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Chapter 1

Love Hurts

Victoria Hepple raced down the dark and bitter street, her trainers pummelling the concrete beneath her feet. She sobbed openly, her tears blurring her vision. She ran on anyway, fish tailing up the street. Although the fish tailing was partly to do with the bottle of cider she had just drank while sitting in the park. If it weren't for the cider she probably wouldn't be crying. If it weren't for her bastard of a boyfriend she definitely wouldn't be crying.

The argument had been petty. She would most certainly realise that in the morning, but the perceptions that most fifteen year olds have when it comes to boys and romance is already warped without having alcohol to add to the irrational, hormone ravaged madness. Her boyfriend had pointed out that Kylie Lawrence had nice eyes. Victoria had gone berserk.

So now here she was, running blindly through the streets at two in the morning, wailing her heart out and not even heading in the right direction to get back home. She hadn't noticed that yet though, and she didn't until she turned off the housing estate and into the fields that ran for miles behind the many streets. Eventually she came to a stop, wheezing and hitching and half sobbing. Wiping her eyes with the back of her hands, she looked around.

She let out a drunken wail when she realised she had stumbled into a field. She looked around, her eyes finally managing to focus on the glow of the streetlights behind her and she began to trek back, whimpering like an upset toddler. Her foot slipped into a pothole and she dropped down onto her knees. With a whining curse, she groggily pushed herself back to her feet, stumbling to regain her balance.

Something growled.

Victoria glanced around, wide eyed. Her vision wasn't exactly reliable at this moment in time, but her ears were perfectly fine. She saw nothing in the surrounding darkness, but she heard another growl. It was low and throaty, and it sounded like it had come from something big.

'Who… who's there?' she stammered, her heart thumping noisily in her ears.

There was rustling in the grass. Victoria began to move quickly towards the street, panic rising in her easily. There was a sharper growl – more like a snarl – and then the unmistakable sound of something big and heavy racing after her. Victoria sprinted, unable to yell, scream or even cry anymore. She ran and ran, despite the fact her legs already felt like they were pumping battery acid. She saw the dilapidated fence separating the field from the street and pushed herself harder. The thing chasing her barked. It sounded further away. Maybe she could actually make it…

She tripped, going head over feet and landing rather spectacularly on her back. Dazed and winded, she lay there, trying to get her breath back. Footsteps padded in the grass around her. She lay still, wishing she would just melt away in the darkness. The thing snarled.

Shining black velvet suddenly blocked her view of the starry sky. Red eyes glared down at her. Huge, yellowed fangs bared. A low rumble sounded in the creatures' broad, muscular chest.

Victoria Hepple opened her mouth, and screamed.