Family Love Chapter 46

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10 years later.

A twenty five year old Naruto was siting at the Hokage's desk. His father had step down from being the Hokage two years ago. The Peace Nation was still going really well. In fact it seem like they were all just one big village. Before Naruto became the Hokage. He went on a trip with Temari, Kushina, and Jiraiya to see all the villages. He was welcomed with open arms in every village, including the Stone Village.

He also married Temari a year after the Invasion. Since the Namikaze's house was so big, both Naruto and Temari decided to live with Minato and Kushina. They had four kids. The oldest was a boy they named after Sasuke. The rest was two girls and the youngest boy. Naruto had enjoyed his life so much. His only wish was that Sasuke was here.

His brother in law Gaara had married Tayuya a year ago. Thanks to Tayuya, Gaara understands how to become human. Even though sometimes Jiraiya will trick Gaara to go with him to spy on women. Jiraiya was almost killed by Tayuya about three times. Gaara also became the new Kazekage after his father retired a couple of months ago. They were going to have a child any day now. Tayuya lived in the Leaf and Sand Village. She still stayed with Anko when she was in the Leaf Village, because those two were really close.

Itachi was still the head of the Uchiha clan. Both he and Konan had three more kids. One was a girl name Nojiko and two boys named Sasuke and Yahiko. It seem like Sasuke's mother Mikoto was really happy with Itachi, Konan, and her grandchildren. Naruto knew that they missed Sasuke very much.

Konan have finally forgiven Jiraiya. Even though she almost killed him twice for trying give her kids his books. There was a lot of women that have brought Jiraiya to death's door. There was Tsunade, Kushina, Temari, Konan, and Tayuya.

Naruto knew one thing. He did not what to be Jiraiya.

Naruto was brought out of his thoughts when his assistant walked in the room.

" Lord Hokage, we got a message from the Mizukage." Stated Sakura.

Naruto smiled at her. " What does Kisame want? If he says that he wants his money back, then he shouldn't have played porker with me."

Sakura glared at him. " As a Hokage you shouldn't do stuff like that. Anyway, he said that the Sanbi had been found and wants to know what he should do with it?"

" Tell him to kill it." Ordered Naruto.

" Are you sure?" She questioned.

He sighed at her. " We have no choice in the matter. If we don't kill it no doubt it would go on a rampage and hurt a lot of people. Also I refused to seal it in a human. I will have no more Jinchuurikis in this world. No one should have to go through what me, Gaara, or the others had to go through."

She nodded her head. " I will send word to him to kill the Sanbi then."

" That's fine, so how are you and Sai doing?" He asked.

" Fine. He had not ask me to marry him yet, but other than that we are OK." She said with a small smile.

He smiled." That's good to hear. Have you heard from Tayuya?"

" She actually in the hospital and Gaara had just arrived in the village. Have you heard from Kurenai-sensei?" She questioned.

" Yeah, she ask for today off to spend time with her two kids." He answered.

She then smiled at him. " She was a great sensei to put up with me, you, Tayuya, and Sasuke."

He laughed at that. " She should did. Maybe training us will help her to raise her kids."

" I see you later Naruto. Tell the kids I said hey." Said Sakura as she left the room.

Then about a minute later his oldest son ran in to the room. " I'm here to defeat you father, believe it!"

Naruto sweat drop at that. " That boy is definitely my son." He thought. He then looked at his son. " Listen Sasuke, you can't defeat me. Your still to young, but one day you will become stronger than me. That's the way this world works."

" But Dad, I know a jutsu that can defeat you." Stated Sasuke.

Naruto laughed. " Fine. Give me your best shot." He challenged.

Sasuke smirked. " It was a technique that you made up. Great Sexy Justu!"

There was a big cloud of smoke. When the smoke cleared Naruto saw all the beautiful Kunoichis in world and all of them were naked. There was Sakura, Ino, Kurenai, Hinata, Tenten, Hana, Anko, Yugao, Shizune, Mikoto, Tsunade, Tayuya, Guren, Konan, Yugito, and Nel in front of them. There was even Temari in front of him and not even Naruto could take it. Blood came out of his nose and Naruto fainted.

Hours later Naruto and his son Sasuke arrived home. He saw two blond kids and one red hair kid running to him. They all jumped up top of him. Naruto just laughed.

Sasuke looked just like Naruto when he was a kid, assept that Sasuke had long hair and green eyes like his mother.

The second oldest was Laki. She look just like her mother was when she was younger. She even had Temari's four pigtails hair style.

The third oldest was Kikyou. She had red hair just like Kushina.

And finally his youngest son was named Genzo and he also looked just like Naruto and Minato.

Naruto laughed at his kids as they were on top of him and laughing.

" We got you daddy!" Yelled Laki.

" Your no match for us!" Yelled Kikyou.

Temari walked in the room and smiled at what she saw. " OK kids, let you father go and go play. I what to talk to him."

All four of the kids got up and ran out of the room to go play.

Naruto got up and kissed Temari. " Your very beautiful Temari-chan."

Temari smiled at him. " Keep playing your cards right and you will get me tonight."

Naruto smiled at her. " Really? Then I need to be good then."

" Your always good." Said Temari with a smile.

Naruto sighed at her. " Sasuke has learn that sexy jutsu. I believe he learned it from Pervy Sage."

Temari narrowed her eyes at him. " Watch the kids for me Naruto. I'm going to go get Kushina and then we are going Toad hunting."

With that Temari left the room.

Naruto sighed at that. " I don't think Pervy Sage will ever learn."

" What's wrong Naruto." Asked Minato as he walked in the room.

Naruto smiled at his father. " Nothing. I'm glad that there is finally peace in this world."

" Don't thank me. You should thank Sasuke, Neji, and Chouji." Stated Minato with a smile.

" Thanks to them the world is at peace and for that I'm happy." Said Naruto.

" It's funny how life turns out son. I had a great sensei and I never thought I would fall in love with a Kunoichi from another village. Then it broke my heart when your mother broke up with me and then I had to go in to war. I lost one of my students, but after the war, your mother and I got married. Then we had you and I was so happy, then I was made the Hokage. I'm sorry that I...

Naruto cut him off.

" I never hated you for that. You did what you had to do. The Kyuubi and I made peace with each other a long time ago. Besides, we both kind of have the same life. I'm in love with a Kunoichi from another village, I was made a Hokage, and I also lost a team mate." Said Naruto.

Minato laughed. " Funny, how things work out."

Naruto looked at his father. " Do you thank there will be peace forever?"

" I'm sorry son, but I don't think so. There will always be a threat in every generation , you just have to trust the next generation that's all." Answered Minato.

" What do you mean Dad?" Questioned Naruto.

" The First Hokage trusted Sarutobi to take care of the Leaf Village, just like how Sarutobi trusted me, and how I trusted you." Said a smiling Minato.

" You can count on me. I make sure the next Hokage will have a big Will of Fire, Believe it!" Yelled Naruto.

Minato smiled at his son. " No knows what the future will bring, but I do know that the Leaf Village will always be ready for whatever threat that is next."

End of story.

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