Samantha moves Whipstaff mansion with her uncle, grandparents and several older siblings. She makes good friends with the ghosts, but will they be willing to help her find her family when they go missing? Does Sam even want them back?


The thing about curses

(Chap 1: The family of the cursed) (Sam's P.O.V)

I sat a the back of the mobile home quietly. Every one else were making a racket, my uncle was shouting to stop my grandparents backseat driving, The oldest brother (and the oldest of us all), Joey, was trying to calm everyone else down in vain. The twins gave everyone some dodgy pop, and everyone else were running up the walls. I'm surprised we haven't crashed yet. Ever since Grandma got cursed by a gypsy, the whole family has been cursed, one of them is disappearing and coming back as ghosts. I whish that would happen to me.

We were moving to Whipstaff Mansion that our great grandmother, Kat, left us. My mum and dad were dead. This was the year 2999, world war III. This old house was the perfect place to hide. Away from the battlefield.

They went back to the way they fought world war II because otherwise the world would be destroyed because of use of nuclear bombs. So instead of using modern technology they used things like normal bombs and guns, like what we see on old-fashioned PS2 games.

Finally we arrived. The house was huge, and I mean HUGE. It was like something out of those haunted house movies. Some of the windows were smashed, some of the wooden porch was ether breaking or rotting.

My grandmother shown me to my room and left. It was midnight and we had just moved from London, England all the way over here. Unlike my siblings I didn't go to school. I already had a job… well sort of. I have been promised to a special drama company, three times a week my tutor will come to teach me more drama skills and how to sing. When I'm old enough I'll have no choice, I'll have to work as an actress, but I'll still get paid quite a lot of money for the job, (Hey! It is the late 21st centaury). Although I was really good, my family always thought low of me, well… all besides Joey.

I looked around my room. The place was a mess. Beside my bed were three names written on the wall, Fatso, Stinky and Stretch. I lent forward to see what this was made of, the stuff was wet and glowing. Something tapped me on the back, I looked behind me. Three ghosts yelled at the top of their voices, pulling scary faces.

"Holy SHIT! You trying to kill me? You nearly scared me to death!"

"Oh, I think we scared the panties of the widdle girly." Said the tallest one, his head was shaped like a trainer.

"Don't. Call. Me. GIRLY!" I yelled.

"Hey. How come you aint so scared?" said the smallest, his head looked a deflected balloon, his breath stunk of rotten fish.

"It was the sudden scream that surprised me. I don't see why I should be so scared of a bunch of people with unfinished buses. You might be able to hurt me, but judging from the way you three are behaving I'd say your just some jokers."

"How can you tell? Did I mention that I like shrimp?" said the biggest one, referring to my height. The only thing that would describe him was, hot-air-balloon.

"You would have hurt me sooner if that was the case, unless your trying to kill me with his bad breath." I said, Pointing at the one with the deflated head.

"Hey! There's no need for this. Maybe we just got off on the wrong foot. Our apologies. I'm Stretch." He held out his hand then took it right back, knowing his hand would go right threw mine.

"Let me guess. Stinky." He nodded. "and Fatso?"

"Yes." came the reply.

"So what you doin' in our room?"

"My grandparents are making me use this as my room."


"Don't worry, it's not like I'm goanna be staying here for long. Knowing my family they'll kick me out and I'll be off to a foster home."

"That's not fair." said a new voice… I knew that voice… I seen him last time I came here, when I was 5.


"Sam? Hey, you ok?"

"I'm kk. You?"


"Hold up. How come ya know Casper?"

"We've met when I last came here. I was 5. Back when my great grandmother Kat lived here…"

"Oh, I remember Kat. Nice girl, just like her mom." Stretch continued.

"Yea… We met in the…" My eyes wandered to a Ouij board on the coffie table. The pointer had mowed. "What is that?"

"That's just an old spirit board. Why, what happened?"

"The pointer moved."

We all gathered around the board.

"Y O U M U S T G O S O M E W H E R E T H A T H A S A T I C K B E S I D E S A C L O C K" the board spelt.

"Shat does that mean?" asked Stinky.

"You must go somewhere that has a tick besides a clock."


"Don't you four get it?"

"No." they all said, looking at the floor.

"A tick. Meaning attic."

"The attic? That's such a spooky place, not even we go thair. What were you doin here as 5 years old anyway?"

"I got locked in by the twins, and that's not the point, we have to go up there."

"I don't think so kiddo… what was your name."


"Ok, Sammy."

"Oh! Whatever. Come on. Surely you aren't scared of an old attic."

"We aint scared of nothin."

We turned back to my bed. Instead of the names of the guys there was something written in (what I hoped it would be) red paint. Written were the words; Go in two days, midnight.

"Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooook. Were goanna find another room to bunk in. Have a nice sleep." The three oldest ghosts said good night and disappeared, there laughs echoing round until it faded.

"Well, good night." Casper waved and left through the keyhole with a slurp.

I knew that this was goanna be weird.