Naruto Uzumaki surveyed the school's grounds, large spacious ovals and a big indoor 50m swimming pool, five main High School blocks for Science, English, Maths, Lote, and Sose

Naruto Uzumaki surveyed the school's grounds, large spacious ovals and a big indoor 50m swimming pool, five main High School blocks for Science, English, Maths, Lote, and Sose. He was just walking up from his car, having gotten his P plates a month ago at his seventeenth birthday and being allowed to drive to school. It was a second hand bomb proof piece of metal, which he used when having to drive to school or work or something. They had suspended his other car along with his inheritance until he was eighteen and officially an adult, before he had to move to Konoha.

He smiled, even knowing that this last year was going to be a long haul for him if he was going to be excommunicated as the school loser. Sure, it was rather different from back at his previous school where he had two exs', and a tight group of friends he hung out with, but he could change all that, they just didn't know him yet! Happy with his conclusion, Naruto grinned and pushed down all his other feelings.

'Just stay away from the Uchiha and you'll be fine, Right?' Naruto thought to himself, trying to keep his smile genuine and walking with a straight back.

Think of the Devil and he shall come to you.

Naruto tried to play it cool as Sasuke Uchiha just finished locking up his Honda Civic Sports car, and walked over to Naruto with a small smirk on his face.

'Deep breaths!' Naruto reminded himself and he turned his head and began to walk away from him and up the path that led from the student's car park to the school.

Sasuke felt a stab of pain as Naruto's eyes hardened and turned away from him and walked away, even though his stupid smile remained on his face.

"Oi! Stupid!" Sasuke called as he tried to act cool and walk slowly up to where Naruto had frozen. Sasuke really, really didn't like being ignored. People didn't have to talk to him, but they were not allowed to ignore him. It was a small pet fear of his ever since Itachi.

Naruto turned to glare at him, "What do you want, Bastard!" He growled, shifting his backpack onto one of his shoulders and started walking again, Sasuke keeping pace with him, "Didn't you do this all yesterday?"

Sasuke's mask came up, neutral glare on his face, "Loser,"

'I didn't do this yesterday. Did I?' Sasuke silently asked himself.

"Prick!" Naruto hissed at him. He wished he would just go away, he didn't want to be here, he didn't want to move, and he didn't want to become the school loser on his first day all because some bastard took a sudden strange dislike to him, and he most definantly didn't want to put up with said bastard all of today as well.

Sasuke glared harder and forced himself not to jerk his head back a little at that one, but a smirk gripped his face as he saw the way Naruto's eyes flashed at him when he was angry. He pushed down the adrenalin that was kicking in as he tilted his head and watched Naruto simmer, eyes looking at him.

"School Dunce," Sasuke announced, trying to keep both his blood and adrenalin down.

Naruto had never been so insulted. No, he was no genius, but he wasn't stupid either!

"Dick! What would you know, huh?" Naruto barked at him, and began to storm off, only to find Sasuke easily keeping place with him.

"Stupid. I can tell, but I'll humour you. What subjects do you do, what grades did you get in your last school?" Sasuke asked, exuding smugness.

Naruto whirled at him, "Bastard! Physics, Chemistry, Applicable Maths, Economics, Accounting and English Literature! You should know! I'm in all your god damned classes! Not that it should matter," Naruto grumbled.

"Hah," Sasuke snorted, rolling his eyes.

"What's that supposed to mean?" Naruto hissed, presuming silence for mockery. "I try my best in all my classes,"

"SASUKE!" The pair turned around to see a girl shouting at Sasuke, waving her hand at him while she ran to catch up, "Wait for me!"

Sasuke bit back a cross between a groan and a growl, not sure which was taking preference, and schooled his face again. "Hn," He replied.

Naruto looked at the girl. She was alright as far as girls at this school went, long muscled legs, short skirt, tight ass, flat stomach and sculpted arms, with pretty funky pink hair and bright green eyes. Naruto wouldn't have minded her if she hadn't opened her mouth.

"Sasuke! You look really nice today! What classes do you have today? Any with me?" Sakura gushed, grabbing Sasuke's arm and walking next to him on his other side.

Sasuke grunted monotonously, and Naruto almost snorted. Wow. Crushing much? But Naruto remembered what he was going to do today and grinned at the girl.

"Hey, I'm Naruto Uzumaki! What's your name?" Naruto asked, smiling.

As soon as Sakura turned, her face distorted into one of contempt, "You're the Loser, Naruto huh? Well, I'm Sakura Haruno, and stay away from me and my Sasuke!" Sakura tossed her hair, and turned her attention back to 'her Sasuke'.

Needless to say, inwardly, Sasuke was fighting a terrible blush and the urge to be eaten up by the ground as Sakura embarrassed him, and was feeling a slight tense of his muscles as Naruto checked out Sakura subtly.

Sasuke pushed Sakura off with him, and growled, "I'm busy,"

That didn't deter Sakura. "He's busy, Naruto, why don't you just leave him alone? He doesn't want to be seen with a loser like you!" Sakura rounded on Naruto green eyes flashing and fist clenched in righteous justice.

Naruto pulled back away from the two and gave them both a grin, "Aw, Sakura's so pretty. I'll keep an eye out for you later!"

Naruto grinned as he strode away from the pair until he was out of Sakura's shouting distance.

Sasuke was fuming. "Go away Sakura," He hissed, turning to her with cold, deadly eyes.

Sakura dropped his arm and stopped. "b-But Sasuke, I-I was just-" Sakura's heart clenched, and her face dropped.

Sasuke didn't bother to look back at the silly girl, and went walking to his locker to prepare for first and second period.

At lunch, that was when the real gossiping happened. Naruto had finished his lunch of pasta and sat inconspicuously in a corner away from all the groups in the Year Twelve Common Room, but still in hearing distance. You needed to find out about things if you wanted to survive school with minimal life long scars.

"Hey, you guys, what are you wearing to the School Social? I don't know what to get…" Ino Yamanaka whined, leaning across the long canteen style table.

Sakura giggled. "The one with Suna? I don't think I'll go, but since Sasuke is going to ask me to it, I'd better be prepared," Sakura tossed her hair and blushed, smiling towards were Sasuke sat with the guys.

Naruto hammered down a grin. A Social with Suna! That would brighten his Friday for sure. Wait until he told his friends about it.

"It's tonight at seven right? And you can bring partners from other schools too, can't you? I want to bring my boyfriend…" Ten Ten smiled, leaning back and thinking about said boy.

"Yeah, but no-one can beat Sasuke, who is going to ask ME to the Social!" Ino emphasised, whilst glaring at Sakura pointedly, resting her head on one arm and giving her a judgemental look.

"YOU! He's going to ask ME, Ino Swine!" Sakura hissed, banging the table with her hands a bit loudly.

Naruto tuned the rest out and quietly ducked out of the raucous room, and made his way to an abandoned part of school, unheeding to dark brown eyes that followed him out a little desperately, and a little disappointed.

He settled down into a comfortable position on the cold, hard floor and picked one on his speed dial.

"O'Hara! What's up?" Naruto greeted enthusiastically over the phone.

"Just hanging, Naruto. How's the new school? Miss Suna already?" O'Hara replied.

"Nah, man, not such smooth sailing. There is such thing as a King Bee here, and he's a bit of a bastard who hates me for no good reason! He is such an Asshole!" Naruto growled.

O'Hara chuckled, "The point? No offence, but if you get started you're hard to stop, and I'm in the middle of my lunch,"

"Sorry," Naruto laughed, "but hey, why didn't you guys give me a call about the Suna and Konoha Social tonight?"

"…Oh, we don't normally go to those kinda things, you should know, Uzumaki"

"Hey, I was gonna invite you so we could kick it. I miss you guys a bit…" Naruto trailed off, "Sides, for us its compulsory, so it'd be funner to have someone else experience my pain. Come on, we could hang out afterwards, if you're game,"

"Hmmm, I'm free, so I'm game, but you'd better make it worth my time," He purred into the phone, "You know how I get worked up sometimes,"

Naruto whispered into the phone grinning, "Only for you, O'Hara. I'll give Gaara a buzz and make sure him and the gang are coming too. Meet me at my house at ten to seven and I'll give you a lift once I find out where it is, okay?"

"Sure, puppy, no problem, we need to see each other a bit more anyway,"

"That's the bell. Meet you at my house, Kyuubi," Naruto said goodbye and hung up before standing and making his way over to his locker while slipping his phone into his pocket as he turned it on vibrate.

"You know that there are no phones allowed at school for a reason, Naruto," A cold voice startled him as he turned around.

Naruto came face to face with Sasuke Uchiha. 'Crap, just there goes the sunshine,' Naruto's thoughts echoed pessimistically.

"Don't tell me you've not got your own in your locker Uchiha, because that's complete bullshit. Its not hurting anybody," Naruto's eyes narrowed as he came to a random realisation.

"Hey, your Japanese aren't you?" Naruto asked, mind off kilter.

Sasuke jerked back a little but kept his face guarded. "So? What could you do about it, Stupid,"

Naruto gave him a confused look. "Man, you really are a bastard. I was going to say that Japanese are pretty and cool, back I take that back after the insult. Later," Naruto waved as he walked past a rather stunned Uchiha.

"Where do you think you're going?" Sasuke called softly once he caught up with him, and quickly pulled his mobile out of his pocket. "I'm going to have to confiscate this, you know, because I am on the Student Council and have to lead you guys by example," Sasuke smirked as he walked off and whipped the phone into his pocket and went off to class with his books under his arm.

"What the hell! Prick!" Naruto called after him, swearing as he realised he was late for class.

It should all make sense to you guys. You know how often in primary school guys would pick on a girl that he had a crush on, when he was too small to realize why he wanted her attention no matter what, and would do anything to keep it. Sasuke really wasn't that different, because he didn't really have all that much social skills in this field, even though he was incredibly smart. All he knew was that Naruto wasn't paying attention to him, that Naruto was trying to ignore him, and that he wanted his attention. Incredibly selfish. He didn't know that Naruto was stressing about how to get his mobile back so that he could text Gaara and get him to come to the Social. He did hear Naruto talking on his mobile convincing someone to go to the Social tonight, and he was going to go to that too. He didn't know that Naruto's phone would vibrate constantly through the last two periods and that Naruto wouldn't pay much attention in class.

Sasuke waited at the student Car Park after school for Naruto and watched the taller blond jog towards him, calling his name. He quickly suppressed a pink blush that easily spread across his pale skin, and tried not to let his heart bruise his chest as he noticed how coarse looking, and salty Naruto's hair looked, and that his arms were long and rather well muscled, something most males would envy if they noticed. Those narrowed hips and broad torso, and the golden skin bared by the slight lifting of the school uniform shirt, or the sinewy legs all tanned and blond hair. It was selfish, but what did one more selfish person in the world matter? Couldn't he just get his attention a little, maybe somehow figure out how to talk to him? Was that all that selfish?

"SASUKE! Could you please give me back my phone!" Naruto pleaded, not even slightly out of breath, despite the length from his locker to the Car Park.

"Hn, whatever," Sasuke covered that panic and quickly pulled the phone out of his pocket, having already copied the boys number.

Naruto took it slowly, and grinned at him as he put it in his pocket and adjusted his bag. "You know, that was pretty nice. Don't worry, I won't tell anyone and ruin your little bad boy image," He replied as Sasuke glared at him a little, "But you should be nicer more, you're less of a prick. Are you going to the Social tonight?"

"Yeah," Sasuke drawled a little, eyes narrowing, "Hn. Why?"

"Oh, I am too. Guess I'll see you there!" Naruto waved as he moved to his car. "See ya, Uchiha!"

Sasuke didn't wave back because he had frozen a little. He shook himself free, and made his way to the Civic sports, and slid inside. Glad for the tinted windows, Sasuke gently pushed his face into his hands, and allowed himself to blush and swear at himself, at people and at the day in general. And in particular to curse for acting like some sort of girl infront of the guy that he liked.

'The guy that I like…' Sasuke tossed the thought around his and whimpered outwardly. 'That makes me gay, doesn't it? I can't remember liking any girls,'

Needless to say Sasuke sat in his car for a long time before being the last to pull out of the Student Car Park, and to make his way home and get ready for the Social.