As Hinata looked out her window she let out a small sigh. It was raining again; the clouds were a dark tint of grey. The rain hit against the window pane and the streets of Konoha were slightly empty except with a few people with umbrellas or running to get to their destination. Hinata pulled herself away from the window and got dressed. She brushed her short black hair and looked at herself in the mirror. There was a small knock at the door; Hinata looked over to see it was Neji. "Lady Tsunade wants to see you, she says you have a mission to do" He said as he walked over to her. Hinata slowly got up and nodded, she walked down the long hallway and to the front door where she had put on her sandals grabbed an umbrella and shut the door. She had then put up the umbrella and strolled in the rain. The nice cool breeze from the rain made her calm as she looked around.

That's when she saw Naruto running towards her. She blushed and called out to him "N-Naruto!" he looked up at her and smiled waving back he quickly got under her umbrella and was breathing heavily "sorry Hinata I didn't bring an umbrella" she giggled "it's alright, so where are you going?" she asked him as they started to walk. "Ummm grandma Tsunade's place" he said as she looked at him. " F-Funny...I was going there too". Naruto gave her a grin and made her blush even more and she looked down. As they slowly reached Tsunade's place Hinata kept glancing over at Naruto. His deep blue eyes were fixed as he looked ahead, his blonde hair waved back and forth from the breeze the rain was giving off. They had reached to Tsunade's door and so Hinata put away her umbrella. Once inside Tsunade looked up from her paper work; Shikamaru was there as well. "Ah Hinata I was excepting you...Naruto what is it this time?" "I wanna look for Sauske grandma Tsunade!" Tsunade let out a deep sigh. "One thing is you don't even know where to look for him and second there is no time for that."

She glanced over at Hinata " Now then the reason I called you here Hinata- " "but Grandma Tsunade!" "Naruto keep quiet!" He squirmed and looked away grumbling. "As I was trying to say Hinata, I want you, Shikamaru and Kiba to go on a mission." Hinata looked up at her and said "Umm lady Tsunade..." Tsunade looked at her questionably "yes?" "Umm Kiba caught the flu yesterday and he's running a high fever so I don't think he can go" Tsunade looked down pondering and then looked over to Naruto. "Fine then if he's sick I guess Naruto can go with you." Shikamaru let out a big sigh "man this is going to be troublesome" he said as he looked over to Naruto whose eyes went wide. "Really?" Naruto said as he turned to Tsunade "I guess so. Now the mission is in the land of waves where some people apparently have sighted Akatski members Itachi and Kisame. Naruto's smile had faded away. "You are to go over there and spy on them, any questions?" Tsunade said as she looked at the three. "Good you will start your mission tomorrow when it's not so damp." Tsunade had then waved them off and got back to her mountain of paper work. Naruto and Shikamaru left for home as soon as they got outside.

Hinata slowly walked out and put back up her umbrella. The rain didn't let up and it seemed to go on forever in a haze. Hinata looked around no one was in sight and it was starting to get dark, Thunder was echoing off into the distance and lightning was snapping at the air. She slowly picked up the pace and arrived at her house. The lights were apparently out as she walked in and saw how dark it was. She called out "is anybody here!" no answer she pulled out a candle and lit it and slowly walked through the hallway.

It gave off an eerie feeling as she slowly arrived at her room. She opened the door and saw a figure in there. The window was wide open as the wind blew harshly and blew out the candle when she looked down at the candle and looked back up the figure was gone. Hinata's heart started to race as she looked around the room. She felt someone breathe on the back of her neck. She quickly turned around to see it was Neji with a candle. "What are you doing?" he asked as she walked around her room looking. "Uhhh nothing..." she said nervously "Umm ok is dinner" Neji said as he handed her a trey with some food on it."You had missed it and so I saved some for you" he said as he slightly smiled. "T-Thank you" Hinata said as she took the trey from him. "Ummm Neji..." She said as she put down the trey on her desk. "Yes?" Neji said as he looked over at her "Did you see anybody going down the hallway?" she asked as she looked around for a candle. "No I did not...why do you ask?" he said questionably. "Well I thought I saw someone but maybe it was my imagination." She said as she lit a candle and went over to her trey. "Hmmm...ok then are you going to be alright in here by yourself?" he asked as he slowly began walking out "Yes I'll be fine, goodnight Neji" Hinata said as she smiled over at him "night..." Neji said as he slowly walked away and soon the light from his candle faded away too.