"Ow… what was that for?" he whined, rubbing his head.

"You were ignoring your date, so she decided to get back at you." I mock glared at him.

"I promise never to do it again."

We spent the hour or two looking out at the different attractions Seattle had. I pointed out everything I knew, and Edward kept true to his word – he hung off my every word.

A/N: Now for my pathetic excuses. I had a job (which I am now fired from. something about me not 'enjoying myself'... I don't get it either), I also went to a concert (The Trews are AWESOME!), my bike fiasco, so, honestly, I haven't really had time to think up something to do at the Needle. Sorry if it's lacking...