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Esmes POV:

Carlisle and I walked to the house, bags hand after a quick trip to the store. Besides the garage, Rosalie was washing the Volvo. (apparently, she didn't wash it enough times before the wedding so Edward was making her wash it now)

"Wow, Rosalie doing something for others and us without a camera." Carlisle mumbled. Then Rosalie growled at him. "Yeah I know." he said waving his hand at Rose as we walked into the house. Well, tried to walk into the house. We were stopped by a crazy, hyper half vampire half human child.

"Grandma PaPa Grandma PaPa!" she chanted jumping up and down. "Uncle Emmett found the candy momma and daddy had! Want some?" she was so cute! She reached into her pants pockets and pulled out of gumdrops.

"No thank you Nessie. Why don't you go run around the house a few dozen times." Carlisle suggested. He always finds a way to calm her down with some type of a challenge.

"Okay PaPa!" and she's off! Now we walk into the house.

We pasted theliving room, where Alice was watching 'that's so raven'

"You would think they would have figured the password out by now." Carlisle said when we entered the kitchen.

In the kitchen, a chair was propping the refrigerator door open, so the song 'Clumsy' played out loud as Edward and Bella danced together.

"Hey you guys. Parents in the room!" I said to get there attention. Edward pulled the chair out and put it back where it belongs.

"Sorry mom." Edward said his arm around Bella's waist.

"We would have just gotten a CD with the song on it, but the CD player is broken from the bologna disks." Bella said

"That's ok you two. No harm done." I said. Then Carlisle and I had to jump out of the way of Emmett and Jasper running past us.

"Hold up." Carlisle says grabbing both there collars on there shirts. "What's going on now?"

"Emmett has been singing that blood song all day!" Jasper growled.

"I'm just trying to help him with his temper problem!" Emmett said. Then Jasper took a vicious step at Emmett.

"Take it outside. You can try to kill each other in the back yard." Carlisle said after thinking for a bit. When he turned back to me, my hands we tied in my hair. "What's wrong honey?" he asked.

"We run a nut house! We have bologna in CD players, a television that only plays 'that's so raven', a refrigerator that plays songs, people washing others cars, a little girl running around the outside of the house, and two boys in the back yard about to kill each other!" Carlisle walked behind me, rapped his hands around my waist and rested his chin on the top of my head.

"Oh, honey. You just now realizing what we are up agents with all these freaks?"

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