Tomorrow Begins Now

Tomorrow Begins Now

Chapter 1

A New World

Deep inside a cave the man known as Batman is hard at work as he pulls up information on a case he is working on. Suddenly his computer blacks out as error appears on the screen. Bruce try's everything he can to fix this problem, he even restarts the whole thing, but the screen still say's error. Batman then pushes a button on the table and talks into it.

"Alfred, could you come down here a minute." Batman said into the communicator only to find that it was not working.

"What is going on?" Batman thought to himself as wording started appearing on the front screen.

It read: "Hello Gotham's finest crime fighters, I have contacted you because your world is in great jeopardy, everyone will be dead soon! Go to the following 'link' for where your boat will be leaving, you have Twenty Four hours. Oh yes, and don't even think about bringing anyone else. Hope to see you, Batman and Robin. P.S. come suited, you're earths last hope.

"What is this? Looks like something a little kid would have written." Batman said as he tried to track down where the message was sent from.

He found nothing. This bugged him; his super computer usually could trace any thing back to its source. He then looked at the message again and clicked on the link. It gave him directions to what appeared to be the docks of Japan. His computer went back to normal.

"It looks like me and Tim will be taking a little trip." Batman said as he clicked a button on the computer as he sat back.

Suddenly someone appeared on the screen.

"Hey Batman, how may the Teen Titans assist you?"

"Hello Blue Beetle, I want you to give these directions to Robin and have him meet me there tomorrow." Batman replied.

"No problem, I'll give it to him right away, if he's not busy. You know how he gets when he is thinking?" Blue Beetle replied.

"Batman out." He said as he turned off his communicator.

"I don't know who this mystery person is, but I guess we'll find out." Batman said to himself as he headed up stairs and began to prepare a few things for his trip.

"Will you be gone long master Bruce?" Alfred asked.

"I wouldn't count on it, I'd say about a day or so." Bruce replied as he headed down into the Batcave. As he approached his computer Blue Beetle appeared on the screen.

"Batman, Robin is already on his way there, he said he'll wait for you for instructions." Blue Beetle said.

"Good, I'll be on my way shortly." Batman said as Blue Beetle disconnected.

Batman put on his standard gadget's as he walked over and hopped into the Bat plane. He put it on auto pilot as he typed in the address. He then laid back and let his thoughts surface. He slept a little on his journey, only for about six hours. When he got close to the docks he jumped out of the Batplane. No one was in sight, not even Robin. Batman walked forward a little, then he heard a loud sound coming from up in the air, he turned to see a recognizable face.

"Superman, what are you doing here?" Batman asked.

"I could ask you the same thing." Superman replied.

"I was invited along with Robin." Batman said.

"Um, funny I was as well, they said not to bring anyone." Superman said.

"How did they contact you?" Batman asked.

"Low frequency only I could hear." Superman said.

"I wonder if this is some kind of set up." Batman said.

Suddenly they heard a loud noise which was approaching them, and fast. It was none other then the Flash.

"You to?" Superman asked.

"What are you guy's doing hear?" Wally asked.

"It looks like we were all invited." Batman said as someone flew down next to him.

"Wonder Woman, you were invited to?" Flash asked.

"I guess we all were." Batman said.

"It looks that way." Batman said as someone approached him from behind.

"It looks like your all hear, follow me." A man dressed in a black tuxedo, with black hair said.

"What is this all about?" Superman asked.

"You'll know more in time, follow me." He said.

Batman tried to grab him but his hands went through.

"What is he, some kind of hologram?" Flash asked as all of them followed him.

They all walked for about a minute in silence. Then they came to five different large boats. All of the boats were topless and looked raggedy. They were all made out of wood.

"Choose your Destiny." The hologram man said.

"Ah, what now?" Flash asked.

"He means choose a boat." Superman replied.

"How about we split into groups?" Batman suggested.

"Good idea, Batman me and you will go on that one." Superman said as him and Batman went onto the bridge which leads to the boat in the middle.

Without saying anything Wonder Woman went to the first one on the left.

"Great, she had to pick the scariest looking one." Flash said as he slowly slouched on behind her.

Batman and Superman got onto the boat to see many different types of people, and alien looking creatures. Some had shields and swords while others looked more to just having brute strength.

"Now I'm more confused then ever, what is going on?" Superman asked.

"I don't know." Batman replied.

They didn't recognize anyone on the boat as they walked around. Then suddenly Superman felt someone tapping his shoulder, he turned around to see Hal/the Green Lantern.

"You guy's were invited to?" He asked.

"I wonder who else they invited." Batman said.

"I've never seen any of these guy's before." Green Lantern said.

"Nor have we." Superman replied as the three of them walked over to a corner

Suddenly a tall muscular alien creature walked up to Superman.

"You soon die Kal-El." He said with a smirk as he walked off.

A long moment of silence goes by.

"So anyone have at least a 1 clue on what the heck is going on?" Green Lantern asked.

All three of them were now even more confused than ever. Suddenly the hologram man from earlier appeared in the middle of the ship.

"Greetings fellow fighters, we have made our last stop. We will now head to the battle grounds." He said.

"What do you mean, what is going on?" Superman asked.

"A tournament." He said.

"What tournament?" Batman asked.

"You'll know more in time Batman." The hologram man said as he disappeared.

To Be Continued