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Bella and Edward raced each other home for a little alone time. Which is a sweet way of saying that they intended to fuck, suck and drink each other so hard that they would need a week in a spa on a secluded island to recover.

Bella stopped short about a half a mile away from her estate, her phone buzzing wildly.

"What the fuck?" Forty two text messages from her sisters. She hit the read button and what she saw absolutely chilled her to her bones. At first, they were frantic and full of doom...but as they went on, the situation was clearly not as dire as they first thought.

Don't come home!

Mass of LeStats surrounding property!

Staying to protect younglings!

Text before you come home!

HaHaHa! They can not breach the walls!

Dang! This kid is killing us in Jenga!

"Oh gods!" She shuddered as another one was coming in:

I'm going to spread your legs and eat your pussy until you scream

"Edward!" She turned and hit him on the arm, knocking his cell to the forest floor.

"What?" He said innocently, a smirk on that beautiful face.

Bella got serious and showed Edward the texts from her sisters. "Fucking hell!" He quietly cursed, pursing his lips in thought. "That kid is the Jenga King!"

"Edward! Be serious!"

"I've got an idea." He said, retrieving his phone. "Let's fight fire with fire, n'es pas?"

"Fire is right," She murmured as a blaze started burning in Bella's crotch.

"What, darling?" Edward said, texting away.

"Hm?, spoke French." She said, looking away shyly.

"Did I now," he said, a smile curling around those beautiful lips.

He scooped her up in his arms, threw her over his back and carried her to a stand of the old, tall trees that he knew oh so well due to a very erotic encounter that day the townspeople descended on her estate to do right by her.

"What about--" She started to protest, but was cut off by those hungry lips of his.

When he broke off the kiss, he stopped for a moment to glare down at her, the promise of a good hard fucking written all over his face. "Female! You will shut up and submit!"

"Submit?" Bella cocked an eyebrow at him, but she couldn't deny that he could ask her to give up a limb to him right now and she would gladly acquiesce if it meant he would be naked doing it.

"Oh, noooo, General Cullen," she said teasingly, the sound of his name on her lips sending chills down to her clit and making his dick throb. "I'm afraid you've mistaken me for some other female." She cooed and started backing up slowly.

"I'm going to rip those leathers off your body and then I'm going to bury my face in your pussy until I'm bathing in your scent." He growled as he stalked her.

She retreated as fast as he advanced until her back hit a tree and then he was all lips, tongue and teeth kissing licking and nipping her face and every inch of skin he revealed as he stripped her of her leathers.

He knelt before her, lifting one of her legs to throw over his shoulder, then he spread her lips with his face, shaking his head back and forth until she was feverishly moaning out his name. She grabbed onto the tree trunk behind her for dear life as her orgasm ripped through her. But before the last shudder left her body, he turned her around and roughly shoved her up against the tree. Edward lifted her leg up, grabbed his hard cock and thrust his hips forward, shoving himself into her as fast, hard and completely as he could. Holding her against the trunk with his chest, his arms holding her arms to the tree trunk, he pounded his cock into her pussy, only moving his hips until she screamed out from the ecstasy and then he pummeled her a dozen times so fast and hard she saw stars. When he came, it was a magnificent release, pouring out of every fiber of his being into her.

After she caught her breath, Bella looked around. "Where is my..." She saw one piece and then another and a hundred more pieces of her once lovely black leather catsuit strewn around them like confetti. "Jesus fucking criminy, Edward! You destroyed my anti Amaranth suit! Well, this is just lovely!" She laughed, gesturing to herself, "Looks like I walk home in my bra and panties!"

"Well, darling," Edward laughed as he started down the path pulling her alongside him, "At least we match."

Bella had to laugh with him. She was wearing her blood red bra with black lace trim and matching panties and, of course, he was still in those too small boxer briefs that left nothing to the imagination whatsoever. She, however, was imagining a lot. Like how the minute they hit the bed, his ass was hers for as long as she wanted. And as they walked along, she slipped her hand down his boxers and grabbed his ass.

"Bella..." he warned.

But she would not be placated. They walked along a little while. Bella slowed down their pace a bit so she she could slide her other hand down the front of his boxers, cupping his balls and squeezing gently. He lengthened in spite of the fact he knew they had to get going. She stroked his cock as they walked along, her hand going up and down his shaft, thickening, lengthening in her hand. She changed hands. Her right going to work on his hard cock, her left slipping down her panties, fingering her pussy. He lead them along while she worked on both of them, his breath nothing but panting, the tip of his cock glistening in the moonlight.

"Bella!" He growled loudly, but before he could move on that promise, she struck, taking him down on the grass, her lips on his cock, her hands gripping his balls. She fucked him with her mouth until he begged her to finish him, but no she wasn't done with him yet. Sitting on him reverse cowgirl style, she ground herself on him mercilessly, slowing down every time he was close. She tortured him sweetly like this for what seemed like a endless time span, then turning around to face him, she hovered over him. Sticking two fingers into her pussy, building up his urgent need for her further, and fucked herself for a moment, not letting him in. Suddenly, she sat down on his throbbing cock, took her pussy moistened fingers and rubbed her clit to the rhythm of her ride until she came on his dick. With a war cry, he grabbed her hips and thrust into her, coming fast and hard.

Edward tried to bring his breathing under control as he looked up as his beautiful mate. "Bella," he whispered, his eyes getting moist. Bella leaned down and kissed her Warrior on the lips and then kissed away a tear that slipped out.

From out of the corner of her eye, she sensed something darting in and out of the greenery. She bent over Edward protectively, trying to blend into the flora and fauna surrounding them. The ground began to tremble slightly at first, then getting heavier until she saw George and Celestia in front of the whole of the fringe element of Forks barreling by them. Celestia saw Bella, still mounted on Edward, and skipped towards them, pulling George along with them.

"Oh hi Bella, hi Edward," Celestia waved.

"Hey Bella!" George waved. "Oh hi Edward! Didn't see you under there!"

"Hi," Bella greeted them, sitting up, still joined to Edward. Edward just waved meekly.

George finger combed his hair and pointed over his shoulder, saying, "Boy, Claudio and Suzann did an awesome job talking to those leech LeStats. They're all following us over here to talk to the leeches trying to get in your place!"


"Yeah, no shit, wow, huh?" George laughed. "So, when you guys are done, why don't you come on and join us?" They all nodded and waved their goodbyes, Celestia's hand going down the back of George's pants.

"Damn, Bella. I think you've started something wonderful here. Imagine if all LeStats became Vegetarians like Claudio and Suzann's family?"

"You'll have to find a new occupation, General." Bella smiled down at her mate. She kissed him and then stood up, his cock, softened and glistening from their love making, lay on his belly.

"Yes, I suppose you're correct." He said, getting up on his elbows to watch her straighten out her underwear.

"Well, I have an opening for a sex slave. You interested in the position?" She smirked, reaching down and helping him to stand.

He rearranged his boxers, and said, "I am interested in any position as long as you're doing it with me," he smiled sweetly. "So yes, I just may be interested in applying for that."

"Well, you'll have to submit yourself for a stringent interview and testing process," she smiled back, taking his hand and walking besides him.

"Oh? And what might that entail?" He said, removing pieces of forest debris from her hair.

"Hm...probably handcuffs and sex toys," She giggled, skipping ahead of him.

Edward growled, watching her ass sway away from him. He gripped his cock over his boxers and followed quickly after.

Scooting up a tall tree, Bella got a good look at the LeStats surrounding her property. About two dozen of them, looking more like a protest group from the sixties, walked in slow circles in front of the gate. A few of them had long hair down past their asses and were even wearing vintage tie dyes and cut offs; one of them was playing acoustic guitar and singing an old song. They were joined by the newly converted LeStats and soon, Claudio, with his dynamic speaking presence and gift for friendly persuasion, had them all convinced that maybe theirs was indeed a superior way to live and especially since it involved the very real possibility that they could once again have hot sex and no bloodlust, they were all on board.

Bella and Edward were stunned to watch them all filing out off their property smiling and adjoining to the dairy down the street to negotiate with the owner to rent a small herd.


"Well," Edward said with a yawn. Bella was comfortably cuddled on Edward's chest and he held her to him as they finally lay on the soft pillows of her bed. "This certainly changes things doesn't it?"

"Maybe," she yawned, falling into a deep, peaceful sleep wrapped in her lover's arms.

Bella woke up to hear an angel singing. It was Edward's sweet voice singing softly. Some kind of lullaby that was soothing and gentle. She opened her eyes to see his beautiful face hovering over her. He was laying in the cradle of her body, between her legs, leaning on his hand, his elbow on the bed next to her hip and he was singing to...her belly?

Bella gasped and sat up quickly, sending the blood rushing to her head, causing an immediate dizzy spell. "Oh fuck!" She cried out, laying down slowly on the pillows. "Edward, what are you doing darling?" she leaned up on her elbows as he continued to sing.

"Look, my Love. Look at our little girl." He said, a tear falling quietly from his eye.


He started singing again and she looked down at the place he was singing to. "When I sing to her, your stomach becomes clear and I can see her."

"WHAT??" She tried to sit up, but Edward put his arm up to stop her.

"Relax for a minute, darling, and look."

Sure enough, miracle upon miracles, when he started singing, her abdomen became transparent enough to see the little girl inside, who floated in her sack of water, eyes closed, rolled up in a, well, a fetal position, sucking her thumb peacefully, not a care in the world.

"You knew, didn't you," Bella said, running her hand through his wild hair. "You knew about her and that's why you didn't go to Italy."

"Yes," he said shyly, unsure of her reaction, kissed her belly.

"But when you saw me and I said nothing. When I didn't acknowledge that I was pregnant. Still you stayed?"

"Yes, of course, I knew you were trying to dismiss me and send me on my way," Edward smiled and then his face beamed. "Bella, come into the bathroom with me."

"Edward, we took three showers last night!"

He laughed, gently pulled her out of bed and into the bathroom where he stood behind her and squared her shoulders. "Look and see, darling."

Bella got a good look. She had light and dark blue spots up the outsides of her thighs, from one hip to the other at the small of her back, up the side of her torso, over her shoulders, up around her neck and along the temples, disappearing into her hairline.

"Oh!" she laughed. "I don't think there's enough cover up in Alice's bag of tricks to do anything about these!"

"And besides that, she called out to me."

Bella frowned, thinking she would decide whether or not he was mad or a genius based on whatever he said next.

"Carlisle said that it is common for the youngling to reach out telepathically to the male." He made the decision to speak about what happens directly after the birth at a later date. No need to disrupt a happy day, he thought.

Bella smiled. "I like the idea that you and she have a secret communion going on."

Talking softly, reciting French poetry, he looked at her in the mirror with such Love, his eyes moist, his smile making her even more enamored of him, if that were possible. She leaned back on his chest. He gently rubbed circles on her belly. They watched their little girl sleep, safe and warm.

To their amazement Bella and Edward discovered that every time Edward was near her, their little girl let her presence be known. Bella walked around the house topless most of the time or in a sports bra, to Edward's obvious by-means-of-a-constant-hardon delight. When they went out, she wore outfits that actually emphasized the spots. Alice designed her clothing with cut outs strategically placed in the fabric or in clear see through vinyl insets. As her belly got bigger, the baby occasionally opened her eyes and would actually smile whenever she saw Edward.

As for other news in and about Forks, Mayor Cheney called an emergency council meeting whose members agreed, unopposed, to letting the LeStats have 100 acres of unused unincorporated county land on the very outskirts of Forks to open up their own blood animal co-op farm filled with cows, goats, llamas, camels and ostriches for their personal use. They farmed part of it for feed crops. They built cabins and houses, traded with the locals for their needs, sold excess crops.

Claudio and Suzann jointly co-chaired the growing co-op and were eventually voted in as Mayor and Mayor of the newly formed city of Little Forks, Washington, with a growing population of 150. To the utter bliss of the residents, by the next Spring, the first of the younglings arrived. Soon schools, a skating rink and a mini-mall were erected. The town became a growing concern, making the little dream of Claudio's of living in harmony with other species a sparkling reality.

Demetri and Felix never returned to Volterra. Instead, they opened up an intimate little Italian eatery called "Cafe Nuova Luna" (New Moon Cafe) in the vacant shop next to Bella's Bookery, and campaigned for the legalization of Vampire Gay Rights.

Jasper and Emmet returned to Alice and Rosalie and commenced on a one year vacation/fuck fest, hiring a couple of the residents of Little Forks to manage things while they were busy.

Little Renesme was born on a mild Spring night in May. And, even though Edward gave his full Blessing to Bella to take off and enjoy herself after the birth, as was the Amaranth way, she instead chose to stick around and let Edward spoil both Mother and Daughter which he did, treating them like the goddesses that they were, the ones that held the keys to his soul. Retirement suited him well. He grew happier every single day with his little family in this once again sleepy little town in the Pacific North West.

And Bella? Well, she still went on Night Patrols, still met Jacob Black and talked over the happy minutia of their lives. Only this time, when they ran into a rogue leech LeStat, instead of staking them, they referred them to the Little Forks Society to Promote Interspecies Harmony to learn a new lifestyle choice. Most took to it right away. After all, to go centuries without an orgasm and then all of a sudden – bam! It's quite a drawing card.


Stripping out of her leathers after a quiet evening out in the field, she stopped in the nursery to check on her little family. Edward was in the rocking chair, head back, snoring softly, "The Little Engine That Could," open on his lap, Renesme fast asleep in her crib.

She walked over, kissed Edward on the forehead and quietly left the room. Stepping into the warm shower spray in her bathroom, she sighed. So happy and she thought, how did a simple Warrior Class Amaranth Vampire get to be so lucky?

Soaping up her breasts with the cucumber melon shower gel, she bit her lip as her touch sent little spikes of electricity making her nipples hard. She cupped her breasts, pinched those taught peaks, rolling them between her fingers. Her hand traveled down her flat stomach, down to her brown curls, letting a finger dip down and run circles around her clit. Sucking in a breath as her most sensitive pleasure center came alive under her fingertip touch, she went further, dipping two fingers into her pussy, continuing to tease her hard clit with her thumb.

Bella knew the exact moment Edward came into the bathroom, his growls growing steady when he caught the scent of her arousal growing louder the closer he came to the shower. Whipping the shower curtain back, he looked at her with an urgent hunger. Still, she continued to pleasure herself, her mouth open, her eyes heavy lidded, her fingers pumping into her faster and faster. He reached into his pajama bottoms and stroked his cock from thick base to glistening tip until he could stand it no longer and had to be inside her.

Bella saw that crazed look of lust gone mad that she loved and just surrendered herself to her General, letting him do to her what she knew had to be done. She was going to be well fucked and she was probably going to be very sore, but she was going to be very happy.


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