Buffy the Vampire Slayer

B ehind the wide smile lies a slayer's soul

U nder the guise of a girl quite normal

F erocities come upon her from all sides

F inishes them off while cracking asides

Y ear after year brings more villains her way

T hat Buffy and her friends must continually slay

H er number of kills would make quite a list

E ven as they do the work, they wish it didn't exist.

V iolence is ever present, for from the mouth of hell

A re vampires and demons, and evil humans as well

M ayor, the First, Spike and Dru

P urely manmade Adam, Dark Willow and Glory too.

I nfestations of wickedness also attack the good

R endering them different than being who they should

E verything in Sunnydale is quite complicated

S layers, Watchers, witches, keys- their existences all fated

L ooking to each other for purpose and support

A ll of Buffy's friends help her hold up the fort.

Y oung they are, but experience they possess

E vil-fighting and adolescence produce a lot of stress.

R uling evil together- and winning.