Code Geass: The Untold Story


30 years ago, there was a war. Despite this country's absolute monarchy, it hadn't had a war with anyone for over 50 years. But when Robert Vi Britannia, the ruler of the Holy Britannian Empire, died, the whole empire went into a state of civil war between his two sons, Robert II and his younger brother Charles. Robert II, who supported a democratic form of government had the people of the empire on his side. Charles on the other hand, supported a more brutal form of the absolute monarchy that Britannia had for centuries, and had the Britannian military on his side. It was a bloody conflict. Then, in the year 1990, saying that Robert II was murdered, Charles took over the throne. A reign of terror began soon after. The E.U, which was under a heavy truce for Roberts I's reign, had once again started fighting. But Britannia, was suffering under economic strife due to its civil war, set its sights on Japan for its succeding economy and its large amounts of Sakuradite resources. Then in 2009, Marianne Vi Britannia, the wife of Charles was murdered by a band of 'terrorists.' The people of Britannia figured that the emporer finally snapped. Finally, on August 10, 2010, with the discovery of sukuradite resources in Japan, Britannia began to invade Japan and the E.U.

This is the story of those who were involved in the war that followed:

A Britannian mercenary who fights for strength.

A Demon Lord who lives for pride.

And a young boy who can read the tide of battle.