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AN: In this story I have changed a few words to suit my writing style, and story. For example, the word 'rhape' means the same thing as 'rape'. It just looks, and feels less vulgar, and harsh, and might I add more attractive looking. It gives a less derogatory image. It takes the (WARNING ADULT CONTENT!) away from that ugly word… how it is spelled? 'rape' OMG! I am already offended just by looking at that! IT JUST FITS BETTER! Any other things you have questions, or pointers about ((PM me instead of posting them in a review please!))

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Yes I changed the year from 1979 to 1975 to make up the time frame so it can be more believable, and canon to Harry Potter's time frame, so it can also work with my plot, and time frame.


Prologue to Marieanne McKassion

Chapter 1

Escape 'The rhape of Martha.'

England April, 14 1975

Until the night after it all happened, Muggles and Witches, Wizards and Elves, and mundane free folk had kept themselves in solitude and absent secrecy before then. For when the borderline of their realms was broken, all was forced to share in a war of magical rights, and choices: whether they live purely or freely, in or out of their realms; either in the Muggle world, or magical world.

There were many stories of slavery and suffering, even stories that told of death to those who opposed him. Everyone who stood up to him ended up dead.

Martha's story is about a love triangle woven with treachery, and betrayal wherein Martha runs from the one who lust over her. But who could ever love the dictating beast who rules over others with fear? Martha loved another, who was not of the mortal world; a love that was; and still to this day: forever forbidden.

The story begins while the dark forces were growing, and spreading through the lands of Europe. In City's down streets, lanes, avenues, and drives; not a soul was as yet disturbed. But the evil was spreading everywhere, and there was no escaping it!

After the first few moments of sundown, nothing lingered on that partly cloudy, balmy night. That is except for a dog that was awakened by a shadow of a strange object in the sky, passing the hallowed moon. The unidentified flying object passed over the clouds; appearing, and disappearing. At the sight of the flying phantom, the dog began barking hysterically. Neither the owners of the alarmed dog nor their neighbors were awakened, and continued to sleep. Even if they had been, they would not have seen what the dog was so apprehensive about. As the night skies decided not to compare with the brightness of the streetlights that illuminated below; this gave the witch an advantage in stealth. The spirits of the dark skies were in favor of the fearful witch; they veiled her with darkness while she hastened away from something or someone.

The dog was not the only one witnessing this phenomenon. Hidden away in the shadows was an inky black stalker with a grey-cloaked companion. As they watched the midnight flyer, the black being morphed into a glossy furred predator, while its cloaked companion stretched out dark wings, camouflaged in the night. They followed after the witch.

After hours of flying, the witch was weary. Every so often, she checked to make sure she was not being followed. The two stalkers went undetected by her eyes. She landed, unseen, on a foggy harbor; by the ship port. She dashed into an alleyway, hiding herself among cargo crates so as to remain unseen from Muggle eyes. She pulled out her wand to cast a non-verbal shrinking charm upon her trunk, and broom, and then stashed them away in an open tare in her stealth cloak. She took up her wand again and sealed the tare as if nothing had happened to it. Thus she had now completed one of her tasks; the next was to try to board an ocean liner bound for America.

As she moved out of hiding, a large gull dived upon her out of nowhere. The shock sent her staggering back into her hiding place. Directly behind her she heard a growl. As she turned to face the sound, she only saw two expressionless teal eyes, glowing like moons. They stared intensely back at her as if she was prey. The pupils in the eyes dilated and contracted as it looked at her. The rest of the being was covered in shadow. She could not see what the monster looked like. Fear stirred within her.

Without knowing what she was doing, she walked backwards out into the open again. The monster watched her intently without blinking. It breathed hard with a hissing inhale and a growling exhale. The sounds and sight of this shook the nerves in her body. It took in her scent, and heated her neck, and face. The seagull cackled in her ear. Her heart jumped, and she jerked out her wand to defend herself and, as she did the monster's pupils dilated as wide as they could one last time. It opened its mouth, roaring out an unseen energy beam that hit her wand out of her hand, and sent it flying. She wondered what kind of magical creature could have such power. The wand began to fall towards the water's depth over the dock. With a splash it sank beneath the water surface. It was that she realized something.

"You're on a mission to take me back to him!" she shouted. "Well he's not going to have me, no matter what offers, or what threats he makes this time!"

She stood there for a time between the two. No wind stirred, but a feeling clutched at her and she felt an alarming chill. In addition, her senses were telling her more is coming.

She turned around to see if anyone besides the creature, and seagull was around, but, she noticed that the seagull was gone. She turned back and could not see the teal eyes any more. She dared to approach the darkness, and found the monster had vanished as well. As she stood there pondering, the clouds overhead covered all lights from the moon, and stars. The fog got thicker, and the lampposts around her flickered, then went out. She was alone in complete and total darkness. She stood there in the dark stiff with fear. She did not know if she really was alone or not. She closed her eyes, but the darkness was no different than if her eyes were open. There was no sound, yet she was rooted to the spot like an alert rabbit.

Without warning or sound, a hand came out of nowhere. Someone seized her from behind. Her captor's legs were holding her own legs firmly so that she could not kick out. She could not get out more than a muffled sound. She had no time to scream. She was held in his power.

"I got her!" her captor's voice, a male's, shouted. She struggled hard. But, the one who held her was just too much stronger then her.

Just then, there seemed to be an endless reverberation of voices laughing triumphantly all around her. An unseen host had followed in the darkness. The air filled with sounds of cloaks brushing up against crates. The moon finally showed itself, allowing her to see in every shadow the shifty silhouette of the men surrounding her, all of whom were wearing black robes. The robes had hoods with a point at the top, and opened at the face to show macabre masks. They looked like a reaper cult. Like demons slowly crawling out of dark walls, they formed a circle around her. Panic overwhelmed her senses. The man who held her threatened, "If you scream or make one sound it will be your last."

As they randomly appeared; they stepped in, tightening the circle. She was suddenly shoved, and thrown around the circle like a rag doll. 'Martha' they all teased and chanted, for that was her name. The laughing faces blurred from one to the other. Martha could feel the dreadful stinging of her nose, and eyes as they watered with tears of fright. She hated her tears more then ever, hating to give them the satisfaction. They were laughing at her, pushing her, and roughing her up before their master came.

"That's enough," called out a voice.

Away to Martha's left, something glittered in the gloom, and then it all stopped. In the midst of everything came their master. The very man she had hoped to escape. The very man who was the cause of all the evil going around.

"You're not thinking of leaving us so early, just when things around here were getting good."

Martha did not move or speak. For a while there was no answer, unless it was the utter silence more dreadful than the taunting before. The very man from whom she had wanted to get away from was no man a young woman would turn down. Tom Riddle had once been his name; before he adopted the name Voldemort. A creature Martha only knew that came only from the very bowels of Hell itself. He was known to be very handsome, and very well made; from each strand of hair to every shapely feature.

This was the very man who only had the eyes for this woman who had rejected him. His eyes, if they could be called eyes were fixed on her. They were bright red, showing that his tortured mind was bent on, 'must have,' lust for Martha.

Fear welled up in her. The dread was so heavy that the sound of her heart was loud, and clear as stones repeatedly hitting the bottom of a dry well as Martha lay there in the harbor, surrounded, scared, hurt and unable to defend herself.

Voldemort pulled out a phial containing glowing white liquid. He put it up to her lips, and as she drank, she was swept away with a sensation of calm. She was then lifted to her feet by one of the Death Eaters' and was again held under control. Voldemortlicked the traces of her lipstick from the rim of the phial, and hardened with need.

"Do you really think that by running away you will escape what I want from you?" Voldemort asked her, Martha still kept silent. "Is it that hard to accept me? Do I have to take you by force?"

"You tried that already," Martha plainly replied.

"Then I will take you the hard way. It will be a change from all those simpering women, puppets, begging to please me."

Voldemort approached her, and she gave him a good strong kick to the face.

"They don't beg you!" Martha yelled at him. Lucius, the Death Eater who was holding her, got help from two others. "You take their free will away with the Imperius curse!" she finished. They wrestled her down and held her legs, though she put up a good fight. The problem was she was a woman being overpower by three well-built men who were stronger.

"It's the only way you could have a woman," Martha added, her voice dripping with loathing.

Voldemort recovered from the kick to the face, and approached her again. This man, a rival. And a sick admirer of Martha's would stop at nothing to have this woman he wanted. Martha's constant rejections only heightened his determination.

"That-was-cute," he mocked, licking the blood from the corner of his mouth.

It was then that she knew it. That kick was the last rejection he was going to take from her. He wanted her too much now. All the other Death Eaters knew what was going to happen. He was going to have her. He was going to possess her, here and now.

"Imperio!" He cast the curse upon her and Martha was forced to resume a straight position to his liking. Lucius Malfoy, Severus Snape, and Igor Karkaroff immediately let go of her and left her to their master.

He mounted her, and spread her legs wide with his knees. He lifted her skirt, and vanquished all that was in his way of possessing her. The others kept still, and silent as they watched, and learned how he was to have this woman. He hypnotically kept her gaze in his smoldering red ones. He began to touch her. Moreover, he felt the texture of her skin. His body tightened with anticipation as he slid his palm up her calf. He moved up further, to her knee, her thigh, his hand moving higher until he found what he been seeking for ages. He found heat, and wanted readiness.

"Sex is power. Pleasure is a weapon," Voldemort let his minions know.

Martha closed her eyes, hating him, despising him to the pit of her soul. Ire, and trepidation crawled through her as he filled her roughly, and quickly.

The two stalkers, the seagull, and the black predator watched and waited. They were out of sight of the Death Eaters, but themselves able to keep the Death Eaters in sight. They did not attempt to rescue the woman. The predator wanted to wait and think of a strategy, but the seagull could not handle sitting there. Its impatience was delaying the predator's plan, and was potentially putting Martha in more danger. Other seagulls and sea birds were near by and with one call; all would be ready to fight. Then they heard Martha scream.

Martha tried to force herself out of the Imperius curse, and screamed in pain, screaming for help. She attempted to fight off her assailant, but she was under control by Voldemort.

Voldemort The monster he was took Martha's innocence with no shame. He was quite proud of it too. He had gotten what he wanted from her.

An angry mob of out of control seagulls and other sea birds attacked as she screamed, and fought him off. Suddenly, the black predator turning out to be a panther lounged, and tackled Martha's attacker.

Martha got up in spite of the pain, and ran to the ship. As she ran, Lucius caught her by the hair and pulled her head back, exposing her throat, ready to slit it.

"I told you, one sound and it will be your last." He was just about to kill her when a man hooded in a grey cloak grabbed Lucius by his raised arm. He twisted it in a painful way, causing Lucius to release her.

The ship whistled signaling departure. Martha ran for it now, but when she turned the corner to the ship she saw not one ship but many ships, 'Many ships, which one?' Martha stood there for a moment wondering, then saw one that was departing.

The Death Eaters were coming after her. Martha had no choice but to take that one. She ran with all her strength up the rail and jumped, only to feel the sickening rush of empty air. Martha believed with fright that she had missed the ship.