LM's Notes: Written for the Muggle Devices challenge at grangersnape100. Thanks to Annie Talbot for title assistance, and DeeMichelle and ubiquirk because even drabbles need betas, too.

It was a unique relationship, quite indefinable as these things go, much like the one he shared with her.

From the moment Severus happened into the tiny office of Hermione's flat in search of his wayward, workaholic know-it-all, the accursed yet beloved device had infuriated and enchanted him, much to his impertinent witch's amusement and chagrin.

That infernal contraption!

It bloody beckoned to him non-stop and at the oddest, most inconvenient of moments, sometimes well past the witching hour when his circadian clock should have lulled, no, demanded he fall into a dreamless sleep devoid of monsters, masters and magic.

Severus could not remember a time when he had been captivated so—unless one considered his obsessive nature whenever potions, Dark Arts, vows or simultaneously worshiping and devouring his tempestuous termagant's entire being were involved.

Maybe it was in the way the brightest, most alluring witch of her age, now his witch—a thought that never ceased to elicit a small smile of satisfaction—commanded the machine and bent it to her will with nothing more than deft hands and percipience. It was a remarkable sight, watching her work magic without the slightest swish of a wand or murmured incantation.

Nothing, short of a full-scale intervention, could silence the sultry siren's song that manifested in the form of shimmering liquid crystal illuminated by cold-cathode fluorescence, the whir of the fan cooling the apparatus, the slight dip of the ebony squares that perfectly cradled the roughened pads of his fingertips—almost as if they were made to fit him alone—whilst he tapped, tapped, tapped in wondrous awe and consumed the infinite information available within an invisible realm Hermione affectionately referred to as the web.

No pleasure, no rapture, no exquisite taboo greater than a laptop computer with wireless internet access.