This is in response to several people who asked me to write a sequel to "The night after the day…" Reading that story will help you to understand this one better, I hope!

I don't usually write sequels and so I apologize if this doesn't fit the bill. The main body of the story is a series of letters Tony and Ziva write to each other during the summer they're apart after the team is separated at the end of JUDGMENT DAY. There's a short chapter to open the story and then a longer chapter or two at the end of the letters.

I do not own NCIS or any part thereof.


Tony found his way to his new berth on the U.S.S. Ronald Reagan after checking with the Senior Agent Afloat, Thomas Spencer. This job just gets frickin' better and better. Spencer seemed to be a by-the-book kind of guy who might or might not play fair but a couple of things he'd said had made Tony realize the guy thought of him as a probie even with 7 years of NCIS and another 5 years' experience as a cop. He came upon his cabin, opened the door. He had seen jail cells that were roomier. He did have his own private head, though, he found as he explored the entire room in less than 30 seconds.

He threw his bag in the corner near the small desk that occupied one wall and sat on the bunk, holding his head. He hoped Gibbs worked fast. He didn't know how long he could stand this.

He still felt responsible for everything that had happened. It was his fault that Jenny was dead and that the team was broken up. It was definitely his own damned fault Ziva had had that haunted look in her eyes the morning he left. Dammit. He slapped his own head. He had to stop wallowing in self pity. If Gibbs came up with something to bring down Vance and get them all back together again, or at least keep Ziva in the States, he had to be ready.

He stood up and left his quarters, headed down to the NCIS office. He was going to acquaint himself with every single file they had on board. He was going to be a damned good Agent Afloat. If it killed him.