Ann's gone.

Bye Ann.

Look at her below, her dress is all wrinkled. She wouldn't want that. She was always neat.

She didn't like blood either, so dim and bitter.

You were always so perfect, Ann. You were always mom's favorite.

She always called you "My shining star." always bright and dazzling in every way.

But where was I when you had the spotlight?

Who was I when you were "Little Miss Perfect"?

Well you got what you want and you still have it.

Well, you're still perfect, Ann, perfectly dead. Hah.

I shouldn't laugh now. But I hadn't realized that it was so easy. I've never dreamed for it to that easy.

I've been dreaming about it all my life. Wishing about it so much and oh did I feel guilty.

Still, I've never dreamed that it would be so easy.

One push.

One push, down you go.

Look at you down there, so broken. So perfectly broken.

Soon, everyone's coming in. And now, I'm crying.

After all, it is a terrible disaster.

A terrible accident.

I have to go and tell the others.

Bye Ann.

"Mom! Ann's dead! Hurry up! It was all too horrible—but Ann's dead!"