Hi people! thanks for reading this. its my first fan fiction so it might not be all that good.


disclaimer: sadly, I own nothing but copies of Twilight New Moon and Eclipse. Stephanie Meyer

owns everything in the books.


Carlisle pov:

I was at work late because of a meeting. I knew everything that was going to be said. (advantage of a daughter who can see the future )

"and in conclusion"

yes! the meetings is almost over! I think to myself. just then, my cell phone rings.

everyone turns to look at me.

"I am so sorry," I look at the called ID, Emmett. "It's just Emmett I'll silence it."

"oh no! don't silence it!" calls one person in the meeting

"he is so funny!"

"put it on speaker!"

why oh why dose it have to be MY son who is the celebrity at the hospital. and why is he calling me when I am at work? oh no, this can not be good.

so I put it on speaker.


Emmett starts his act.

"Hi daddy!!"

the office full of people (now even more people, who heard Emmett's voice and came in to join the party) laugh.

"Hi office!"

all the people respond. "Hi Emmett!"

"Emmett, what do you need, we're in a meeting."

"oh ok daddy-o!"

"Emmett. what is it that you need?"

"oh a little cranky are we know carli?"

everyone laughs. I sigh.

"ok, I'll tell cranky little carli now! well…."

"Emmett, please."

what he said next was all together in the fastest human voice he could.


I was sitting there with my elbows on the table, rubbing my forehead when I heard someone the director of the meeting say

"thank you Dr. Cullen! its always nice when everyone can leave a meeting happy." he glances over to me. "well, most happy." and leaves the room.

I think I am going to do one short story like this for every family member if people like it.