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I lay in my bed. It's three in the morning. Tomorrow is either the beginning of something good, or something that could have disastrous effects upon on the rest of my life.

I won't sleep at all tonight. I will lay here and wait. Renee will be asleep soon, and as soon as she is, I'll make my move. My bags are packed, hidden beneath my bed should she come into my room. They've been packed for a month. It's taken a month for me to work up the courage to finally make the move. Tonight I will travel to Forks, to my Dad, and to my step siblings, the blonde haired twits as I lovingly refer to them as.

The floorboards creak. My breathing hitches as I hear Renee moving along the hallways. I close my eyes when I see her shadows underneath my door. I can see the light invading my room when she inches it open. My heart is pounding. She's gonna know… She's gonna know…

But she doesn't. My heart is pounding through my ears, but by some miracle, she hasn't heard it and backs out. Her feet plod back along the hall. I open one eye, the other one follows. Nothing moves.The houselights all flicker out downstairs one by one.

I pull the quilt down, and slowly get out of bed, trying to be quiet. My hand reaches under the bed, pulling the handle of my bag. I cringe as it drags along the floor. Too late now, anyway.

I lean out the window. He is down there, waiting, like he said he would. I bite my lip. I'm going to miss him. Wordlessly, he opens his arms and I drop the bag down. He catches it and effortlessly tosses it over his shoulder before moving closer to the house, ready for me. I fling my leg over, securing my foot between the gaps in the bricks. I wiggle my other leg, releasing it from the window sill, and I shimmy my way down the drain pipe. I'm only about a third of the way down when Jake grabs me around the waist, spinning me around and pressing me against the wall at the bottom.

His hands are beside my ears on the wall, creating a welcome cage around me. His lips trace the outline of my ear, breathing heavily, his teeth grazing the sensitive skin. "Stay with me." His teeth bite down on the flesh of my lobe as I gasp in pleasure.

My fingers link around his belt loops pulling him against me, hard. They float innocently over his hardness and slowly trail over his abdomen, up to his chest and neck, before creating a vice like grip on his chin, bringing it close to my face. "I'll be back. Trust me…" I bring my lips to his in a heated rush as he presses me against the wall. His hands have worked my zipper down halfway before my hand stops his. "Good try. But not this time…"

I push him backwards and he trips over the flowerbed, landing on his back in the grass. I straddle his waist quickly before he realises what happened. " I'll be back. This is far from over…"

I'm off him again not a moment later. You've got to be quick to get the upper hand with this boy. I retrieve my bag from the bush, swing it over my back and jog down the road. Never looking back.

I sleep through the plane trip. I sleep through my cab trip. The driver has to scream in my ear, and he shakes me roughly. I pass him the wad of cash that I took from Renee's dresser. 'Keep the change, man."

I watch him as he drives away, the only car on the street. Finally I turn around to look at the house behind me. Charlie's house. My home. His cruiser wasn't in the driveway, but Rose's shiny new Christmas present was!

I shivered. It was already getting dark. I made my way up the path and knocked.

I could hear laughter from the other side of the door and nearly burst with excitement when I realised it was Rose's. The door opened halfway and it shocked me when I saw some strange guy peer around the edge. I had never seen this guy before and I was confused. Did I not just hear Rose's voice?

I stood there dumbly. His smile drooped as time passed by, his dimples disappearing. I looked a little closer, words still escaping me. His curly hair was standing on end, and he had lipstick stains all around his mouth, and ran all the way over his neck, and under his shirt.

"Uhhh… is Charlie or Rose here? Jasper?" I asked weakly.

He smiled and opened the door a little wider. "Hey Rose! Someone's looking for you…" he called towards the stairs.

She came around the corner and looked at me strangely.

"I'm really hurt! You don't remember your long lost sister?"

"Sister?" Her eyes lit up in recognition a moment before she tackled me in a hug, hurling me towards the verandah railings. "Bella!" she squealed in my ear. "What are you doing here?"

"I'm moving in, roomie!" I said boldly. She laughed before pulling me inside, towards the kitchen, past the towering man who looked at us strangely.

"Oh yeah… Em, this is Bella, my step sister, Bells, this is my boyfriend, Emmett."

We both raised a hand in acknowledgement, feeling equally awkward.

"So. Where's Charlie? And Jasper for that matter?"

" Well Charlie is on holiday for the weekend with mum. They'll come back sometime Monday morning. And Jasper. He's probably with his mates, or some girl. I don't really know… I lost track a while ago." She smiled at me. "Well, since I didn't know you were coming, I already made some plans with Emmy here, but you can join us if you like. We're going to meet up with Jasper at this club in Port Angeles. Interested?"

"For clubbing? Hell yeah! Rock this party, dance everybody…!" At this Rose and I both began gyrating against one another, crumping - our personal long running joke. Emmett looked on in amusement. "When do we leave?"

I sat in the back seat on the trip there. Rose drove, chattering away, Emmett was fiddling with the radio the entire time, but both held each others hands the entire ride. It was sweet. I was really glad for Rose, but I couldn't quell the envious feelings that kept washing over me. I couldn't help but wonder what it would feel like to have that sort of relationship with a person. Sure, Jake and I were… close, but his mere presence was never reassuring. It was just physical, not that I minded, but I had hoped for maybe a little more.

"So, how's your love life been?" her eyes were glaring at me from the rear vision mirror. She had never liked any of my boyfriends.

"Oh yeah. Bit of this and that. Nothing serious." Rose pursed her lips. She wouldn't say what she thought in front of Emmett. It was obvious she didn't believe me, or agree with me.

Emmett, with his arm firmly wrapped around Rose's waist, led us through to a booth on the other side of the dance floor. He slid into the already full booth before I recognised the guy on the end. "Jasper!"

He smiled up at me politely, obviously not remembering me at all. " Have I really changed that much, Jazz?" It was if you could see the wheels turning in his head.

He got up and gave me a hug, before placing me down on the booth between him and some other guy, who winked at me. I looked at him blankly before turning to face Jasper again. "So, Rose said something about a girl." He blushed.

Eventually he nodded, his lips curving into a wide smile. "Alice. She'll be here soon, actually. And I'm sure she'll love to meet you."

"Can't wait, Jazz." He handed me a glass from the pitcher. After three more rounds of beer, I could feel myself losing control. I wasn't the best at holding my drink, I could rarely hold my own. And I hadn't even made it to the dance floor yet!

"Now if you'll excuse me, the music calls!" They all laughed but stayed seated. I proceeded by myself.

I walked out to the dance floor, fighting through the crowds of people. Looking for… something, anything. Or anyone.

Disappointed, I turned around, figuring I could just go to the bar instead, when I stepped on someone's foot with my heel. "Oh! Sorry…"

"No blood, no foul"

I looked up. His eyes were a startling shade of green. My mouth formed a small 'oh' shape.

"Can I buy you a drink?" Smiling, I took his hand and led him confidently through the crowd to the bar.

He leaned over, whispering into the bartenders ear. Moments later, two shots of tequila, salt and a lemon were sitting on the bar. He bent his head slowly towards me, gently grazing my lips before I felt his tongue grazing from the centre of my cleavage to my collarbone, nibbling slightly in the nook between my shoulder and neck. My hands, which were on his shoulders, tightened to keep myself upright. Watching his eyes, I slowly placed the lemon in my mouth, biting down on it, letting some of it drip down my chin. Slowly, he poured the salt on my collarbone, accidentally letting some drop into the low cut material of my shirt. His tongue ravaged my skin, collecting all the grains of salt on my chest before he pulled away, taking his shot, licking the juices on my chin until he took a bite of the lemon.

He obediently pulled away after only a few perfect seconds. "I believe it's my turn." His eyebrow cocked. An excited grin covered his face. Grabbing the shot, the lemon, and the salt, I walked over to the nearest empty seat, which happened to have people seated at the rest of them, with only one vacant. Ignoring them I pushed him down on the seat, straddling myself over him.

One by one, I unbuttoned his shirt, allowing my hands to wander over his hard and sculpted body. Starting at his lower abdomen, I licked, sucked, nibbled and bit my way over his chest, letting his nipple roll around between my tongue. I placed on lingering kiss on his adam's apple. I poured the salt over his skin, taking as long as I could draw it out to lap it all up. He eventually handed me the shot, the lemon already in place. I took it, and wasted no time into biting into the lemon. But the lemon was getting in the way… I roughly threw it onto the ground before melding my lips to his.

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