"Deidara…" A voice called softly, though it gradually increased in volume. "Deidara."

"Hmm…" The blonde groaned as he lazily opened his blue eye. To his surprise, Sasori, half dressed and hovering over him like a hawk over its prey. He took a second glance before flinching at the realization. "Erm… Hello." He greeted awkwardly, trying to sink into the bed out of embarrassment.

The human puppet gazed over him with glassy amber eyes. He blinked blankly at Deidara's reaction before asking, "Did you sleep well?" His voice was same as always, as if nothing had ever happened between them, but perhaps nothing did happen. Deidara let out a low groaning sound as he shifted his gaze to the side. Fleeting thoughts of what might have happened last night crossed his mind and his face grew red. "Deidara-san? What's wrong?" Sasori asked again, putting his face closer to Deidara's.

"N-nothing! I just…Don't feel very well…" Deidara lied, pretending to have a headache and clutched the side of his head, seemingly in pain. The thought of asking Sasori about what really happened last night was too embarrassing for him. If it wasn't bad enough that he woke up with no recollections of the night before, he looked under the blanket to find that he was completely naked. Letting out a fake cough, Deidara looked faint. "Sasori, I think I'm dying. Can you get me a cup of water?"

Staring at Deidara for a few minutes, Sasori contemplated on whether of not he should be concerned. Coming to the conclusion that Deidara was deliberately causing a scene, he sighed and just complied. If he did not, the blond would only persist in his unruly behavior. Leaving the room to fetch Deidara his water, Sasori pondered as to why his partner seemed so distracted and awkward that morning. Returning with the ceramic cup in his hand, Sasori found Deidara up and about, still undressed.

"Ah!" Deidara cried, as if a little girl. "How did you get back so quickly?" He stuttered, the thought of covering himself slipping his mind.

"…Deidara, the sink is in the kitchen. The kitchen is up the hall." Sasori replied, his face going blank from his partner's reaction. "Here's a better question… Why are you running around naked?"

"Un…Because…Because… It makes me feel sexy!" Deidara shouted as he attempted to run out of the room. In his frantic attempt, he ran into Sasori, knocking the cup and Sasori as well as himself out into the hall. The ceramic cup rolling out of his hand, Sasori blinked blankly as he looked up at Deidara who was at this point lying on top of him. "Oh…" Deidara uttered before looking into Sasori's amber eyes. "I… "He started to say before Sasori interrupted.

"The water…" He said in a dull voice. With an out stretched arm, he pointed at the cup that was still rolling down the hall.

Adverting his eye, Deidara watched as the cup finally stopped in the middle of a crossing. Still intently staring at the cup as if it might grow legs and start dancing, he was caught by surprise when Sasori wrapped his arm around him and wrestled him to be on top. "Hey! Wait a minute… This is…well, awkward… All I wanted was a cup of water and maybe a shower."

"Huh?" Blinking blankly down at Deidara, Sasori seemed dumbstruck. "Do you not remember anything, Deidara-san?"

"Remember…anything? Do you mean!?" His heart started to pound. Aw geez, he thought, what actually happened? Swallowing nervously, Deidara shook his head. "What…happened?"

Now it was Sasori's turn to grow red in the face. "Don't you recall the party Pein held for us last night?" Blue eye looking up at Sasori dumbfounded, Deidara shook his head. Letting out a sigh, Sasori turned to look away from him. "You really should not be drinking… Although you did win the drinking contest, you were so drunk out of your mind you kind of…Well…you know…"

"What?! Don't tell me it was with Orochimaru again! Wah!! You do drugs once and it will keep coming back to haunt you! Why does this always happen to me? Aren't I a little old for his taste anyway? Sasori! Why did you let it happen?! I know they're all cool with him now and all, but still! I thought you hated his guts! Why would you let him have his way with me!?" Deidara complained, his eye tearing up.

Clearing his throat, Sasori's face slowly transitioned from a light pink to a deep beet red. "It wasn't…Orochimaru." He said, glancing around, looking guilty and suspicious.

"NO! You mean to tell me that it was--!"

"I know! I'm so sorry! I--"

"Itachi! I am going to kill him! What am I? A replacement for that Sasuke kid?! I don't even look anything like him! I am like…way older and more developed! That little pervert! As if beating the crap out of me and making me join the Akatsuki wasn't bad enough, he had to go and take advantage of me?!" Deidara huffed frantically.

"No, it wasn't Itachi…"

"Then who was it? I am sure that the boss would do something like that… If he did, he would ask EVERYONE to join in. And Zetsu… Nah, he would never do that. Kisame obviously has a thing for Itachi. Kakuzu wouldn't do that even if he was paid… Hidan? No! Ew! The thought of him harbouring such feelings towards me…just no… Konan…is well, a woman… Then who…?" Deidara noted with a straight face.

"It was me! I did it! Actually, you started it! I didn't take advantage of you! It was the other way around! I swear!" The red headed Akatsuki quickly spoke, his arms flailing slightly.

"You? You mean…You and…me… We slept together? Like we did…it?" Deidara asked, his blue eye wide open, making him look a little more crazy than usual.

Awkwardly nodding, Sasori shifted his glance to the side. "We…did…" He blushed again.

A long silence followed Sasori's admittance. Then Deidara opened his mouth to speak. "So…How was it?"

"Hm?! What?! How was what?!" Sasori asked in reply, panicking.

"Me, Sasori… How was I? Did it satisfy you?" The blonde asked, reaching up, he wrapped his arms around the back of Sasori's neck. Drawing him closer, he spoke again, but this time in a soft, seductive whisper. "Did you like it?" He asked, his lips brushing across Sasori's. Seeing Sasori flinch, Deidara smiled. "Well…?"

"…It was…" Sasori started to say, shifting his gaze. "Really pleasant. It was my first time. Deidara? You make really adorable sounds when I am inside of you."

The blonde blushed at the remark. He is starting to wish that he could remember something from the night before. Now that the shock is gone, he realized that it was an experience that he wanted to be awake for. He had actually dreamt about it before.

"It would be my first time too, if I could remember it at all."

"But what about Itachi and Orochimaru? Didn't you guys…you know…"

"…We did but that is ancient history. Sasori, I did not want that." Brushing his hand over Sasori's cheek, Deidara gazed longingly into his eyes before smiling and saying, "Would it be terrible of me to ask you to do it again?"

Blinking blankly, Sasori asked, "Do…what again, exactly?"

Leaning upward to kiss Sasori gently on the lips, Deidara spoke again. "Move inside of me, Sasori. Let's make art."