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I'm back! After all the palava of FF.Net being down, I'm finally back and slowly getting rid of the masses of plot bunnies which have invaded my bedroom. Well, here's one of the fics that appeared, heralded by the birth of yet another plot bunny

Oh yeah, TAITO and I don't own digimon. :( evil Toei. Stupid restraining order...all I did was camp outside the studios for a few....months....


I guess I knew from the start that my life wasn't going to be normal. Even for one of my kind. I mean, how many gods do you know who escape from Olympus at three years old? I don't know many that's for sure. I guess Mom would've been upset, but Dad would've probably calmed her down eventually. But I don't think I could've coped there a second longer. Pretty smart thinking for a toddler, but, when you're a God, it's very rare that you are ever a toddler. Most of us are born full-grown. I guess I was a lucky one. I escaped to Japan. Odaiba. I found some parents and altered their memories, so they would think I was theirs. Gone was Amat, God of Friendship, now there is only Yamato, Digidestined and holder of the crest of Friendship.

I lived with my family, happy for the first time in my rather...short life. Happy although I was, worry free, I was not. I was scared that they would find me and take me away. Then TK was born.

When TK was born, I was given a new feeling. I felt that they could never take me away now! I was really part of a family! Inseparable! This happiness, lasted for all of three days. I remembered that nothing could stop a God if they had their mind set. Nothing. They could wipe memories. Alter histories. They could take me away, and if I came back, my family wouldn't remember me. I'd be like a forgotten dream.

After a few years, my worry built up, and my powers started showing. Nothing much. But when I got mad, my hands would start to glow, meaning I'd have to run to my room to fire the blast out the window. Mom and Dad wondered why it was only the tree by my window that was getting burnt by vandals, and none of the others by our building. I started wearing gloves. I made them myself. Fashioned them with as much of my power as I could control. They reflected my power, using it on me, rather than those I was mad at. I did this because I'd nearly hurt TK. He'd come into my room and broken my favourite toy. I was pissed and my hands began to glow. If he'd moved a second later, it'd be my little brother who'd exploded, rather than 'Mr. Fuzzles', my oversized stuffed bear.

Mom and Dad's divorce came. My heart damn near broke. I wouldn't talk to anyone, save TK, who didn't make a whole lotta sense at that age anyway. I felt it was my fault. I mean, maybe if I hadn't come along, they would've just had one kid, and maybe they'd have still loved each other. The amount of times I considered going back to Olympus for help was countless. I couldn't do it though. I knew that if I went to Olympus, I'd never be able to come back. It was my own selfishness.

It was my Dad that pulled me through in the end. I remember he came into my room and sat on my bed next to me, whilest I snuffled into my saturated pillow. I didn't look up.

"Matt." He'd said quietly. "Tell me what's wrong."

"It's my fault!" I wailed. "If-if I wasn't here, you and Mom would've never spilt up! You'd still love each other!" He chuckled. I couldn't believe it! I was practically drowning myself and he was LAUGHING! I lifted my head from the pillow, in scowl mode. He smiled at me.

"It's not your fault Matt." He told me soothingly.

"Then whose fault is it!?" I demanded, sitting up. He smiled.

"It's my fault. And it's your mother's fault. We knew we weren't ready for commitment. We were only young."

"But you don't love each other any more! That can't be your fault!"

"We do love each other." He said. "I love your mother more than anything in the world. She means more to me than you could possibly imagine. I just don't particularly like her." He grinned. "I'm sure she feels the same."


"If we'd have stayed together, plainly because we loved each other, it wouldn't have worked."

"Why not?"

"Because when you get married, as well as loving the person you marry, you've got to trust them, and know them inside out. You've got to be able to put up with any habits of theirs that would drive anyone else around the bend. They've got to be your best friend." He shrugged. "We weren't. When it came to playground friendship charts, we were worst enemies. I didn't trust her. She hated my smoking. I always worried that she'd leave me. She could've had any man in the world with those looks. She chose me. I knew she might come to regret it, and she did, and so did I. And we pulled you and TK into it as well. But you've got to remember, it wasn't your fault. We still love you, more than anything."

"I thought you loved Mom more than anything."

"This is a different kind of love."

That conversation pulled me through. After it, I hugged Dad, and he took me out for a game of catch. And I realised that how ever much love could accomplish, it couldn't perform miracles. It couldn't make opposites attract, no matter what people say.

When I got to eleven, I came to the conclusion that they'd stopped looking for me. I'd been gone for eight years, and if they'd really wanted to find me, they would've done. I began to relax, associate with other kids. Well, I tried to. But when you've spent a good part of your school life trying not too let people get close to you, in case they lodged a divorce against you, it makes it kinda hard. When Dad suggested that I go to Summer Camp with TK, I nearly leapt with excitement. I whole Summer with TK! And the kids at camp wouldn't know me! I could make a fresh start!

I remember the day I went like it was yesterday. Dad was standing with me at the front of our building with TK. TK was bouncing around like Tigger, and Dad was grinning. I was smiling too, pretending to be above all kids games. Inside, I was more jumpy than TK. The bus pulled up and Dad helped load our bags in. He gave us both a hug and we piled on, waving out the window. When he'd disappeared from site, I turned around and looked around the bus. The bottom of my stomach seemed to disappear. Whilest I'd known all along that the kids at camp wouldn't know me, it dawned on me then that they were all complete and total strangers. Laughing and calling to each other. I felt intimidated and gave up all hope of making friends before camp even started. I just sank down as low as I could in my seat next to TK, who was joining in with '99 bottles of beer on the wall' and forgetting half the words. I closed my eyes and hoped I could fall asleep.

A few minutes later, I was awoken from my doze by a voice.

"Hey dude, is this seat taken?" I kept my eyes closed, hoping whoever it was would just go away. They didn't. In fact, they did the exact opposite. A hand grasped my shoulder and shook it roughly, I growled and grabbed the intruder's hand. I opened my eyes and began to glare at them.

I stopped halfway through the action. I found myself looking into the most amazing pair of chocolate brown eyes I'd ever seen. I dropped the boy's hand and turned to face the seat in front of me, trying to get a grip on myself. TK looked up at the boy and smiled.

"It's not taken!" He chirruped happily. "You can sit there!" The boy grinned and dropped down next to me. I made a mental note that next time, I'd sit by the window. The boy looked at me and smiled.

"Hi. I'm Tai. Who're you?' I resisted the urge to smack my head repeatedly on the seat in front.

"I'm Matt." I mumbled.

"I'm TK! Don't mind Matt! He's just shy!" At that moment, I was very glad I'd remembered to bring my gloves. A quick glance at Tai told me I wouldn't look too out of place with them on. He was wearing a pair too. I could tell Tai was mock-frowning.

"Shy? Well, we'll just have to sort that out then won't we?" I felt curious, but resisted the urge to turn and look at him. "It would be a good start if he'd look at me though." I felt myself almost crumble at his tone of voice. It was freaky. In a good way. "Hello? This is Earth. Earth to Matt! Hellooooooo in there! Houston, we have a problem." I couldn't help it. I couldn't. He was a born comedian. I burst out laughing, and I turned to look at him, holding my hands up in mock-surreder.

"Okay. You got me. But you're only getting my name and rank!" TK grinned. I don't know why. He just did. I held my hand out to Tai.

"Well, I've only left the house five minutes, and I've already made a friend!" He laughed as he took my hand. I swelled inside. A friend! Looked like this trip wasn't gonna be so bad after all!

We spent the rest of that bus journey talking. Nothing in particular. Just life in general. He told me he had a little sister, the same age as TK, but she couldn't come to camp because she had the flu. When we arrived at camp, I was almost disappointed the ride was over. Tai was one of those types who had loads of friends by the sounds of things. He'd probably forget about me the second he stepped off the coach. I guess luck was on my side. I was put in the same cabin as Tai. As well as TK, a major paranoid called Joe and Izzy, a short little red-head who carried his laptop with him everywhere. We kinda started spending most of our time at camp together, us five and two other girls. One Tai knew from Soccer apparently, called Sora, and another girl, all dressed in pink, called Mimi, who followed Tai around everywhere. I think I was slightly jealous of her, although I couldn't think why at the time. And my gloves weren't much of a problem either. As well as Tai, Sora, Mimi and Izzy wore gloves as well. Tai also wore a pair of goggles...I think he explained why once, but I wasn't really listening.

I thought it was brilliant! I hadn't just made one friend, I'd made five. Life was good. Really good....

....And then it snowed.

I'm not sure what happened. One minute it was nice and sunny, I was playing with TK, Joe waas complaining, and Tai was up his tree, claiming sanctuary from Mimi, the next minute, we were ushered into our cabins because there was a snow-storm going on. When the snow stopped, we were the first out. It was majorly weird. Then the sky starting changing colours.

"The sky is like short-circuiting!" The next minute, these freaky little comets come flying down and cover us all in snow. I was wondering where the other kids from the camp were, but that was shoved right out my mind when these freaky little chia-pet things floated up in front of us. We grabbed then, and then were thrown into a different world.

Tsunomon was pretty cool, but Gabumon was the best! I think I'd have prefered it if Kuwagamon or whatever was on our side instead though. The damn thing wouldn't die! And then, it goes and throws us off a cliff! Gomamon saved us. He's Joe's digimon.

We discovered that our digimon could get even bigger! Garurumon is the BEST! A ruddy great kick-ass wolf digimon!

To cut a long story short, we defeated our first big bad guy, Devimon, thanks to TK. Poor kid was heartbroken afterwards though. Angemon died and became an egg. What good's an egg to anyone!? We were told by this creepy old dude that before we could go home, we had to go flatten someone else, and get some tags and crests, so our digimon could get even bigger. I got the crest of Friendship. Was that someone's idea of a sick joke? What a way to open up old wounds. I'd also been feeling kinda fuzzy about Tai during that time. Our benevolent leader, who Mimi seemed to adore, and Sora was closer to than was physically possible without becoming joined at the hip. I nearly found myself hating them for it. Nearly.

Well, to cut an even longer story short, we killed Etemon, correction. TAI and Metalgreymon killed Etemon, aaannnddd got sucked back to the real world in the process. And the group split up without him. TK and I found a theme park and I left TK there for a while whilest I went to look around. I'd planned on being an hour or so. But, what's that they say, the best layed plans of mice and men...? Well, basically, I got stuck in this diner with Joe. I came this close to nuking him it scares me now. Tai and TK arrived just after Demidevimon, the little bastard, messed around with my brain and causing another big argument. and then Garurumon digivolved to Weregarurumon! Got bigger, like Gennai said! Well..actually, he got smaller, but he got more powerful. It was during that battle I realised why I was jealous of Sora. Alright, and Mimi. Why Tai came first to me, before even TK. 'you've got to trust them, and know them inside out. You've got to be able to put up with any habits of theirs that would drive anyone else around the bend. They've got to be your best friend' My dad's words came back to me. I realised that I loved Tai.

When the group was back together again. We got ANOTHER bad guy to kill. Myotismon. I was feeling really shitty about myself. In love with TAI!? Of all people! Another guy! But, that was before Sora showed me that love wasn't wrong. I envy her. Her crest is good for her. Friendship just brings back bitter memories.

We were walking, again, following a river to wherever it took us. Everyone else was exhausted, so I pretended to be as well. That's the thing about Gods. We never get tired. I was concentrating on it though. It's really difficult to act convincingly tired.

I concentrated on it too hard. I didn't watch where I was going and slipped. I fell in the river and was swept away by the current. I heard someone yelling to me, but I couldn't make out a clear voice through the thundering of the torrent. Fuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuck The words repeated themselves in my head, over and over, even as I went down the waterfall. Fuckfuckfuckfuckfuck. My back cracked as I landed on the rocks and bounced into the pool. Fuckfuckfuckfuckfuck I kicked my legs and swam to the edge. I heaved myself out and shifted my back into place, glad for once, that I was immortal. The others crowded around me, TK hugging my legs.

"A-are you okay Matt?" Sora asked slowly. I noticed they were all keeping their distance. Shitshitshitshit

"I'm fine." I said. "'cept that my clothes are all soggy and I kinda left all my spares at camp." They laughed weakly. Suddenly there was a clap of thunder. No. Oh God no. They'd found me. I spun round. Aphrodite and Ares stood there, in their little cloud, smiling down on me.

"Amat!" Aphrodite called happily. "Amat! We've finally found you!" I glared. "Aren't you happy to see us?" She asked. I glared harder.

"Happy!? That you found me!? Get bent!" Ares frowned at me.

"Amat! That's no way to talk to your mother!" I sneered.

"My mother!?" I spat. "What mother!? This is just some woman who gave birth to me! My Mother is Nancy Takaishi!"

"What're you talking about Amat?"

"What am I talking about!? A real mother would be there all the time for her child, not just when they were happy! Children aren't just a novelty you can put away when they get smelly or start crying!"

"But we left you in good hands-"

"You left me with Diyonsis!" I roared. "You left me with the God of Wine! Do you have any idea how many times those nymphs of his nearly ripped me to shreads! A real mother wouldn't do that! She'd have been there for me! Hugging me when I was scared, not leaving some stranger to do it for her! I spent the first three years of my life scared shitless, and you didn't care!"

"Don't talk to your mother like that!"

"Fuck off Ares! You were just as bad! You both treated me like a novelty! I hated every second of my existance, and you didn't give a shit! Well, guess what Aphrodite, this is the last shit that's gonna take that from you! So you can just fuck off back to your mountain, cuz there is no way in Hades that I am going back with you!"

"Amat! You're coming home with us right now!"

"Amat!? Who's Amat!? There's no one here by that name!? Nice to meet you, I'm Yamato, now bugger off!"

"You don't have a choice in this matter Amat..."

"I don't give a shit! You can't take me away from this! I have a family, friends, and yes, that's right, a secret crush! I have a fucking mission! I'm needed to save this word so that the happy little world that believes in you and keeps you alive, will survive as well. You take me away from here and you can kiss your worthless existance goodbye!" Aphrodite looked hurt.

"Amat...what do you want? What have we done to deserve this?"

"What didn't you do!? I just want to be mortal! Make me human! That way, you won't have Zeus on your back cuz there's a god on the loose and I won't have to worry about loosing my life forever." She sighed.

"Are you sure?" Ares stepped in.

"No! You are coming home with us right now!"

"No he's not!" A new voice in the argument. I looked at TK in disbelief.

"TK! What're you doing!?" I hissed.

"You're not going to take my brother away from me again!" He yelled, stomping forward defiantly. "And if you do, you'll have to take me too!"

"And me!" Tai? I spun round to see Tai making his way forward. What does that idiot think he's doing!?

"Me too!" Gabumon!? I was getting dizzy. Soon, all the digidestined and digimon had moved in front of me, all glaring defiantly at my mother and father. Aphrodite sighed and layed a hand on Ares' shoulder.

"He's gone, love. He's not coming back." Ares nodded and stepped back. I felt a funny tingling sensation. I looked down, and just over my heart, I was glowing. The glow zoomed up to Aphrodite. She caught it and looked down at me sadly. "You are mortal now. Remember that. No more falling down waterfalls." She smiled weakly, and the two disappeared. I passed out.


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