Okay, so this is a one shot! I know I should be typing chapters, but I had no inspiration! So...yeah... anyway, pleasse enjoy! (It's about how Sasuke feels about Naruto and if he should have left the village.)

Sasuke looked through the place where his window would have been, if he had one. He was at Orochimaru's hide out. 'What if...' Sasuke's head thrashed from side to side, but he couldn't keep himself from thinking the rest of his thought, 'What if...I never would have left?' Sasuke often pondered over this. He even made a list.

1. He would have the love of his life.

2. He wouldn't have to be the snake's next body.

3. He would have his best friend back.

4. He would no longer be a missing nin.

5. He would have swarms of fangirls.

6. He would never kill his brother.

7. He would have to replay the images of the genoside that occured that horrid night

8. He would never have the strenght to kill his brother.

9. He would have friends.

10. He wouldn't have to eat the mush that Orochimaru calls, "Health food"

Sasuke knew he should never have left. In fact, Sasuke didn't know if Naruto was still alive. He just wanted a sign... If he could get that sign, he wold return to the village. Sasuke looked at the roof. 'Anything to ecape this hell hole.' He thought.

Years later Sasuke had killed Orochimaru, conducted a team to kill his brother, and was on his way. He was thinking about that night he made the list. He would do anything for his sign, anything. Sasuke lept through the trees and contenued the thought. Then, out of nowhere, a shadow clone appeared. Or should I say, Sasuke's sign? It was one of Naruto's shadow clones. There was Sasuke's sign.

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