Weird monologue-ish/poem thing. Don't know what it is. PatSponge slash, I guess.

Pat. Pat. Pat.

The sound of your feet.

And the abbreviation of your name.

Whenever I say it,

I get that weird tingling feeling on my lips.

As if I'd just pulled my them off a frozen pole.

Good thing it wasn't my tongue.

Then I'd have to ask you to warm it up for me.

Would you warm my lips up, though?

I sure wouldn't mind, but what would the others think?

Squidward and Sandy, and Mr. Krabs...

...what would they say?

Sometimes I wish that you were still Patricia.

That idiot travel angent blew your cover.

And least then we could have had a semblance of a relationship.

Yeah, I guess I'm naive, according to just about everyone in the world.

They've hardly scratched the surface, though.

Pat. Pat. Pat.

The sound of your feet.

Your nubby feet that remind me of peglegs.

Patrick walking 'round on peglegs...hilarious!

But I can't laugh too much or I'll lose my--

...wait, nevermind...heh...Squidward was just joking...right?

Sometimes when we sit on top of my pineapple and

watch the sunset, I get this strange feeling.

Not the feeling of eating too many Krabby Patties,

either. Just that some pleasant feeling washes

over me when I'm sitting there, staring at...


It's hard to understand this, but lately,

I've been...God, I'm choking on the word...

getting the proverbial butterflies in my

stomach. Even when a string of drool

is dribbling down your chin, I don't know...

I just feel right. Every thing feels so incredibly


Not that I would expect you to return these

feelings or anything, I just want to tell you.

Because you're my best friend, and well...

I love you. As my best friend and...


Oh, Gosh...this is sooooo strange.

Forget the Krabby Patty that I used

to date, those feelings paled in

comparison to what I'm suffering now.

Is that what this is?