"Ashley! Ashley! Over here!" A swarm of paparazzi crowd around her as she tries to make her way through them.

"Ashley! Are the rumors true?! Are you retiring already?"

"Say something for the camera!"

The young brunette pauses and smiles for the cameras, "Sorry boys you'll have to wait for the conference to find out," before quickly turning away and heading into the hotel; leaving her body guards to fend them off.

As soon as she walks through the door her personal assistant, Jamie, who has become one of her closest friends since being on the road and her manager, Avery, an ass at times, but is always honest with her, meet up with her.

"Ashley you look absolutely gorgeous, is the skirt new?"

She shakes her head at Jamie, "No. I actually just found it at the bottom of my things… Come to think of it, I'm not even sure if it's mine." She frowns as she tries to remember where she might have bought it from.

Jamie smiles and rolls her eyes at this. "Alright well it's cute none the less."

"Yes darling you look absolutely gorgeous. Are you ready for this?"

Ashley nods, "Yup, let's get this over with." They all turn and head for the designated conference room.

"Jamie did you get a hold of Kyla?"

The young raven haired girl nods, "Yeah, and she said everything is set and she can't wait. The driver will be at the hotel at 6a.m. and your flight is at 8:30a.m., so no partying tonight."

They get to the conference room doors. Both Avery and Jamie grab one handle each, "Ready?"

Ashley straightens her top and plasters a smile on her face before nodding. "Let's do this."

They swing open the doors and immediately cameras are flashing and reporters are getting their recorders ready.

Taking her seat at the table in the front, she smiles and nods to Avery to get everything started.

He clears his throat and fixes his tie, "Alright everybody. I'm sure you're wondering why we all called you here today. And so, with that being said, I'll let Ashley take over from here. Please hold questions until the end."

"Thanks Avery." Ashley smiles and sits up a bit straighter, "I asked you all here to squash some rumors floating around about me. Yes, I am making my fourth c.d. and it is not with my current record label. Instead, I will produce this one on my own back home in L.A. Touring is ending, but I do not know for how long; however the rumor that I am done touring completely is not true. Alright that is all, any questions?"

Immediately people begin shouting out and Avery steps in, "Yes Jack, you first."

"Ashley, does your recent break up with the producer of your last record have any reason for the split with your record label?"

Ashley shakes her head, "Absolutely not. The label has been absolutely great to me, and there are no hard feelings between us. The label and I just want different things and we couldn't come to any sort of agreement. Alex has nothing to do with this, we are still good friends today."

"Ok next question," he eyes the room, "yes, you in the pink."

"Why go back to L.A.?"

"L.A. is home to me, my friends and family are there, and it's where I was inspired first. And after rereading the lame songs I've been coming up with lately I realized it's time to be inspired again."

The reporters chuckle at this. "Ok last question folks… Yes, Harold."

"Ashley, how long will you be staying in L.A.?"

She contemplates her answer, instantly the image of a blonde haired, blue eyed beauty pops into her head; a rush of memories hitting her hard. She shakes her head as if that will erase the image. Remembering why she left L.A. in the first place, she comes up with an answer.

"Not until I get my muse back; so indefinitely."

"Thank you for your time folks, that is all." Ashley stands as Avery announces this and begins to head toward the doors, ignoring the flashing cameras and the questions being tossed at her.

She heads to her limo outside and all three get in, driving away, in route of their hotel.


"Speeencer?! Where are you?" Kyla yells as she comes out of her bedroom, changed into sweats after a long day at work, deciding now would be the best time to tell her before she lost the courage to… again.

She peeks into Spencer's bedroom, but doesn't find her. Not finding her anywhere in the house, she heads out back, knowing she'll find Spencer working away in her studio.

The music blasting from the studio only confirms this. Taking a deep breath, Kyla opens the door, "Ok, you can do this, be a big brave dog."


Nothing. The young blonde continues painting away, lost in her own little world. Kyla watches for a minute, transfixed with the current painting, envious and proud of her best friend's talent.

Snapping out of her daze, she walks over to the I-Pod that is currently blasting James Morrison, and turns it off.

The stopping of the music doesn't even faze Spencer, who swiftly turns towards Kyla and smiles, "Hey, what's up?"

Kyla can't help but smile at Spencer's appearance; numerous splotches of paint covering her clothes and body. As good as she is she still hasn't mastered the art of keeping the paint off herself. "New piece?"

Spencer smiles, setting down her brush and peers at the canvas, "I think so. I'm not sure yet."

"Well sorry to interrupt, but can we chat?"

She nods as she begins washing her hands at the sink, "Yeah, of course. Just give me a sec." She grabs her brushes and throws them into a jug of water sitting on the counter next to the sink. "How was work? Make me any money today?"

Kyla nods, she owns a gallery and in this gallery is some of Spencer's work. "It was slow today, but the one lady, Susanne, you know the one with the funny hats?" Spencer nods as she finishes cleaning up, and Kyla continues on hesitantly, knowing what this will lead to. "Yeah well she bought one of your smaller pieces… she's obsessed with your 'Hands' collection, it's the second one she bought this past month."

Spencer freezes at the sink. Instantly remembering a particular brunette she tried so hard to forget about.

"Spence I don't get your obsession with my hands. They're all calloused and gross from my guitar." Ashley sits perched on a stool, with her guitar in hand, covering her naked torso, as she strums absentmindedly.

Spencer lays on her stomach on Ashley's bed, sketch pad in hand, with a sheet barely covering any of her naked body. "I love your hands. And they're not gross. You're a musician; they're supposed to be like that. Plus, I love what your hands do to me and how they make me feel."

Ashley smiles and continues strumming, "Why am I doing this again?"

"I told you, I need to have some sort of collection for my portfolio to show different art schools." She eyes the drawing, Ashley's lower torso holding the guitar as she strums; the main focus is on her hands.

Whining, she shifts a little, "Right… for when you leave me."

"I'm not leaving you. I told you I'll go wherever you go."

Ashley smiles and nods, "I think my butt as fallen asleep, are you almost done yet?"

Shaking her head, Spencer glances up at her, "It's only been like 25 minutes…"

"Yeah but watching you draw naked is hot, and I'm already naked as well… so I think there are more conducive things we could be doing right now."

Spencer just shakes her head, "I'm almost done, so stay there."

A few more minutes pass and Spencer closes her sketch book. "There done."

Ashley jumps off the stool and walks over to Spencer seductively, quickly straddling her. "Can I see?"

Spencer shakes her head, "It's not finished yet… I just couldn't stand not being able to touch you any longer. You have no idea how sexy you look naked with a guitar."

Ashley smirks and leans down to kiss her.


Spencer snaps back to reality. "Which one?"


Spencer turns around to look at Kyla, "Which one did she buy?"

Kyla takes in Spencer's demeanor quickly, wondering if she can do this. "…The one with the guitar."

Spencer nods and plasters a smile on her face, "Oh. Well… good. So what did you want to talk to me about?"

Taking a deep breath, Kyla leans up against a counter. "Ashley called a few days ago."

"Oh." At this she turns back around and starts cleaning some brushes.

"Yeah, and I guess she's coming back to L.A. to work on a new c.d."

This sparks Spencer's curiosity. She stops her movements again and continues to listen. "Since she doesn't know how long she'll be here for, I told her we had a spare bedroom she could use until she figures everything out… that is if it's ok with you?"

Spencer turns around, locking eyes with Kyla for a second before nodding. "Yeah, no of course, why wouldn't it be?"

"Are you sure? Because I know things ended horribly with you two and you really haven't talked to her much since, so if it's not ok that's totally fine."

"No Kyla, don't be silly. She's your sister, and that was over five years ago. I'm over it." She once again turns around, this time cleaning out her glass water dish. "When is she coming?"

"She arrives tomorrow night."

And glass shatters.