Family Love

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" Hey." Talking.

" Hey." Thinking.

" Hey." Demon talking.

This is about what would happen if the Fourth Hokage lived through the battle of the Kyuubi. The story starts after the war Leaf Village and the Stone Village.

A man called Minato Namikaze was siting on a log at one of the war camps that the Leaf Village had. They just got word that the Third Great Ninja War was over. He was very happy about that. He always hated wars. Then he heard foot steps coming from behind him. He turned and saw one of his old students Rin.

" Sensei, are you OK?" She asked.

" I'm fine." He said with a smile.

Rin gave off a smile of her own. " I need to heal a couple more people. I was wondering if you could get some water in a river or something?"

" Sure, I be right back." He said. As he left to get water he felt like he was being watch. He narrowed his eyes." Come out now. I know you there."

In a big puff of smoke out came a man with long right hair. " I'm the great Toad Sage Jiraiya!" He yelled in a goofy stance.

Minato just sigh at that. Then had a smile." It had been a while Jiraiya-sensei."

" Hahaha. It has been about five months. I'm glad that the war is over." Said Jiraiya.

" Your not the only one. I'm glad it is over to." Said Minato.

" Well, I have bad news and good news. What would you like to hear first?" Asked Jiraiya.

" I guess the bad news frist." Answered Minato. He really did not like bad news.

" You remember those three kids I told you that I trained?" Questioned Jiraiya.

" What about them?" Asked Minato.

" I've heard that all three of them have died." Said a sad Jiraiya.

Minato was shocked to hear that. " I'm sorry to hear that Jiraiya-sensei. I knew that you had hopes for them."

Jiraiya shook his head. " I had high hopes for them. Maybe I should have taken them back to the Leaf Village."

Minato started to laugh. " From what you told me of them. They wanted to change the Rain Village for the better."

Jiraiya laughed at that. " Your right. It's in the past."

" So tell me about the good news that you have." Minato said.

Jiraiya smiled. " Well, the only people left to be considered to be Hokage is Orochimaru and You."

" Really? So they decided Fugaku Uchiha is not good choice for Hokage?" Asked Minato.

" To be honest I don't think Orochimaru will get the position. He has been acting weird lately." Stated Jiraiya.

Minato had a serious look on his face. " I know, something not right with him. Just be careful Jiraiya-sensei."

" Well, if we are being honest I must say that your the strongest ninja. Even stronger than me. It was a honor to be your sensei." Said Jiraiya.

" Thanks Jiraiya-sensei. Well, I better get this water to Rin before she comes to look for me." Said a laughing Minato.

" Sorry I held you up. I'm heading to the village now." Said Jiraiya as he left.

Minato walked back to camp and handed the water to Rin. He waited for three hours for everyone to start packing to leave.

" Sensei?"

" Whats up Kakashi?" Asked Minato

" Everyone is ready to go." Stated Kakashi.

" Everyone, lets head home!" Yelled Minato. Everybody started to cheer.

Minato arrived at the Leaf Village and was ordered to meet with the Hokage. He walked through the door to the Hokage's office and saw Sarutobi sitting at his desk smoking his pipe like always.

" Welcome back Minato." Said Sarutobi with a smile.

" It's nice to see you Lord Hokage." Said Minato.

" It's nice to be seen Yellow Flash." Said Sarutobi.

Mintao just laughed. " Everyone one has been calling me that ever since the war started between the Leaf Village and The Stone Village."

" Well, It would seem almost everyone gets nick names in their life. Anyway, the reason why I called you was that we recently found out that the Whirlpool country was destroyed." Stated Sarutobi.

Mintao widen his eyes. He knew a lot of people that are from Whirlpool. He took the Chunin Exams there.

" We only know of one survival." Said Sarutobi.

" Who is it?" Asked Mintao.

" Kushina Uzumaki." Said Sarutobi.

Mintao was glad it was her. He really did like her, even though she was crazy sometimes. They did have a thing back then , but they both called it off because they were both Ninjas from different Villages.


Mintao was about to leave with his team Kakashi, Rin , and Obito.

" Hey blondie!" Someone yelled behide him.

Mintao turned around and saw the most beautiful women he has ever meet. " Kushina, what can I do for you? My team and I are about to leave."

" I know. Could I talk to you alone?" Asked Kushina.

Mintao could hear how serious she sounded. " OK. Guys go on a head, I catch up with you."

" Yes Sensei." Said his team as they walked away.

They stared at each other for a while before Mintao spoke. " So Kushina, what do you want to talk about?" He asked as he look at her in a loving way.

Kushina gave him a glare. " Don't look at me like that dammit!"

Mintao raise a eyebrow." What look?"

" That look. That you love me. You can not look at me like that. We are ninja. We both have our dreams to work on." She stated.

He knew that she was right. They lived far away from each other. He felt he could not leave the Life Village. He love the Leaf Village so much , but he also love Kushina.

She could tell he was sad. " Mintao."

He looked up surprised that she called him by name.

" Your dream is to be Hokage. I think you can do it. My dream is to be the strongest kounoichi in the world." She said.

He smiled. " I know that you dream will come true to."

She smiled and then point her finger at him. " I also have a new dream. That is to defeat the greatest ninja of all time in a fight and that's you. I will defeat you. Believe it!"

He just sweet drop at that. " She sure has a way with words."He thought. " Well, I'm off Kushina. Take care." He said as he started to walk away.

" Blondie."

He turned around to look at her.

" I heard that the Leaf Village and the Stone Village are going to war. Is that true?" She asked.

" Yes, that's why they called me back early. There probably going to put me in the front line." He said.

" Well, be careful and don't die on me." She said with a small smile.

He gave her a big smile." Hey don't worry about me. I be fine."


" Is she OK?" Asked Minato.

" Yes, she is really sad right now. Although she acts tough." Said Sarutobi.

Minato just smiled. " Well, that's what Uzumakis do."

" So it would seem." Said Sarutobi.

Minato then put on a serious look on. " Any idea who did this?"

" Well, from what Kushina says. A lot of puppets attack her village." Stated Sarutobi.

" The only village that uses puppets are the Sand Village." Stated Minato.

" I don't think it was them. Kushina said all she saw was puppets. There was no one else and also she saw no Sand ninjas." Explained Sarutobi.

" Well, we need to look in to this." Mintao said.

" We will, but first Kushina needs a place to stay. I for one don't think that she needs to be alone. So your going to be her escort and she we be living with you." Said Sarutobi.

" How come you want her to stay with me?" Asked Minato.

" Well, you have a big place and plenty of room. She is also familiar with you. Plus, I was hoping you could talk her in to being a Leaf ninja." Answered Sarutobi.

Mintao had a big smile on his face. " That's fine with me. So where is she?"

" She is at the park being guided by Ino-Shika-Cho until you get there that is." Said Sarutobi.

" Very well Lord Hokage." Said Minato as he left the room.

Shikaku, Inoichi , and Chouza were having a little picnic. They were eating chips, drinking, and playing cards. Kushina was in no mood to eat or have fun. She refused to think she was weak. Then she yelled at the others.

" Alright you three. I going to fight all three of you at the same time. Believe it!" She yelled.

They looked up at her with surprised looks on their faces.

" Fighting you will be to troublesome." Shikaku said.

" Just calm down and get something to eat." Said Chouza.

She gave them a death glare." Well, then you two are lazy. Fine then. Your going to fight me Inoichi."

" I hope Minato comes very soon" Thought Inoichi.

" Calm down, I don't want to deal with two troublesome women in my life." Stated Shikaku.

" Fine, you win." She stated.

Then Minato jumped down. " Hey guys. You can go home now."

" Hey Minato, great to see you. I'm off to the bar." Said Chouza as he left.

" I tell you that guy thinks with his stomach." Said Inoichi.

" Lets go." Said Shikaku as both him and Inoichi waved at Minato before they left.

Kushina had a shocked look on her face and then it turn in a grin. " Hey Blondie, How have you been?" Asked Kushina.

Minato gave her a smile. " I been fine, just been fighting in the war."

" When I heard of someone called the Yellow Flash. I knew that it was you." She said.

Minato had a sad look on his face. " How are you?"

She gave him a flat look. " Fine."

He shook his head. " You can stop acting tough Kushina. I heard about what happen."

" You don't know a damn thing! I'm going to prove to everyone I'm not weak!" She yelled.

He could tell she was angry." I never said you were weak."

" Don't care. I will finally defeat you in battle. Believe it!" She yelled and started to charge at him with everything she had.

He blocked every punch she tried to hit him with. She took out shuriken and threw them at him. He dodge them like it was nothing. She was getting angry at him. " Stop blocking and attack me. Use Rasengan or something." He just stood there not moving. He was just waiting to be attacked. " Fine then if you not going to attack then I am. Shadow Clone Jutsu." Five Kushinas appeared and attacked Minato. Of course he dodge them all. Then she caught him off guard and did her special move. Four of the clones kicked him up in the air and as he looked up he saw the real one come down fast. "Uzumaki Taijustu Kick." She yelled as she kicked him in the face and mad him fall hard on the ground.

She was about to yell how she won , but before she could she saw Minato truned in a cloud of smoke. " A shadow clone? When did he do that?" She thought. Before sure knew it her shadow clones were defeated and someone grabbed her from behind.

" That was a good move you pulled." Said Minato.

" Damn you. When did you use a shadow clone?" She asked.

" Right when you did. I was to fast for you to see." He explained.

" Let me go right now. I won't lose to you. Believe it!" She yelled kicking and screaming.

Then he hugged her. She stooped screaming and kicking. " It's OK. I'm here. Let it out."

Then she started to cry." I'm sorry... Why am I weak?"

" Your the strongest person I know. There are just things you can't control." He explained. They stayed like that for a while. " Are you OK now?"

She looked in his blue eyes and just felt safe. " Yes, thank you Minato."

" It's no problem Kushina." He said with a big smile. " I know something that can make you fell a lot better."

She gave him a smile. " Oh. What might that be?"

" I take you to the best place you can eat at. They serve ramen." He said with a smile.

After they had ramen. They went to Minato's house. Kushina was surprised how big this place was.

" Wow, You have a big place. Why are you showing me this?" She asked.

He just toss her a key. " looks like you and I are going to be roommates. Come in I show you around."

He took her around the house. The kitchen , living room, and all the other big rooms was all down stairs. All the bedrooms were upstairs. They had eight bedrooms.

" Well, what do you think?" He asked.

" It's really great. Where is my room?" She asked.

" The fourth room from the stairs." He answered.

" I need to go shopping, but I don't have any money." She said as she touch his face.

He had hearts in his eyes and said " I pay for everything." Then he kissed her passionately. Then he got on his knee and pulled out a small box with a ring on it " Kushina Uzumaki. Will you marry me." He said with a smile.

She was shocked to say the least. " When did you buy that?"

" When I left the Hokage's office. I knew I had to ask you this. I let you go once. I will not make the same mistake again." He said with determination.

" Yes, I marry you Minato Namikaze." She said.

" Really?" He asked.

" Believe it. I never go back on my word. That's my..." He caught her off as he kissed her passionately.

" That felt so good Blondie." With that said she started to kiss him back.

End of chapter.