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Summary: This is a long, funny story about how everything began. How all her childish, printed undies underwear became mature, how he got lipstick on his lips, how the woke up the next day beside each other, how they woke up, their bodies all sore and weary, how these series of events brought them closer and eventually made them a you-know-what. (if you do)



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Chapter 1


It was an average, normal Saturday morning in Alice Academy, wherein a cheerful, noisy, bubbly, 17-year old brunette is happily frolicking at the school grounds.

She was very happy today because she could finally get to rest after last week's quarterly exam and she could even go to Central Town if, (yes, there's an if) if a certain raven haired guy will come with her. He is her partner after all and the rules, who were made by a scary disciplinary teacher who always carry a frog on his shoulder, says that you can't go to Central town without being accompanied by your partner.

She continued to skip happily while humming a sweet melody, not even minding if she would bump into someone.


Just as expected by us, and a certain someone, she did bump to a certain person. Well, here she is, rubbing her sore butt.

"Itai! Gomene! I'm so sorry!" she stood up, dusted her mini-shorts, (notice the italicized word) and was now face-to-face with her partner, the almighty Natsume Hyuuga.

"Watch where you're going, Polka dots, or should I say, Pandas." He smirked outwardly as her face became red from anger.

"Hmph! How could you even say that when I'm wearing shorts?! Are you blind or have you acquired a new alice?" she asked with a tone of curiosity.

"No. But it's possible for me to record what you wear everyday." he got out a piece of paper from his right pocket while the brunette's face was printed with different kinds of expressions: anger, confusion, and amazement?

"Monday: polka dots, Tuesday: cherries, Wednesday: floral, Thursday: teddy bears, today, Friday: is pandas, tomorrow, which is Saturday, will be strawberries, my favorite, and Sunday: pandas. You have everything pretty much scheduled. Congratulations to you." his smirk widened then he put the piece of paper back into his pocket.

"You're unbelievable you perverted jerk! Oh yeah, I was looking for you! Will you come with me to Central town, please?"

(A/N: talk about mood swings)

"No way. I don't want to be seen with an idiot like you who has no taste in underwear fashion."

"Oh yeah? Like you even know fashion. But maybe you do because you're a pervert! Especially with ladies' undergarments!"

"Hell, I don't! I'm not that perverted, you know."

"Oh, so you're admitting that you're a pervert?"

"Yeah, maybe I am."

"Ugh, whatever, sexist pig."

"Heh, so wanna bet?"

"As if!"

"Oh! So now you're a chicken?"


"Are you chickening out because of one small bet?"

"I am not!"

"Are you afraid that you're gonna get beaten by a handsome, smart guy like me?"

"You're on! I bet that you can't even but me a new set of underwear because you're afraid that you're gonna ruin your damn pride!"

"Fine. If I win, you'll be my slave for one month."

"That's too harsh! Make it one week."

"Okay, whatever."

"Okay. But if I win, you'll never call me by what underwear I'm wearing! You'll call me Mikan."

"Fine." Natsume said calmly.

"Fine!" Mikan said a little louder. They both turned around, their backs facing each other.

"I'll make sure of it that you'll be my slave." Natsume said icily before walking away.

"Dream on, pervert."

Unknown to them, someone was watching from afar, looking at them with a glint in her eyes.

"Idiots. Childish idiots. But I'm gonna make money with both of you." she laughed wickedly inside her mind. Oh how she love to toy with her best friends life. This story will keep on getting better and better with this blackmailer sneaking up on them.

"I can't believe you. You're her best friend, you should help her, not make her life more miserable." her partner said as he sighed.

"Then what are you doing here just watching your best friend?"

"I have no other choice! You blackmailed me!"

"Whatever. Let's go, I need to come up with plans. And no complaining this time." she glared at the poor animal-lover. He raised both of his hands in defeat.

" Hai hai."

" You say hai once. Sigh really, you have no manners at all."

" Hai." and they continued their way to God-knows-where to make plans.

- After a few hours, inside of Mikan's room -

Mikan had just finished taking a bath. Wrapping herself in a towel, she grinned widely knowing she already won their bet.

Natsume can't get to Central Town if I'm not with him. No Central Town is equal to Natsume as my slave. She laughed evilly inside her mind. Oh how sweet victory is for sweet Mikan here.

She got out of the bathroom wearing only her towel. As she walked towards her closet, she stopped halfway when she saw all her clothing scattered on the carpeted floor.

Oh. My. God.

She quickly went through her closet then looked through all of her scattered outfits when she noticed something missing.

Oh no he didn't!

Her temperature rose as she discovered that all her underwear were gone.



End Chapter 1


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