Of Cherry Tomatoes and Carrots

Disclaimer: No I don't own Law and Order: CI - if I did I would be a man called Dick Wolf...and I can assure you right here that I am not a man called Dick Wolf.

Summary: "Want some cherry tomatoes?" A young Mike Logan meets a young Carolyn Barek for the first time.

Authors Note: This was inspired by the episode 'Diamond Dogs'...enjoy! Oh and this hasn't been beta'd yet...sorry...

He wasn't supposed to cry.

He was supposed to suck it up, put his game face on, and be a man. And yet for once Mikey Logan didn't give a damn about what he was supposed to do. Screw what anyone thought...hell screw what his mom thought...he could do whatever he damn well pleased.

Tears welled up in his eyes as his arms wrapped around his knees; shaking slightly in the crisp autumn breeze that ruffled his hair. He was supposed to be at school but after yesterday's questions on how he got those bruises from in Gym he thought it would be healthy to skip. Besides who really did believe that he had fallen down a set of stairs?

"You okay?"

He looked up and wiped his eyes to see a young girl standing curiously beside him. She wore her long curly brown hair in pigtails and her face was flushed red (probably from the playground). He wondered how she had noticed him, after all he had picked a pretty good hiding spot.

"Want some cherry tomatoes?" asked the girl when he didn't answer. She held out a few bright red tomatoes and then continued proudly, "I grew them in my garden..."

Her voice trailed off when he still didn't answer.

"Why are you sad?"

He stared moodily at her and said sharply, "What's your name?"

"Carolyn!" she smiled, "What's yours?"

He had every intention to tell her to bugger off there and then, but something about her cheery demeanour was infectious and he found himself replying softly, "Mikey..."

"Mikey is a funny name," she giggled, and he glared. She slipped onto the dirt beside him and looked at him thoughtfully, "you look more like a Mike!" she declared.

He narrowed his eyes, "Yeah well...ummm...you look more like a Carrot!"

Oh yeah, great come back there...

"That's mean! I'm not a carrot!" cried out Carolyn, pouting slightly.

"Yeah whatever Caro –" at her death glare, he held up his hands in defeat, "Caro..."

Besides it wasn't much fun bullying a five year old.

"So, do you want some tomatoes?" repeated Carolyn. She popped one in her mouth promptly.

He shook his head and started to say, "I –"

"Carolyn! Carolyn!" suddenly called a woman's voice, which trailed off into an unfamiliar language

He frowned and peering through the bushes to see a tall woman with long brown locks hurrying around the playground searching for her daughter.

Carolyn sighed and clambered to her feet, "That's my mommy...I got to go..." she smiled and dropped a tomato on his lap and then ran off, yelling "Bye Mike!" behind her shoulder.

Mike Logan watched the strange girl and then shook himself mentally. Popping the tomato in his mouth, he mumbled, "Bye...Caro..."